Product Review: Chocolate Bon Bons Palette

This product is amazing in so many ways. Although it mainly consists of browns there is a dark blue-grey, orchid purple, and various pink shades to break up the brown utopia.

I have to admit this was one of my first real makeup palettes and it exceeded my expectation in so many ways.

I’m not one to judge a product based on the packaging, but this palette in a hard plastic shell. I have personally travelled with this palette and it was unharmed while being bumped around on the road.

As soon as you open the case you are hit by a warm chocolatey smell like when you open a packet of hot chocolate mix. The colours are VERY pigmented and blend with ease. There are numerous transitions colours for a modest look and great colours to shade or tight line with.  There is also the added bonus of using a themed palette were all the shades are named after flavours or chocolates.

The only improvement that could be made would be including a brush with this palette.

This is a great palette for everyday make-up with a little colour flair to change up your look. I would recommend this for everyone.



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