17 Best Antivirus Software to Protect Windows 10 PC – An antivirus software is almost as important as the operating system of your Windows 10 PC, and so on. As we make a lot of progress these days, we also face a lot of threats that really disrupt the daily functioning of our system. And when you’re connected to the internet, it’s important to be careful about the data we store on our PCs.

17 Best antivirus software to protect Windows PCs 10

The solution, of course, is to install antivirus software. But there are many options for antivirus software. What good antivirus software can help your computer?

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The best antivirus software that really works on your computer Windows 10:

If you are looking for good antivirus software for your home or office PC, below is a list of recommended antivirus software.

1. Windows-defender


Windows Defender is not the same program it was a few years ago. This computer application had a reputation for monopolizing system resources and providing low security standards. But that’s changed now.

Microsoft security software now offers the best protection on the market. In the latest AV-TEST in March and April 2020, Windows Defender showed a 100% detection rate for zero-day malware attacks.

In addition, this application also detects malware that is widespread in the last four weeks of the two months. The tight integration with the Windows operating system is one of the main selling points of Windows Defender.

This application allows you to easily manage antivirus, firewall, device and application security directly from the Windows Settings menu. Overall, AV-TEST rates this application at 6/6 for protection and ease of use and 5.5/6 for performance.

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2. Kaspersky


Kaspersky is a household name in the world of online security. This antivirus company offers three antivirus packages, namely : Antivirus, Kaspersky Internet Security and Security Cloud. These three applications are among the best internet security applications for Windows 10.

In fact, Kaspersky, like other antivirus programs, has had performance issues in the past. However, as with Windows Defender, this is no longer a problem. AV-TEST scores the application 6/6 in all three test categories.

This is an entry-level antivirus program that only covers desktop computers. To increase coverage, Internet Security Suite adds cellular support for a minimal additional cost. This application is the best choice for most users.

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3. BitDefender Plus Antivirus

BitDefender Antivirus Plus

To: A wide range of features and affordable pricing for up to 10 devices.

Weaknesses: Can only be used for Windows devices.

Price: 429 900 – 859 900

If you want the best antivirus that is easy to use on the performance of your PC or laptop, BitDefender Antivirus Plus can be an option.

This antivirus scans your files in the cloud. So the main memory of your computer is hardly affected by this process. You don’t have to worry either, because BitDefender doesn’t store user files or scan their contents in the cloud.

The benefits of BitDefender Antivirus Plus don’t stop there. This software has an anti-phishing feature that blocks websites that are detected as fraudulent.

There is also file protection to prevent your documents from being encrypted by ransomware.

If that’s not enough, you also get a password manager, a VPN with a quota of 200 MB per day and protection against web trackers.

BitDefender Antivirus Plus can be used for up to 10 devices at a cost of Rs 429,900 to Rs 859,900 per year. Unfortunately, this antivirus program is only designed for Windows operating systems.

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4. Kaspersky Total Safety

Kaspersky Total Security

To: Antivirus with a very complete set of features.

Disadvantages: The cost per year is high.

Price: rp. 743,000 – Rs. 1,395,000

As the name suggests, Kaspersky Total Security is Kaspersky’s most comprehensive product. Kaspersky is one of the leading antivirus brands and its functionality is not much different from BitDefender Antivirus Plus.

Users benefit from protection against ransomware, password managers and VPN clients with an allocation of 200 MB per day.

However, the protection offered by Kaspersky Total Security is more diverse. The Secure Money feature, part of Antivirus, encrypts your browser when you conduct online transactions.

So you can shop and bank online without fear. The safe money feature is currently supported by Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

In addition, Kaspersky Total Security deters hackers who use a webcam to spy on you. This feature eliminates the need to cover the top of the notebook screen with tape or stickers.

Moreover, this antivirus program also guarantees that your children will not be able to access dangerous content, as it includes the feature to block dangerous content.

Looking at the different types of items, don’t be surprised if the price of Kaspersky Total Security is high. For a single device, the annual cost of this antivirus program is Rp. 743,000. However, you can get a set of five devices for Rs.1,395,000 per year.

The good news is that Kaspersky Total Security is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems.

Visit:- the website.

5. ESET Smart Security Premium

ESET Smart Security Premium

To: Can detect unknown malware.

Weaknesses: The cost is not cheap for a single device.

Price: IDR 495 000 – IDR 795 000

Want BitDefender and Kaspersky features at a discounted price? If this is the case, the solution is ESET Smart Security Premium.

Equipped with various functionalities of the two mentioned antivirus programs, this security software can be purchased for IDR 495,000 per year for one device.

The cost is not too high if it is needed for multiple devices, i.e. the Rp. Rp. 795,000 per year for four appliances. Not to mention that you can try this antivirus for 30 days with all its features.

It is interesting to note that the ESET Smart Security Premium has additional features. First, the advanced machine learning detects unknown types of malware. There are very few other antivirus programs that can do this.

Second, ESET Smart Security Premium offers ESET Live Grid. It is a cloud-based database system that stores data about the behavior of existing files. It can be used to speed up the device scanning process by skipping files that are considered harmless.

Third, this antivirus automatically switches to silent mode when computer applications run in full-screen mode. This means there are no sound notifications or pop-ups to disrupt your presentation, movie or game.

Finally, this antivirus also scans internet modems and the smart devices connected to them to detect security vulnerabilities that need to be monitored. For example, firmware that has not been updated. Excellent, isn’t it?

ESET Smart Security Premium is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android operating systems.

Visit:- the website.

6. McAfee Full Protection

McAfee Full Protection

To: Block auto-play videos and try it out for free for 30 days.

Disadvantages: Identity protection is only available to users in the US.

Price: $ 34,99 – $ 44,99

Another better antivirus is McAfee Total Protection which is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Slightly different from the three programs mentioned above, this antivirus program is offered in three packages (the price is given in the form of an annual subscription):

  • Custom ($34.99) – For one device.
  • Multi-Device ($39.99) — Can be used for up to five devices.
  • Family ($44.99) – Can be used for up to ten units.

Note that the three differ not only in the number of users, but also in the features that each of these packages offers. To help you find a package that meets your needs, we will discuss its features.

In each McAfee Total Protection package, you get a password manager, malicious website blocker, storage encryption, and protection against Internet hackers at home.

In addition, this antivirus program offers McAfee Shredder. This is a feature that ensures that files containing sensitive information, such as transaction history, are completely deleted when deleting the device.

Another important part of McAfee Total Protection’s activities is focused on device optimization. McAfee is not only known as a lightweight antivirus, but also has the ability to block the automatic playback of videos on various websites.

Several features are included in the Multi-Device and Family packages. The multi-device package includes identity theft protection. Unfortunately, this feature can only be used for US citizens.

The family package has an additional feature, Safe Family. Allows you to manage the McAfee Total Protection subscription status for all family members from one account.

If you’re not sure which antivirus software to use, you can try it for free for 30 days.

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7. Trend Micro Maximum Security

Trend Micro Maximum Security

Strengths: Protect your email accounts from phishing and data theft.

Weaknesses: Judging by the completeness of the features, the price of this antivirus is prohibitive.

Price: UP TO $69.95 – UP TO $99.95

Trend Micro Maximum Security is the right antivirus program to protect your email accounts. For Gmail and Outlook users, Trend Micro Fraud Buster provides phishing and fraud protection.

Not only are you protected from fake emails, but also from various websites that may have stolen personal information. Of course, this feature is also protected against malware and ransomware.

Trend Micro Maximum Security is much more than that. For Microsoft Edge enthusiasts, this antivirus offers a higher level of security when using a Windows 10 device in S mode. However, Trend Micro Maximum Security can also be used on Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems.

As with the other antivirus programs mentioned, this software emphasizes ease of use in addition to security. This is done through silent mode, which hides notifications during the game.

Prices for Trend Micro Maximum Security range from A$69.95 per year for two devices to A$99.95 per year for six devices. This includes an installation service for AUD 54.95 per year.

Unfortunately, at such a high price, Trend Micro Maximum Security’s feature set is not as complete as the previous four antivirus programs. Features like built-in VPN, file encryption and webcam security are not provided.

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8. Panda Dome Bonus

Panda Dome Premium

Strengths: Everything is done to protect your family’s computer activities.

Vulnerability: A VPN can only be used on up to five devices.

Price: $ 53,24 – $ 98,24

There is nothing wrong with introducing your child to digital technology at an early age. However, their activities in cyberspace must be limited and controlled. Well, Panda Dome Premium offers a solution to this problem.

With this antivirus, you can not only protect your computer and mobile devices from viruses and malware, but also monitor their use by your child.

Furthermore, with Panda Dome Premium you can prevent access to online content that is not suitable for your child.

Do you want to block certain applications to prevent abuse? This antivirus also offers this feature.

If the above features are not satisfactory, Panda Dome Premium offers other options. If one of your devices is lost or stolen, you can locate it, lock it, and even erase all data and files.

Additional features of Panda Dome Premium also include a password manager, VPN and device performance optimization.

This antivirus is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. For a maximum number of users, Panda Dome Premium can be used by up to ten devices simultaneously. However, a VPN can only be used on up to five devices.

The other point that becomes a drawback of this antivirus is the price, which is less affordable. For a single device, the annual fee for the Panda Dome Premium is $53.24.

Visit:- the website.

9. Norton 360 Lux

Norton 360 Deluxe

To: Intelligent firewall function.

Weaknesses: The backup capacity in the cloud is not as large as that of other antivirus programs.

Price: $ 49.99

Most of the antivirus programs discussed in this article are sold in different packages at different prices. If this is too complicated for you, then the Norton 360 Deluxe may be an alternative.

This antivirus program is only available as a package for the price of $49.99 per year. You can use it on up to five devices at once. Operating system support is now complete: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

For this price, the services offered by Norton 360 Deluxe are quite varied, including an integrated VPN, a password manager, and webcam protection.

However, there are other features that are superior to this well-known antivirus. First, there’s a 50GB encrypted backup in the cloud that lets you keep important files safe.

There is also an intelligent firewall that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic on your device. When the Norton system encounters an unusual data stream, it blocks the source.

Finally, you will find a feature in this antivirus that checks the presence of your email account on the black web. This is a part of the internet world that is not accessible with a normal browser. Illegal trade is widespread here.

Norton 360 Deluxe helps by warning you that your email account information is being sold. This allows you to change or remove the password.

Unfortunately, the Norton 360 Deluxe has a cloud backup feature. Apart from the relatively low capacity, this feature can only be used on Windows devices.

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10. F-protected Antivirus SAFE

F-Secure Antivirus SAFE

To: One of the cheapest antivirus software on the list.

Vulnerability: Doesn’t have many extras.

Price: rp. 399,000 – Rs. 4,712,000

F-Secure Antivirus SAFE is probably one of the simplest antivirus programs on this list. In addition to protection against viruses and ransomware, you also get browser protection. This function warns you of dangerous places. The best antivirus software.

In addition to these features, your connection is instantly encrypted when you bank online.

Like the other antivirus programs presented in this article, F-Secure Antivirus SAFE also offers parental control. You can use it to limit the time your child can spend on the internet and the sites they can visit. You also don’t have to worry about children using your device.

F-Secure Antivirus SAFE can also be used as a tracker for your Android or iOS device. Not only are you responsible for locating your device, but you can also use this feature to lock your device.

In fact, this software has no additional features like VPN, web tracker blocking, file protection and others. However, F-Secure Antivirus SAFE is one of the cheapest antivirus products on this list.

At Rs.399,000 a year, you can already use it. Moreover, this antivirus can be installed on three devices at the same time. The best antivirus software.

Of course, there are other packages that allow you to purchase more than three devices at a higher price. In fact, you can install this antivirus on 25 devices at a cost of Rs. 4,712,000 per year.

Visit:- the website.

11. Antivirus Comodo

Comodo Antivirus

To: Antivirus with scanning files in the most accessible virtual memory.

Vulnerability: Doesn’t have many extras.

Price: 260 000 – 289 000

Want quality virus protection at a lower price? The Komodo antivirus can be tested. Installation on one unit costs Rs.260,000 or three units per Rp. 289,000. Both are paid for a full year.

Just like F-Secure Antivirus SAFE, Comodo does not have many features. Yet its potential should not be underestimated.

This antivirus program is equipped with automatic containment technology, a method that scans unknown files in a virtual storage system for viruses.

In this way, your computer is not only protected, but also liberated from the power of Comodo Antivirus.

Not just the functions your device can perform. When the game is in antivirus mode, virus database updates and scheduled scans are delayed so you can enjoy the game. The best antivirus software.

Additional features of Comodo Antivirus include 50 GB backup, file encryption, spyware removal and online transaction protection.

Fortunately, all of these antivirus programs can be used on all supported operating systems: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Visit:- the website.

12. Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

To: A little antivirus.

Weaknesses: For users who want more functionality, this antivirus is minimal.

Price: $ 29.99 – $ 37.49

If you need super light antivirus, Webroot SecureAnywhere might be the right choice. This antivirus program requires only 15 MB of disk space on your computer when installed. It can also scan all files at an average speed of 20 seconds.

Moreover, Webroot SecureAnywhere has a simple but powerful security system. The anti-phishing feature protects you from dangerous websites when you surf in cyberspace. The best antivirus software.

In addition to browser protection, there are tools that protect your identity so hackers can’t steal it.

Like some of the other antivirus programs on this list, Webroot SecureAnywhere keeps webcams and Internet connections safe.

Unfortunately, this antivirus does not offer any other functionality. Yet the price is no less favourable than before. The best antivirus software.

You only need to pay $29.99 per year for a Windows or Mac device. If you need it for three units, it costs $37.49 a year. Funny, you can try all the features for free for 14 days.

Visit:- the website.

13. Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus

To: Free, but has a scan feature for virtual memory files.

Weaknesses: There aren’t many options.

Price: Free

The ten antivirus programs investigated are subject to a levy. However, this does not mean that all free antivirus programs lose their functions.

Avast Antivirus is one of the best free and reliable antivirus programs. Although this software is free, it is able to prevent viruses, malware, ransomware and phishing attacks before they reach your device.

Like Comodo Antivirus, Avast scans the virtual memory for suspicious files to avoid overloading your computer. The best antivirus software.

In addition, Avast is also your cyber security advisor. It not only looks for blind spots on home Wi-Fi networks, but also reports the presence of unsecured device settings, weak passwords and outdated software.

You can use all these features on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Visit:- the website.

14. AVG Anti-Virus

AVG Antivirus

To: Free virus protection with device performance analysis.

Disadvantages: Only provides protection against viruses, malware and spyware.

Price: Free

In addition to Avast, you can try another free antivirus program, AVG. Despite its simplicity and lack of additional features like backup, VPN and file protection, you can rely on the long-established antivirus.

AVG is free, but the threat isn’t just viruses and malware. You can use this antivirus to prevent spyware and ransomware attacks.

AVG also protects your browsing activities from links, email attachments and file downloads that contain threats. Don’t forget that there are also features to check the performance of your device. The best antivirus software.

AVG can be used on Windows, Mac and Android operating systems.

Visit:- the website.

15. Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials or MSE is a free antivirus product that protects the PC from different types of malware such as viruses, spyware, rootkits and Trojans. The best antivirus software.

MSE, like other Microsoft antivirus products, is based on virus detection and analysis and provides real-time protection by continuously monitoring your computer’s activity, scanning new files as they are downloaded or created, and automatically detecting threats.

Visit:- the website.

16. Adavaria


Adaware is a free antivirus software that provides complete protection against viruses and malware by combining the technology of Lavasoft, the antivirus software pioneer, with traditional antivirus protection. Antivirus software.

This software protects your computer or laptop from online threats, so users can focus on what’s important, communicate safely with friends, check email and watch videos with peace of mind. AdAware support for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Visit:- the website.

17. Comodo


Comodo is an excellent antivirus and security solution, one of the best and most free. Comodo Antivirus protects your PC against multiple sources of threats. Antivirus software.

This software uses other technologies to make the whole process quiet, but very efficient. The free Comodo antivirus works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Visit:- the website.

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So, my friends, these are the best antivirus software to protect Windows 10 PCs, you can try any of these 17 security software depending on your budget and security importance. This software can definitely help you and meet your needs at a very affordable price.

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