Pro Makeup Tips: Eye Shadow Primer

If you’re like me, eye shadow is an important part of your look. Part of it is the self-consciousness around having oily lids another part of it is an artistic way to express me. But whatever the reason here are some basic tips to help you with your eye shadow primer application for long time wear.

eye makeup pretty eyes eyeshadow

Looking back on when I first started using primer, my eyes were a disaster and it was the small details that could have prevented this. It seemed so simple just slather some goo on your lids and away you go –NOPE!

Pro Tip #1: ALWAYS start with a clean face. This is a little bit personal too. I would wash my face and moisturise before applying my base make-up (pretty normal stuff). But in this time I would spend 45 minutes eating breakfast, watching the news, and getting ready for the day. I would then come back and put the primer on my lids even though there was little amount oil starting to form in this small amount of time.

The end result would be my eye shadow completely breaking down and transferring around the 5-7 hour mark. I noticed big indicator was the crease line of death which is where the break would first occur.

So although this is common sense (which apparently I didn’t have) wash your face and apply primer immediately after. This brings me to my second tip properly setting the primer for long time wear.

Pro Tip #2: After the initial application, there are two things you should do. First, is checking the amount of product on your crease line. After you have applied your product you NEED to let it settle just like concealer.  This only takes about 3-5 minutes.

If you see that there is a build up just pat it down and blend it in. This will significantly make your eye shadow last longer as you won’t have the crease line of death show up half way through the day.

Pro Tip #3: Secondly, just like concealer you need to set your primer.  I have done this two ways with settings powders and transitions shades. I found using a setting powder didn’t last long and depending on what I was using can come out as chalky (don’t do this).

I would highly recommend using a neutral transition shade in a down motion. Why in a down motion you ask?  Because this is the last attempt to avoid the crease line of death by assuring there is enough product the “smooth” the line –so work it.





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