Pro Makeup Tips: Mature Tightlining

As the human body ages, certain features become accentuated. For women,  ageing becomes more pronounced around the eyes. But this trick will lessen the appearance of the aged eye.

Tightlining is a make-up technique in which the lower eyelid is accentuated by liners or eyeshadows.  Tightlining is best used to create the illusion of bigger eyes or more dramatic eyes depending on the look to be desired. However, someone looking to use this technique for a mature look may also find its benefits.

When the eyes age, they lose their elasticity, fat tissues, and can even become discoloured. Mature women would find using a light flesh tone colour or liner would make their eyes look youthful. This creates the appearance of a fuller lower lid, covers up discoloration, and can even make one look more awake and radiant.

Brands that have a nude eye liner include Tarte (EmphasEYES Inner Rim Liner), Rimmel (Scandal’Eyes), Too Faced (Refreshing Eye Brightening Pencil), and Stila (Kajal Eye Liner).



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