10 A digital marketing tool is important for online businesses – Managing a business in any form is a challenge, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. You need a solid foundation, because every little mistake can mean your loss. It’s a tough world, and you always have to be the best.

10 Digital marketing tool is important for your online business

Every business owner and their employees are now armed with the digital marketing tools they need to perform a variety of tasks.

If you’re not sure what to put in your toolbox, we offer ten essential tools.

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These important digital marketing tools are divided into categories such as project management and collaboration, social media management, marketing and customer support for simplicity.

Management and cooperation project

  1. Trello

Management project and cooperation

Trello can easily be considered an indispensable tool. It’s free, easy to understand and makes for smoother teamwork.

This is ideal for teams that perform many different tasks simultaneously, which makes task management difficult. You can always immediately see what stage each task is in.

The Trello table is very easy to navigate and you can customize it to fit your project. In Trello Board, you have the ability to create a Trello list and map that will be included in a later update.

It is a very smart tool that makes life easier for small and medium-sized teams.

  1. Silencer


Communication is essential, not only in business, but also in life in general. Slack is an application that brings them together and makes them work.

You communicate with your colleagues at all times and in different ways (at work, via e-mail, chat, etc.). Even outside of work, sometimes we talk about different things throughout the day, and things can get a little confusing.

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That’s where Slack comes in. It offers many opportunities for customization, so it can be fun, but also formal and serious.

With this tool you can create different names for strings. This channel is a group where you can communicate with friends in the group.

Maybe you could create channels for each possible domain, like #timfunnel, #timsosmed or others, maybe even a #hangoutgroup. Everything in one place.

What makes it so powerful is that it easily integrates with any type of software your team may use. It is a fun and effective application that makes it easier for teams to communicate.

  1. File


Running a business means you have a lot of highly sensitive documents and need a secure place to store them.

It is not enough to store documents or files on a computer or leave the paper in a drawer.

You run the risk of damaging your computer’s hard drive, flooding it, losing it, etc. You also limit yourself. What if you need to access certain documents from your office?

That’s where Foldit comes in. A cloud-based document management system designed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

This tool is secure, which is very important when you need to store confidential and easy-to-use documents. The whole team can share it, making it easier and simpler to share important documents.

Social Media Management

  1. Hootsuite

Social Media Management

Today, not only is every business supposed to have a presence on various relevant social media platforms, but it should be because almost everyone is already there.

That’s all well and good, but managing your various social media profiles can be a challenge in itself.

Planning a schedule of what to do and when to release an update is a task.

But it can be very time consuming to have to do it manually every time. You also need to constantly evaluate your efforts. Basically, you have a lot to do.

With Hootsuite, you can control and monitor your social media accounts in one place. It is a complete social media tool, you can communicate with people (the audience), schedule content and publish it automatically,

An important digital marketing tool that definitely deserves your attention.

  1. Stamp


Stamps can be considered a competitor to Hootsuite, but ultimately you have to decide what’s right for your business and what’s wrong.

The buffer allows you to find and schedule recommended news content. This guarantees harmonious cooperation and provides all kinds of valuable information.

Buffer also has a new instrument you can play. We all know how important visuals and images are to create interesting messages on social media. This is where Pablo (the drawing tool) comes in.

If sharing but also creating great social media content is part of your strategy, Buffer is probably the tool for you.

Marketing tool

  1. Metrilo

Marketing tool

When it comes to analyzing the performance of your online business, there is a lot to consider. In most digital marketing tools, you have a dashboard with many scattered parameters.

For those of you who only have a small online business, this can be confusing, so you need data that is easy to digest and understand.

You also want to know more about your visitors. Ideally, a full profile of your customers will facilitate sales.

Metrilo provides you with all this easily digestible analytics, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to create customer profiles and complete email marketing solutions so you can act on all the data generated by your website.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

The use of Google Analytics is now mandatory. Even if you use tools or other analytics software (which is also a good idea), Google Analytics provides the basics. This is very useful when you need to analyze traffic.

If you also keep a company blog, which everyone is doing at the moment, this tool is indispensable. There is no easier way to analyze the traffic your blog generates through Google Analytics.

It’s a great and free tool to include in your strategy. It may not be the most appropriate analysis tool for your business, but it certainly has its place in your toolbox.

  1. Mailchimp

Substation Chimpanzee

Email marketing has always been one of the best ways for businesses to be close to their customers.

No one can manually produce hundreds or thousands of emails. That’s why investing in email marketing tools is invaluable.

MailChimp is one of the best email marketing solutions. They just introduced free automation for everyone, which is a good thing.

Substation Chimpanzee

If you need email marketing and email automation tools, MailChimp can be your savior.

Customer service

  1. HiverHQ

Customer Support

Customer support or customer service can make or break a business. It’s about doing it right and having the right solution.

In addition to customer service skills, the following key digital marketing tools may be considered.

The HiverHQ is an ideal choice for small teams as the prices are very reasonable. With this tool, all team members have access to inboxes and Gmail customer support or sales.

Everyone can see it, and you can designate an email as a task for your team members to tackle individually.

HiverHQ offers you tools with great features for a limited budget. Indeed, the tool can solve the problem for both small and large teams.

  1. Intercom

Intercom System

The intercom is a customer service solution that is better suited for upper-middle class teams because it is slightly more expensive.

There is also a reason for the higher price. This important digital marketing tool offers many functionalities and has a high level of integration.

You can easily build all the help centers there. Not only can you use it to set up your call center, but it can also simplify your marketing activities.

The intercom allows any person or business to communicate with your company in a place to celebrate, engage and learn.

Many sales teams use it and some of the existing CRM solutions have many similarities.

Intercom System

The intercom can be your team’s best friend. If you invest in it, you can get to the next level faster than you expect.

It’s time to use your important digital marketing tool

Use a range of project management and collaboration, social media management, marketing and customer support tools to build a solid foundation or foundation for your business.

Use tools that help you work more efficiently so your business grows faster.

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Are you familiar with some of the basic digital marketing tools mentioned above? How do you use it? Or do you recommend another tool? Tell us about your experience at TechOught.com in the Comments section below.

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