Pro Makeup Tips: Mascara

When it comes to mascara there is a wide variety of drugstore and luxury brands. However, this one simple trick will get even the clumpiest mascara to apply evenly.

Like most women, I have tried the top of the line and drugstore brands. Most mascaras in the retail world have similar formulas but different prices. Some clumps occur after air has been pumped into the applicator, while others simply dry out after a few uses.

Tip 1: When doing your makeup application, place your mascara in your bra. No this is not a joke. Place the tube in your bra to heat up the fluid using your own body heat. Trust me–the application will be A LOT smoother and can even help to build up lashes and lengthen them.

Tip 2: If you are one that uses a primer. Use whatever leftover primer you have from the application and massage some onto your eyelashes. This will help to build a surface to lengthen your lashes when applying mascara.


2 thoughts on “Pro Makeup Tips: Mascara

  1. Smear says:

    Great tips! I always run mine under some boiling water because I apply my makup so fast it wouldn’t be down my shirt very long!


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