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10 Best Women’s Nursing Shoes 2020

10 Best Women’s Nursing Shoes 2020

Nursing is undoubtedly one of the professions requiring absolute dexterity because it is very demanding. You have many patients to take care of, and working long hours requires a lot of mental and physical capacity.

You will quickly recognise a nurse by her dress, which is available in different colours (white, blue and green). But you can’t say her dress is complete without a good pair of nurse’s shoes. It would be a dangerous misunderstanding to conclude that nurses can be exceptional in any shoe. They move a lot, so their feet have to fit the right type of footwear.

The best shoes for women’s care are adapted to their needs, especially because of their femininity. These shoes promote mobility and comfort, and you can be sure that they are very professional.

If you are just starting your nursing career or if you have been in nursing for a long time, this article will be interesting and informative.

10 Best Women’s Nursing Shoes 2020

How do you choose the best care shoes for women?

Selecting the best women’s shoes can be a mysterious task. In this article we will talk about you and help you identify the factors to consider when making a purchase. Read it carefully:


Comfort is of the utmost importance, especially when buying care shoes. You should look for shoes that offer excellent arch support and shock absorption. The arch support helps to improve posture and thus prevents low back pain. You can also think about how you can improve your overall health by buying socks, especially compression stockings. They contribute to good blood circulation and minimize swelling of the legs through prolonged standing.


The weight of the shoe has to be taken into account, because you don’t want your feet to squeak slowly because of the overweight of the shoe. Since foot care requires a high degree of mobility, you should consider a pair of lightweight shoes. Wearing heavy shoes has an undesirable and harmful effect on the feet.

Design and construction

Care shoes are generally available in a variety of attractive designs, styles and structures. Among the most popular brands for patient care are crocuses, tennis shoes and footwear. These excellent shoes have their exclusive advantages and disadvantages, depending on the condition of the ground, the state of health and the type of foot.

It’s good to have style, but it’s important to choose shoes that not only attract attention, but also fit your feet perfectly and support your mobility.

The quality of the material must also be taken into account. Mesh and leather are popular materials, but leather is more durable and breathable.


Stability is another crucial point to consider before making a purchase. We know that nurses work many hours, so it is very important to buy shoes that offer good support and elasticity. This is necessary for health and well-being. A pair of shoes with the right cushioning system will absorb the effects of walking and running throughout the day. This protects other joints, such as ankles and knees, from fatigue.

Slip resistance

Because hospital floors can become slippery, you should be careful with rubber shoes. Slipping or falling is an unpleasant experience that you want to experience during your walk. And if you understand that your shoes will wear out and become slippery, there are non-slip cushions on the market that you can stick to the sole for support and traction.

All these factors are very important and crucial for your intelligence at work and while walking. So be careful when you buy shoes.

10 Best Women’s Nursing Shoes 2020

Top 10 Nursing shoes for sick women

1. Debra Alegria women Debra panties

10 Best Women’s Nursing Shoes 2020

The Debra suction nozzle is specially designed for people working in the healthcare sector. Nurses who stay on their feet for a long time will find these shoes worthy. Debra Slip-on has a specially designed insole made from a combination of latex, cork and memory foam for excellent comfort and support. This design allows an insole to be shaped to the specific shape of the owner’s foot with a luxurious balance of strong support and soft cushioning.

This brand is available in attractive colors and patterns to complement your peel.


  • 100% leather
  • Synthetic sole
  • The heel is measured about 1.5 inches.
  • The dimensions of the platform are about 1 inch.


  • The printout can be easily erased
  • The dimensions are too narrow.

2. Dansko Dansko Women’s Professional Tools Blog

10 Best Women’s Nursing Shoes 2020

Dansko’s professional women’s blog, approved by the American Medical Association of Pediatricians, is one of the best nursing shoes for comfort with a curve and a firm leg. Ideal for nurses and carers who work long hours on their feet. These clogs provide all-day comfort and reduce stress and pressure on the joint. In addition, it ensures a normal support run, thus minimising fatigue.

The midsole is constructed to give the legs the support and stability they need. It is also combined with the sole to reduce impact. These shoes offer all the comfort you need.


  • wide slider
  • Antimicrobial coating material
  • Anti-slip
  • Lower sole of a polyurethane shell
  • Phenomenal arc support

3. Women skiers work Women are confident Steady gliding

10 Best Women’s Nursing Shoes 2020

Skewers is one of the highest quality women’s shoes. They’re attractive in style, but they’re perfect. These shoes are made of smooth, durable leather for maximum durability.

It is also anti-slip because it is well aware of the many occupational risks in medicine and health care.

The comfortable foam insole with memory function offers more comfort in this shoe. The midsole absorbs shocks and is very good for the feet. So you can spend long hours on your feet without feeling tired. In the Skechers you will be protected and watched.


  • Excellent non-slip sole for safety
  • Stable outer construction to prevent spillage into the footwear.
  • A thick foam to hold
  • Well padded


  • The sizes are too big. You may have to pay more for a smaller amount.
  • The skin tends to wear out.

4. HawkwellWomen’s shoes with non-slip protection, lightweight and comfortable.

10 Best Women’s Nursing Shoes 2020

This pair of the best women’s care shoes is made of lightweight material with an EVA sole. It has a heel height of about 1.5 inches and a platform size of 0.75 inches. It is also made of soft synthetic materials, and the upper is made of stain-resistant leather that can be easily cleaned with soap and water. It has an anti-slip style that can move on any surface. The shoes are designed to give you a stable and comfortable feeling.

10 Best Women’s Nursing Shoes 2020


  • Sliding construction with curved ends to prevent tripping
  • ultralight
  • Soft foam padding that makes it possible to walk comfortably
  • Sustainable
  • Attractive and sporty design


  • It is considered too cheap and without curved support.

5. Alegria Paloma Ladies’ apartment

10 Best Women’s Nursing Shoes 2020

This shoe is an admiration in which your feet will feel comfortable. It is made of beautiful leather with an animal motif on it. You no longer have to risk your comfort and style.

The most beautiful thing about the Palace of the Ladies of Alegria is that it has a detachable marquetry. If you have problems with your legs, you can replace the removable insole with something much more suitable. This blockage is structured to prevent sweating of the legs and unpleasant odours. If my feet could talk, I’d probably thank you for keeping me dry and clean. You can easily remove them for a while and let your feet get some air. It comes with an integrated arch support that provides excellent support for your feet.

The shovel is designed to follow the natural curves of the legs. The sole is constructed with technology that promotes a smooth ride, reducing hold pressure. The sole also promotes a correct posture. The extra depth of your shoes provides a generous fit so your toes can move freely. It also has a flat bottom for maximum soil contact and increased stability.


  • 100% hard skin
  • Made of rubber soles
  • Great comfort and support


  • Too hard skin, not suitable for people with nerve pain.

6. Female professional mule Dansko

10 Best Women’s Nursing Shoes 2020

With this mule you can walk with style and balance. It is made of prefabricated leather.

The Dansko professional mule comes with a complete drawer for your toes for extra comfort. It is equipped with a double density memory foam insole offering shock absorbing comfort. This mule increases lateral stability and reduces strength.

Removable insole, i.e. you can replace them with gel inserts or something else. They feel very comfortable taking care of mules and can heal back pain. This professional mule, as it is called, really justifies its name by its exceptional support. The Dansko Professional Women’s Mule is ideal for clinical women with long legs.


  • Wide nose box
  • heel height about 2 inches
  • padded insole

7. Self-adhesive shoes – Beautiful women’s shoes

10 Best Women’s Nursing Shoes 2020

These beautiful nurse’s shoes are made with a strong, non-slip sole, as we know it from thermoplastic shoes. Ideal for protection against very slippery floors.

With a cute and exclusive pin for medical professionals, they will add charm to your life. The top and sole are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your feet getting wet.

These shoes are really light and the sole is equipped with a shock absorber and anti-torsion system. Your whole body will certainly feel supported!


  • Plastic and rubber sole
  • It is covered by a 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • The crotch is made of an absorbent material to keep the feet dry all day long.
  • Usually they work at full size. If you normally wear semi-finished products, we recommend that you order smaller semi-finished products. The letter M for size means average width for women.

8. KLOGS Women’s shoes Naples Closed toe

10 Best Women’s Nursing Shoes 2020

The Napels Klogs women’s mule offers extremely comfortable padding and non-slip soles. The surfaces and soles are very durable, offer excellent grip and are lightweight. These are very good shoes for nurses working in hospitals and medical institutions who have a tendency to slip or fall.

They are comfortable and require a minimum acclimatisation period. It also has a big nose. If you’ve ever felt pain in your legs, you certainly never will, because Klogs offers a soft cushioning system.

It is made of treated leather, which also gives it a much more elegant and striking appearance. With this constipation you can stand or walk for up to 8 hours or more without stress.


  • Affordable prices
  • Anti-slip soles
  • The heel is measured at 2 inches.
  • Adequate curved support
  • Wide nose box


  • Prints come out too easily

9. B.O.C. Women’s Peggy Tooled 9 M US

10 Best Women’s Nursing Shoes 2020

This black women’s shoe by Peggy has a synthetic sole and a platform of about 1 inch. It provides moderately curved support that gives your feet stability and comfort. It also has a sturdy leather upper that doesn’t wear out easily.


  • Heel contour
  • Lightweight sole
  • soft collar
  • textile lining, shock-absorbing insole for feet
  • Rubber traction sole


  • The soles tend to tear
  • Dear

10. Meredith SoftWalkWomen’s Blog

10 Best Women’s Nursing Shoes 2020

This shoe features an ultra-lightweight and flexible sole that reflects energy at every step. The design is ideal for any profession that requires complete and absolute comfort. With the double density of the inserts, which promotes damping, it is an excellent choice. Excellent non-slip grip.


  • Double density insole with heel and arch support
  • Soft collar with elastic slits for a comfortable fit.
  • A spacious and reinforced nose box.
  • Lightweight, shock-absorbing EVA outsole.
  • The sole is water and oil resistant.


  • Insufficient power
  • Dear

10 Best Women’s Nursing Shoes 2020

Frequently asked questions

What should my budget be for the best care shoes?

The price of the best shoes for nurses can range from $20 to $200. This may depend more or less on the brand and design. For example, the purchase of leather shoes will be more expensive than the purchase of shoes made of synthetic materials.

By focusing on the factors to be taken into account when choosing your nursing shoes, you should put your interests before the price. I mean, to determine whether the nursing shoes meet your personal needs and whether they meet the requirements of your healthcare institution. If the shoes are expensive enough and fit perfectly, it is better to try than to settle for cheap shoes of poor quality. Your budget should offer you comfort without joint pain.

On the other hand, some expensive shoes do not guarantee high quality. Some cheap shoes are good. I suggest you ask your colleagues what they’re wearing. It can help with budgeting.

You can also visit sites like, read reviews and opinions of people who have purchased special shoes for nurses. You’ll recognize her better.

How often should I change my shoes?

Some grooming shoes are very durable and designed to last for many years, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear them until your feet need new pairs. You can receive more than one pair, so you can change them at any time. If you’re very gay, you can decide to change them every six months.

What features should I look for when buying shoes?

As we have seen above, there are many features to take into account when making a purchase. From stability and comfort to the construction and weight of the materials.

How long should I clean the nurses’ shoes?

Knowing how best to clean the shoes of breastfeeding women requires knowledge of the material and style. This will determine how they should be maintained and cleaned.

Care shoes made of EVA material can be disinfected with a towel and the cloths can be thrown in the washing machine. If your tennis shoes are made out of one piece of fabric, they can be waxed. Leather shoes can be cleaned with a damp cloth to maintain and extend their life. They tend to crack and flake if not maintained properly.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving them in the dryer as this reduces the material and makes them uncomfortable to wear. It is advisable to leave them in the sun or in a well-ventilated place. You can also use disinfectant wipes to clean the shoes from germs and dirt.

Another way to increase the life expectancy of your shoes is to own more than one pair. They last longer if you only wear them on duty. Like some nurses and carers, you can take a pair of normal or casual shoes out of your bag or car and exchange them with your nurse’s shoes immediately after your shift. It is also a very hygienic method that helps you avoid dirt and germs in your bag or car.


Say NO to all shoes. Your feet deserve all the comfort they can get; you deserve more pleasure in your work, your work and your pain-free walking. The best care shoes for women discussed in this article are a good choice for you and increase your mobility and comfort. I think you’ve found these journals very useful. Make this purchase and be a smart nurse.



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