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10 Best AARP Cell Phones for the 2020 Seniors

10 Best AARP Cell Phones for the 2020 Seniors

AARP discounts are one of the options for senior citizens, allowing them to save money on almost everything from mobile phones to insurance. Persons older than 50 years are eligible to apply for AARP membership. You can take advantage of different rates and discounts on AARP accredited mobile phones and AARP mobile phones for seniors.

Sometimes they can even get discounts for mobile phones and phones.

What’s AARP?

AARP stands for American Association of Retired Persons. It is a non-profit organization that offers many benefits to all qualified members. The organization was founded in 1958 and is headquartered in Washington, D.C. Its main mission is to support the interests of people 50 years of age and older.

The American Association of Retired Persons informs and promotes various products and services that offer incredible benefits to seniors. This non-profit organization tries to improve the lives of people below their age limit. At the same time, the organisation wants to be the main source of valuable information on needs and discounts for all elderly people.

Since mobile phones have become a very important tool that can help improve the lives of these people and protect them by giving them immediate access to emergency assistance, the organization is working with various companies and wireless networks to provide AARP mobile phones to the elderly at a reduced price or even for free. It will be an excellent choice to reduce the cost of mobile phones. There are also mobile phone operators that offer discounts on AARP mobile phones for the elderly.

What are the benefits of AARP membership?

Currently, the American Association of Retired Persons has more than 38 million members who benefit from membership of this large organization. One of these benefits is that AARP members get access to a wide range of discounts. These include movie tickets, car rental, restaurants, holiday packages, health insurance and other everyday items and services such as mobile phones.

In addition, the American Association of Retired Persons assists seniors in managing issues related to their financial security, healthcare costs, and participation in society. AARP offers a wide range of discounts for senior mobile phones of well-known brands.

In some locations these discounts can be changed at any time. An example of this is T-Mobile, which offers discounts to retirees along with other discounts, such as those given to employees. In order to receive the latest information on possible AARP discounts for seniors, interested parties should log on to the members section of the official website of the organisation and do some research. Many years ago they offered discounts for networks such as AT&T, Verizon, Consumer Cellular and Sprint.

10 Best AARP mobile phones for pensioners (discount and offer)2020

People over 50 can now register as an AARP member to get discounts on mobile phones, mobile phone accessories and mobile phone rates. Popular mobile service providers such as GreatCall, Cricket, AT&T, Consumer Cellular and Sprint offer discounts only to AARP members.

This list contains the best AARP mobile phones for the elderly from some of the most reliable mobile operators such as Cricket Wireless and Consumer Cellular.

1. Old-age mobile phonesAARP – consumer discount on mobile phones

Consumer Cellular is a popular mobile operator offering AARP phones and discounts to all interested AARP members. The company offers mobile phone rates for the elderly for as little as $10.

10 Best AARP Cell Phones for the 2020 Seniors

Consumer Cellular also offers Doro mobile phones for the elderly. The company also offers discounts exclusively for AARP members, who can get 5% discount on their mobile phone rate each month and 30% discount on mobile phone accessories. Subscribers can also request an extension of the money back guarantee up to 45 days.

Active AARP members must choose a discounted rate that suits their phone usage and budget. Consumer mobile phone rates start at $10 below the Anywhere Casual rate. The most expensive plan is Everywhere 2000, which costs $60 a month. The price difference depends on the number of minutes available in the selected tariff plan.

In addition, AARP members must choose the right mobile phone for their preferred plan. Phones can be free or cheap. For example, the Motorola W259 flip phone is free, and the Samsung A177 costs $40.

The Samsung A177 is equipped with a full keyboard, which is very handy for sending text messages. The AARP plan, which you can purchase from Consumer Cellular, also includes mobile phones for the elderly with features such as large buttons and hearing aid compatibility.

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2. AARP Discount Telephones for seniors AT&Tand up

10 Best AARP Cell Phones for the 2020 Seniors

AT&T and AARP also work together to give a 10% discount on wireless communication every month. The discount does not apply to unlimited rate plans, overruns and general rate plans with data packages of less than 300 MB/month. In addition, AARP members receive an additional 15% discount on certain mobile phone accessories.

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3. Cricket WirelessAARP Mobile Phone Senior Citizens Discount

The Cricket Wireless system also has attractive offers for all AARP members. The company offers a $20 Visa promotion card to all participants who purchase a smartphone from Cricket.

10 Best AARP Cell Phones for the 2020 Seniors

There are instructions that all interested AARP members must follow in order to receive their Visa promotion card by post. To use this service, AARP members must purchase a smartphone from exclusive wireless cricket stores, wireless cricket online stores or authorized resellers.

Fill in the refund form within 60 days after activating the phone, with the postmark as proof. AARP membership must remain active for the duration of the remittance processing. New customers are eligible at the time of purchase of their first phone, while existing customers are eligible after upgrading their phone (every 24 months). There is a maximum of 5 service lines per AARP telephone transaction for each AARP member.

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How to make you suitable for wireless Cricket AARP Rewards

First you must be an active member of AARP when you receive the discount. You can buy your phone on the company’s website, in the company’s stores and at exclusive points of sale. However, national retailers Walmart and Target are not associated with this offer. After purchasing a new phone, customers must activate their mobile phone via an existing or new Cricket Wireless Service connection.

In the case of activation on the other line, customers must make 2 monthly paymentsand within 45 days of activation to qualify for the special offer. Within 60 days of activation, you must stamp the transfer form, together with a duplicate of your telephone subscription and proof of purchase or IMEI label. Get a copy of the AARP Cricket discount form.

With a valid AARP membership card, customers save $20 on mobile phones offered by Cricket Wireless. This applies to a maximum of 5 service lines. It can take up to 8 weeks to process forms and receive a Cricket Visa incentive card.

Pay attention: This offer is not valid for customers in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Miami-Dade Country, Florida.

4. Jitterbug AARP Mobile Phone Discount

10 Best AARP Cell Phones for the 2020 Seniors

Like Consumer Cellular, Jitterbug, called GreatCall, specializes in the elderly market and offers jitterbug phones for the elderly and mobile phone rates for the elderly. Recently there are no more AARP jitterbug phones and discounts are available. However, AARP offers health and safety applications for GreatCall mobile phones that work with jitterbug phones and accessories.

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5. GreatCallAARP Seniors’ Mobile Phone Discount

GreatCall offers excellent jitterbug phones for the elderly. These mobile phones offer good opportunities for the elderly and the best mobile phones for the elderly.

10 Best AARP Cell Phones for the 2020 Seniors

GreatCall has no age requirements for mobile communication services. However, phones are ideal for senior citizens who need a simple plan that can be used for travel, emergencies and small calls. GreatCall provides 24-hour customer support including telephone assistance, calling and adding names to your contact list and other basic services.

Some functions may incur additional charges. Prepaid plans or pay-per-use can be an excellent alternative for senior citizens who only need a mobile phone for basic and emergency communication. Prepaid plans can be inexpensive, with no credit checks, no monthly fixed account, no annual contract and no hidden costs.

It’s easy to request a senior phone at GreatCall. Of course, interested candidates must be active members of AARP. You can then go to the network’s website or call them to find out what to do.

There were questions about the free AARP phones for seniors. However, GreatCall does not offer free mobile phones for the elderly. If you are looking for free mobile phones, free phones for the elderly, you should contact AARP.

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6. AARP reductions for seniors’ mobile phones only5

10 Best AARP Cell Phones for the 2020 Seniors

This network sells mobile phones with big buttons for only $90. The company also sells a wide range of mobile phone parts, starting at $10, and provides up to 100 minutes of calls and 50 text messages that subscribers can receive each month. The best thing about the Just5 mobile phone tariff plans is that there are no activation costs.

Visit the official website of Just5 or call them for more information.

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7. AARP TracFoneDiscount Telephones for seniors

10 Best AARP Cell Phones for the 2020 Seniors

This network company offers the Samsung T155G with large buttons and other useful functions. Costs start at $15. This is a $20/month plan that offers 125 minutes with no activation or cancellation fee.

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8. AARP discount mobile phones for seniors in Sprint

10 Best AARP Cell Phones for the 2020 Seniors

If you are a member of AARP, you can also get your phone and tariff plan at a reduced price at Sprint. How? All you have to do is fill in a form to get a sprint discount and confirm your eligibility for the program. If Sprint finds you acceptable, you will be asked for a copy of a document proving that you are a member of AARP. If you manage to obtain a reduction of this network, this means that your maintenance contract will be extended to 2 years.

AARP membership is not the only way to get discounts from Sprint, the membership of many credit unions, the military, AAA members, Costco employees and UPS members and employees are also eligible for discounts. For more information, please contact Sprint Customer Service.

AARP’s phone transactions are real. You save money by simply registering as a new AARP member for just $16 or less when you are in the United States. Membership can be $17 if you are from Canada, or $28 for customers from other countries.

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AARP Free mobile phones for seniors

AARP’s senior mobile phone discounts can help seniors save money on their monthly phone bills without sacrificing the convenience of communicating with family and friends. They would also do well to use their mobile phones for health and safety purposes. AARP mobile phones are definitely mandatory.

9. Safelink AARP Cordless phones with discount for seniors

10 Best AARP Cell Phones for the 2020 Seniors

Safelink Wireless is a rescue service and non-profit organization. This company is owned and managed by Tracfone and covers approximately 34 U.S. states. Safelink offers senior citizens free mobile phones with 1000 text messages and 250 phone calls per month.

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10. AARP Cordless telephones for seniors Warranty

10 Best AARP Cell Phones for the 2020 Seniors

It is also a service supported by Lifeline and a subsidiary of Virgin Mobile Corporation. It covers more than 30 states in the United States. Assurance Wireless offers a free basic mobile phone and 250 free voting minutes per month, as well as unlimited free local texting.

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Bonus– Wireless ReachOut

ReachOut Wireless is a Nexus communication unit. It is also the provider of Lifeline, which offers free basic telephones for seniors. In addition, ReachOut Wireless offers a free wireless rate that allows customers to call for 250 minutes per month.

Elements to be taken into account when choosing a mobile phone tariff for the elderly

It can be difficult to get a better phone and a better plan for seniors, because there are more options. When choosing a telephone and a package for the elderly, the following should be taken into account

Coating: Before choosing a plan, you must first consult the coverage maps on the service provider’s website. A friend who has used the same service provider can also help you. Find out if you have it, ask for help, and check if it receives a signal from some of the places you often visit: a bank, a house, an office, a supermarket, and so on.

Speed: If you regularly surf the Internet and stream videos, check the speed of your operator. Speeds range from 2G, which is the slowest, to 4G LTE, which is the fastest. The 4G or 4G LTE gives you most of the connections you need for smooth and seamless video playback.

Hidden costs: Most companies charge an activation fee of $35 per line and an upgrade fee of about $30 when you receive a brand new device. You can ignore charges, taxes and surcharges when you subscribe to the mobile service. However, you can significantly increase your rates every month. Your specific plan and location will help you determine how much you need to pay for additional services. But with networks that work with AARP, you need to make sure that the service is free of hidden payments.

Bonus characteristics: Some mobile phones, such as the GreatCall jitterbug, do not have a contract, but offer additional features, such as the ability to provide a 24-hour emergency service. The cost of the basic plan is $19.99 with 200 minutes talk time. With jitterbug plans, you can also call a jitterbug agent and add some contact information to your address book.

Reductions: Some mobile operators have offered discounts to state, company and school staff. These discounts may include a 25% discount on your monthly bills. AARP members get a discount from Consumer Cellular. Retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart and Target sometimes have coupons and in-store promotions.

Exchanges and refunds: Make sure you can switch your mobile phone if it does not have good reception. Each mobile network provider has a specific right of return. For example, Verizon gives customers 14 days to return and exchange the device with a $35 refill. At AT&T you can get 14 days and the same reload rate. Any phone purchased from Boost Mobile can be returned within 14 days after prior approval, exchange is not possible.


Buying AARP mobile phones for seniors should be easy now that you already know where to go and how to use them. It is best to check and research to find and plan the right phone for you or your loved ones before you accept a convincing offer.



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