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If you want to ride a snowmobile, you need a nice pair of snowmobile shoes.

If you buy snowmobiles in 2020, make sure they are waterproof and keep your feet dry and warm.

There’s no point in spending money on shoes if they don’t keep your feet warm in cold weather.

My personal recommendation for men

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes for your next snowmobile ride, you can’t go wrong with 509 Raid Boa Boat. But if your brand is Castle X, then Castle X Charge Boa Snowmobile Boots is a real competitor.

The 509 Raid Boa Boat is one of the most comfortable shoes on the market.

The double Boa system allows you to customize your boots to your needs. It offers optimal balance and support, warmth and durability, and allows you to ride longer in the toughest conditions.

Castle X Charge Boa Snowmobile Boots uses the Boa system to adjust the landing and make sure it stays in place during the aggressive daily driving of the snowmobile.

It is extremely light and waterproof and offers excellent insulation for warmth and comfort.

Both options are excellent and have unique properties. You have to have an ace on each one of these.

My personal recommendation for women

One of the most popular snowmobile boots for women is the FXR X-Cross Pro BOA boot. A more affordable option near the first is the Castle X Barrier 2 snowmobile boat.

When travelling in the snow at zero temperature, the FXR X-Cross Pro BOA boot with 600g insulation keeps you warm.

The tongue-shaped design provides maximum comfort and excellent support for the ankle and calf joint. The sole must also provide stability and protection.

13 Best Snowmobile Boots in 2020: Warmest Boots for Riding

With three layers of merino wool insulation and a perforated foam inner tube for Castle X Barrier 2 snowmobiles, your feet stay dry and warm even in the coldest conditions. It is also extremely waterproof and durable.

These snowmobile shoes are popular with women for many reasons. Choosing one of these products will certainly impress you.

Comparison chart with snowmobile boots

  509 Boa boots for ambushes Adrenaline Climate Pro GTX BOABoots FXR X-Cross Pro BOA Boots
Features Lightweight (2 pounds) Gore-Tex Technology BOA one coil M3
  600 gram shilling 600 grams 3M thick 600 grams of insulation down to -40°C
  Rubber reinforcements Internal depreciation Sturdy fur lining with fur lining
  5tech waterproof Extension in two zones 20 mm thick EVA midsole for maximum thickness
  A robust sole with a high carbon content Removable waterproof ortholite Achilles tendon and calf padding
Our result 97/100 96/100 93/100
Prices See the current price. See the current price. See the current price.

Best snowmobiles for 2020

509 Boa boots for ambushes

Cited as one of the lightest boots on the market, the 509 Raid Boa is the perfect combination of support and performance. These boots are specially designed to withstand the toughest days over a long period of time. Whether you’re in the mountains or fishing on a snowmobile, these boots can handle it!

These boots are equipped with a double boa system that allows the top and bottom of the boots to be adjusted separately. This allows the rider to be more individualized with the right combination of ankle support and flexibility.

What’s more, their well-known Boa lacing makes the boots more efficient by replacing the standard laces with stainless steel wire and a twist grip that allows you to adjust the laces to your needs. They also have their distinctive breathable 5TECH lining, which is exceptionally waterproof and keeps your feet dry longer.

Also noteworthy is that they are equipped with thick carbon soles and an upper body extension, which give the rider a better grip and allow him to survive a tougher race with maximum comfort.

These boots, which are also equipped with the patented Thinsulate thermal insulation, offer extensive and complete frost protection and can withstand temperatures down to -15 degrees Celsius.

However, many riders have noticed that these boots begin to wear out after a few turns, which improves their durability. However, these boots are a great option for those who want to maneuver in rugged mountains or even on icy terrain.

The advantages of

  • Brand insulation
  • Boa double lacing
  • breathable lining
  • Extremely practical.
  • Exceptional watertightness
  • Individual customization


  • sustainable
  • Only available in 1 colour

FXR Helium Pro Boa Boots 20

Another of our best boa snowmobiles, Helium Pro Boat Boots 20, is a great alternative to winter fun and aggressive trail riding and other similar mountain adventures.

With 700g insulation and a microfibre lining, these boots offer good all day protection for your feet.

In addition, the standard laces are replaced by Dual Boa’s H3 tongue and groove technology, which offers extra flexibility and a comfortable, customized fit.

These boots also come with a thick (20mm) EVA sole and a high traction, heel-impact sole; this allows the boots to absorb the maximum impact of the sole and gives you the right grip you need to fight ice and rough backcountry terrain.

They have a temperature of -50 degrees Celsius and have breathable joints; this means that your feet are warm and cosy, even if you wear them for a few hours on a single line at the lowest temperatures.

In addition, the boots have a moulded curve in front of the inner heel, which helps control the rear curve and provides maximum protection against the impact of the anterior sole. They also minimize the curvature of the hull and ankles and offer a hinged upper sleeve and a genuine rubber lining.

With a higher tongue drum and wider calf support, these boots offer a unique design with maximum versatility and an ankle and calf stop. Because of their unique properties they are relatively cheap, but they are still among the best snowmobiles available on the market.

The advantages of

  • EVA midsole
  • Microfibre lining
  • Upper hinged cuff
  • dual ball technology
  • waterproof insulation
  • High traction soleplate

BOA Climbing Havoc GTX Boots

The third point on our list is an obvious addition for many reasons.

First of all, Climb Havoc GTX BOA boots are the world’s first snowmobiles designed to withstand extreme weather conditions on snowmobiles, snowmobiles and mountain bikes.

They are incredibly comfortable and keep you warm and dry for a long time without any problems; we attribute this to their 3M brand of 600g Thinsulate thermal insulation. This insulation and the well-known Boa lacing system guarantee a comfortable fit without compromises.

In addition, these boots, in combination with the famous Michelin sole, offer exceptional resistance and a proportionally more reliable grip. They also have a widened upper Velcro buckle, calf and Achilles tendon flexible zones and a flat nose.

All these features make it easy for you to move around your barn with maximum support for your calf and ankle.

They are also covered by a Gore-Tex warranty, which means these boots are well tested and proven to offer durable breathability and waterproofing, as well as a promise to keep you dry for a long time.

They also offer various other protective functions, such as a foot plate, a tibia plate, protection of the lifting pins, etc. This information reaffirms that your feet are safe and well protected when using a snowmobile.

However, some users have complained that these boots are relatively less robust and not hard enough to sometimes provide sufficient support.

The advantages of

  • The Gore Tex technique
  • A low-profile nose
  • 3M Thin Insulation
  • Schnürboa locking system
  • wavy fracture area
  • A robust Michelin outsole


  • We have to toughen up.
  • Less robust

FXR X-Cross Pro download speed 20

The X-Cross Pro Speed is another good alternative for different activities, from rail to snowmobile.

In combination with the fast lacing technology and a network hook system, these boots are very easy to put on and take off. It also allows the rider to get a more personalized fit without sacrificing comfort and performance.

In addition to the nominal temperature of -40 degrees Celsius with 600 g insulation, these boots will keep your feet warm and dry for hours without any problems.

They also feature a thick EVA sole (20 mm) and a soft fur lining, giving your foot sufficient support and maximum comfort without feeling stiff or sharp.

They also feature a durable rubber toe reinforcement and an Achilles tendon and calf support, which also ensures that your entire foot is efficiently supported inside the boot.

This is especially important when manoeuvring in difficult areas; the above features ensure that your legs get maximum support without bending them too much.

Despite all these beneficial properties, many consumers have complained that these shoes are slightly less durable and break easily after a few turns, especially when used in difficult conditions.

However, these snowmobiles are also incredibly affordable and fantastic for anyone looking for a comfortable pair of shoes for their next adventures.

The advantages of

  • EVA midsole
  • Fast advice
  • Affordable
  • Extremely practical.
  • Rubber reinforcement of the upper cover
  • Achilles tendon and calf support

Climatological adrenaline GTX Boots

Features of the Adrenaline GTXboots Presence
Color settings Black
Temperature index No
Dimensions 7 – 15
Seal No
EVA midsole No
Velcro straps No
Voucher for a snowmobile Yes

The Adrenalin GTX boots have a Gore-Tex membrane that makes them waterproof and improves breathability on active snowmobiles.

The price of the video has now changed. That’s why I advise you to check the current price of the Adrenaline GTX boots before making a final choice.

Gore-Tex offers a lifetime warranty on your boots. So you can call Gore-Tex free of charge to repair or replace a back piece or tear your boots.

These boots have 600 grams of
insulation on the sides and a sole that goes through
and helps keep the heat inside the boot to prevent your
feet and toes from freezing.

The sole of this
shoe is a polyurethane injection sole, which is very resistant to cold weather. The
outsole provides cushioning for improved freedom of movement in harsh conditions such as
, and also offers durable boots such as a snowmobile or
for rugged sports. The top of this boot is a combination of rubber, leather and ballistic nylon

13 Best Snowmobile Boots in 2020: Warmest Boots for Riding

The boot has an offset
nylon lacing that protects your boots against wear and tear of the
tunnels of your snowmobile. The lacing system is a
non-slip flat braiding system with anchors, which is moisture resistant, i.e.
does not shrink in cold weather.

The boots have an antimicrobial fleece lining, which is also made of moisture-resistant materials. This will keep you dry and warm when driving the
in snowy conditions. It also gives you a decent amount of
-Flex while standing or driving a snowmobile.

This boot is considered the best for active snowmobiles for whom riding a snowmobile is a daily task. It offers you the best insulation, thermal properties with a high degree of comfort.

X Barrier 2 Boots

If you’re planning to ride a
snowmobile and you love the adventure in the snow, then these Castle Barrier snowmobiles are the best choice for the

These snowmobiles are available in an impressive range of
colours. Whether you love the funky look or the sleek simplicity of the, these lockable gate snowmobiles have a huge collection to suit your personality and style.

If we get into the comfort zone now, the
is the best snowmobile that gives you the warmth of the
and is light, even if your feet are buried under the snow.

Moreover, with a weight of only 2.5 kg they are super light up to
and are easy to put on and take off.

If we talk about the characteristics of these
snowmobiles, what distinguishes them from the others – they are an insulating material, more specifically

This three-layer Marino wool blend,
, this all-natural material has incredible evacuation properties and keeps your
feet dry and warm for a long time.

If you look at the outer parts, the
is also impressive. For example, the Top 1000 Denier Nylon
with leather upholstery at strategic locations. The soles are shaped and have a hardwearing sole. The simple but effective installation of the
buckle and strap allows both sides to hold their feet firmly, as well as the easy operation of the cold and deaf
arrows. The drawstring is the icing on the cake and provides a tight and secure
fit that prevents moisture from entering.

In addition, these snowmobiles are equipped with a protective snow curtain with tangential cord lock and a rubber sole with internal EVA impact comfort chambers for the best possible snowmobiling experience.

These boots can withstand temperatures in the range of -60*F / -51*C, making them a must to prepare for winter snowmobiles.

If we are talking about an overall rating of
for these Castle X Barrier 2 snowmobiles, I give them a better rating of
because there is much more recommended than style.

A final piece of advice if you are considering buying a snowmobile, take a smaller size than your original, otherwise it will stand carelessly on your feet and you will not feel the increased comfort and satisfaction of a snowmobile trip.

X Loading Boa Snowmobile Boots

If you are looking for a comfortable class
snowmobile, these Boa shoes are the perfect choice for class

There are the best
lacing systems that pull out of the fuselage to release the tension opening towards you
, push back and tighten to your desired tension, which is the most important feature of
for BOA. Once you’ve fixed it, it stays that way.

Moreover, these boots, like all the other snowmobiles mentioned above, are extremely waterproof
and keep
warm, even at temperatures below 60*C.

So on those cold days, especially on the tundra, you can take these
boots with you on snowmobiles and the
‘s will be comfortable.

Every time you drive a snowmobile, you want the
‘s boots to comfortably accommodate a wide leg, and these BOA
snowmobiles are a good example. Also someone who wants to wear 2 or 3
socks in these snowmobiles can probably wear them without complaining about

For snowboarding
boots are needed that are light and easy to wear. These boots weigh only 2.5 kg
, making them the perfect choice for your snow adventure.

In short, all castle shoes on snowmobiles are the best option for snowboarders.

Selkirk Buffalo boots

Selkirk boot characteristics Presence
Color settings 2 colours
Temperature index -70ºC/94ºF
Dimensions 7 – 14
Seal Yes
Midsole No
Velcro straps No
Voucher for a snowmobile Yes

The boots of Baffin Selkirk differ slightly from the different models that the company produces. If you are not wearing human looking laces on your shoes, you will be very happy with this product because it comes with a Velcro strap that allows you to easily adjust the torso support to your comfort. This will help you get a tight fit on the top of your leg in the trunk.

The loader has a higher
profile because it reaches into the calf area when you turn it on to protect the
almost halfway up your leg from the cold. The boot is equipped with a Zincer for more than
, which allows the boot to be pushed very firmly to prevent the
from coming loose during rough riding. Thanks to this feature,
can be easily turned on and off, even if your fingers and feet are frozen.

boot also comes with several removable inserts, which provide enough space in the
boots for free leg movements. This is one of the best features of Baffin snowmobile shoes. The top part of the download has a hook that is used by
to pull your beeps on your boots by pulling your beeps through the hook and then clicking
. This prevents powdery snow dust from getting into your shoes to keep your feet warm and dry.

Baffin also offers a rubber pole sole that is naturally waterproof and also has an anti-slip function to prevent slipping in icy areas. The outsole is equipped with the latest ice pick technology, which provides excellent grip in all weather conditions.

13 Best Snowmobile Boots in 2020: Warmest Boots for Riding

Baffin offers you a seven-layer lining of the Thermaplus boot system that keeps your feet warm at -70 degrees Celsius or lower. These boots are ideal for active snowmobiles and can be used for various purposes other than snowmobiles. Baffin offers the best properties in a reasonable price range.

Kamik Greenbay 4 cold weather shoe

Greenbay 4 Boots features Presence
Color settings 3 colors
Temperature index No
Dimensions 7 – 15
Seal No
EVA midsole No
Velcro straps No
Voucher for a snowmobile Yes

The Kamik Greenbay 4 men’s shoe is made of 600-denier nylon, which is very durable, even after continuous use in hard snow conditions while snowmobiling. The synthetic rubber sole makes it waterproof, because the snow eventually turns into mud to prevent the feet from getting wet, which is an important feature for motorcyclists.

It comes with an 8mm thick heat resistant felt lining on the inside of the boot, which can be removed when not in use or not needed. It also has a Velcro closure on the torso. The shoelace helps to secure the snow and prevents it from slipping into the shoe. This helps keep your feet warm and dry when operating a snowmobile in snow-covered areas.

The sole of the shoe is a TPR with pulsed injection, which is very resistant and provides the shoes with a cushion that promotes the free movement of motorcyclists, even during long hours. This sole also ensures the stability of the shoes.

The boot also has an adjustable mid band with Velcro closure to keep your foot comfortably in the boot.

13 Best Snowmobile Boots in 2020: Warmest Boots for Riding

The synthetic rubber sole is non-slip on icy surfaces and offers grip even with boots, which is a plus for snowmobiles.

13 Best Snowmobile Boots in 2020: Warmest Boots for Riding

The temperature is -40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough to warm up in snowy areas when driving a snowmobile.

13 Best Snowmobile Boots in 2020: Warmest Boots for Riding

This boot is one of the best for
snowmobiles because it is very reliable, thanks to the best
performance it offers, with a high level of protection to give you the maximum pleasure of a

However, there is a small drawback, which can be corrected by the manufacturers by ticking all the boxes corresponding to the characteristics. The inner part of the shoe comes without insole, while the felt inserts rest on a dented rubber sole. These problems can be solved by adding an insole, which is available in every convenience store, and inserting a gel liner.

Buffalo boots

Shock absorbing boots Presence
Color settings 2 colours
Temperature index No
Dimensions 7 – 15
Seal Yes
Gelflex midsole Yes
Velcro straps No
Voucher for a snowmobile Yes

Baffin Impact boots are equipped with a GelFlex shock absorber system with an extremely controlled climate, making them the best snowmobile boots on the market. The internal system of the trunk consists of eight layers with a Thermo Plus system that maintains the temperature in the trunk. The temperature in the boots can drop to -100 degrees Celsius.

The boot comes with a double buckle to ensure that the boot fits the legs. This is the best option for people who are not familiar with the
lacing system. The upper part of the boot is made of wolf leather and
nylon with diamond-shaped insulation to keep the boot insulated even in deep snow.

Baffin creates the
Hybrid style for high performance by fusing advanced injection moulding technology with the
foam interior system. This improves the
‘s thermal, comfort and well-being properties. In baffin boots, the sole and midsole are formed in a continuous process into a
base, distinguishing them from all other types and styles of boots.

13 Best Snowmobile Boots in 2020: Warmest Boots for Riding

The baffin sole is the result of modern technology, as it is made of various advanced thermosetting polymers, which together offer the customer the best snowmobile footwear available. Thanks to these properties Baffin distinguishes itself by the latest technology.

Sorel Alpha Pak Extreme Snowmobile

Features of Alpha-Packboots Presence
Color settings 2 colours
Temperature index No
Dimensions 6 – 11
Seal Yes
Midsole No
Velcro straps No
Voucher for a snowmobile Yes

extreme snowshoe offers you the best quality and excellent performance that the
can withstand even in extreme weather conditions. This collection of snow shoes offers extra
protection by adding a new Omni-heat
reflective lining to the inner lining of the boot. It can maintain a temperature of
in the shoes down to -60 degrees Fahrenheit.

13 Best Snowmobile Boots in 2020: Warmest Boots for Riding

The Extreme
boots are made of synthetic textile with a polyurethane back, which is extremely waterproof
even in difficult snow conditions and keeps your feet warm and dry. The
has a built-in nut that has a locking system on the cylinder to give you a perfect fit for the
. In addition, the closure consists of a
Shokonioc shockproof buckle.

The midsole of the
shoe is made of cast EVA which offers more comfort, less weight,
and thermal insulation. It is a 2.5 millimetre adhesive felt freezer plug. The sole of the boot uses fleece-shell technology to develop the flexibility of the boot, as well as the toe of the multidirectional rubber sole.

Extreme boots are the warmest and keep the temperature up for hours, even in deep snow. If there is a problem with the size of your shoes, it is advisable to keep your size as large as possible. The only problem is that it doesn’t come with an insole, but you can fix it yourself by buying it, otherwise it’s a pretty great grip.

Bears Extreme Snowmobile for Men

Here is another trunk of the
snowmobile, which is again one of the best options when planning your next trip with the

It’s completely waterproof, which makes your adventure in the snow in
even more amazing, because in
you don’t have to worry about your feet getting wet and freezing.

You can easily wear this
snowmobile at temperatures of -60*F or -51*C, isn’t that another remarkable feature of this Sorel

This duck boot has an omnidirectional reflective
protective lining to harness the warmth of your body to keep you warm in these low
temperatures. It also has a 6mm felt midsole and a 2.5mm felt midsole with a
felt fork, giving you the warm and cosy comfort of a
when snowmobiling.

This snowmobile shoe has a soft padding and a rubber sole that gives your feet the support they need when you go on snowboard adventures.

The best thing I found about these
boots is the lacing and lacing so they are easy to wear and can remove the
, but at the same time it can be a problem for some people with
arthritis, because they can’t bend too low to use this lacing and
closure, they would rather wear these
snowmobile boots with a zipper on the front.

After all the great features of this snowmobile, the only big drawback I found is that the interior lining makes this trunk a bit bulky. Although an interior lining that is not attached to the trunk is essential for many people, this trunk does not perform this function perfectly.

So if someone wears it, they may not be as impressed as the lining tends to want to put it in that shoe. You should either remove the liner from the shoe or put it on and load it onto the shoe. Moreover, they have to leave the ship in the trunk while they go ashore, which can be frustrating for some people.

Besides these many holes, this snowmobile from Sorel is an ideal choice for snowboarders and surfers.

Winter snowmobile

The Baffin Snogoose
boot can withstand all tough winter conditions thanks to its waterproof construction and the
rubber sole with full traction that allows you to overcome any obstacles.

The lacing system and drawstring sleeves keep you warm with full insulation. Baffin snowmobile boots differ from most boots in that the sole and midsole are formed in a continuous process in the base.

The outsole is made of several advanced thermosetting polymers that are combined to achieve the right balance of warmth, protection, lightness and grip. Baffin snowmobiles are the best choice for women thanks to a wide range of collections.

They offer functionality and fashion while maintaining their legendary performance. Can you imagine? These snowmobile shoes weigh only 3.5 pounds. You can’t get a snowmobile body as light as this.

Don’t forget to take a size bigger than
of your original size if you want to enjoy the real comfort of these Baffin
snowmobiles. This is because people with a wider foot can get into trouble because the main shape of this snowmobile is narrow.

The maximum temperature these boots can withstand is -40*F. So pack your bags and enjoy your snowmobile holiday with these super comfortable and warm Baffin women’s snowmobile boots.

How to choose snowmobile boots

13 Best Snowmobile Boots in 2020: Warmest Boots for Riding

Snowmobiles are the most important equipment for snowmobiles, so the
has to meet all requirements and prove that it is the best. They should not only give you the warmth of the
, but also generous comfort for your feet.
Snowmobiles must be able to withstand severe weather conditions on snow-covered terrain.

They have to be strong enough to withstand shocks, because snowmobiles are a pretty tough sport. They should also be handy, so you can easily enter and exit zone
with frozen fingers. You don’t have to do much maintenance, because the
has to be transported under difficult circumstances.

As mentioned above, the number
is an important attribute of snowmobiles, so we have compiled a list of
different attributes to consider before we buy a snowmobiling suitcase.

Heat and comfort

Because the
is a snowmobile for winter fun, you have to wear it on the
to keep the warmth in your feet so your feet and toes don’t freeze. The warmth in your
foot helps you feel comfortable and enjoy your trip. If the temperature of
is not maintained,
feet and toes may freeze.

A frozen leg and the toes of
can ruin the draught and also cause an accident by losing control of
. There are many types of
winter snowmobiles on the market that have a label indicating which temperature range of
is the best. Always pay attention to this
marking before you buy snowmobiles.


Shoes should always be comfortable as they should always be worn when leaving Zone
and on the road. Uncomfortable footwear can not only cause stress, but with regular use it can also turn health problems around. Before buying shoes, especially snowmobile boots, try them on and go around to make sure they fit.

If you want to wear socks on snowmobiles with boots, take them to the store and put them on with the boots. You must always make sure that there is enough room in the trunk for the toe and that the toe does not get stuck, otherwise you may feel pain in your legs and ankles.

You should also be careful with
‘s if they can be worn and can be easily removed, as you will need to change
‘s several times during a snowmobile ride. The
zipper also needs to be checked carefully, because you wear it all winter through
, whether it’s for snowmobiles or just for a daily ride.

You should always follow rule
for stiff boots, which gives you extra support.
Low heels and soft boots are best suited for snowmobiles.

Drying capacity

This is a very important feature of the number
that you should pay attention to before you buy a trunk for a snowmobile, because the number
has to be carried on snowy terrain. At some point the snow turns into a
slush and your feet can get wet, which spoils your mood and your feet. This can lead to a fungal infection if your feet are wet for a long period of time.

The leg must be dry all the time to prevent allergies or infections due to the accumulation of dirty water. Waterproof leather boots or waterproof
laminated boots are the best choice for snowmobiles because they keep your feet dry
and warm.

The top of the
snowmobile should not only be waterproof, but the sole of the
boot should also be made of waterproof material. You can use rubber soles for your
snowmobile boots, because they have even proven to be non-slip.

Fishing shoes

As an operator of a Class
snowmobile, you do not want to slide on icy surfaces because you need to attach the
to your snowmobile equipment. Look for the sole that gives enough tread in
to prevent slipping and falling.

However, think
for these heels, higher heels are more slippery, you can get
, so try buying boots with a low heel height. The
shoes currently available on the market have grooves in the sole to give the
the best grip in steep snow.

Made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR), the soles are softer than the rubber compound and are known for their better grip even in adverse winter conditions. But you should always put safety first
, not style and looks.

Although you can walk in fashionable
boots, you always think about safety first, because the stylish
boots also have many essential features.


It’s not always
which means high price and high quality go hand in hand, so you need to look for
for the different features of your boots before you buy them. Always check stitch
to make sure the seams are clean and tidy. You should always inspect both the outside of the
and the inside of the boot. You also need to make sure the
soles are securely attached to the boot with glue, seams or both.

Last words

A snowmobile is an activity or sport in which you can ride a snowmobile. Boots are the most important part when choosing the best equipment for this sport.

Even if you ride a snowmobile with children, you have to give them shoes.

The boots should be comfortable, waterproof and have a perfect fit.

If your shoes are uncomfortable, you can’t walk on snow so easily. Boots have to be waterproof, because if they are not, they let water run through their legs when they are submerged and soaked in water.

Because the boots are available in different sizes, you should be able to choose the ideal size for you.

Boots should be chosen carefully as they are the most important part of the equipment when operating a snowmobile.

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