Pro Makeup Tips: Setting Spray for Concealing

I’ve had my battles with my cystic acne (that no longer exists). However, I learned this trick along the way for making full coverage foundations stick on the very raised and inflamed surfaced or over a scab.

Image result for cystic acne

With a full coverage foundation, chances are it will settle or have trouble sticking on the acne. Personally, you can use a concealer but if it has scabbed, then this trick is better for concealing. With this tip, you will use less product and the remaining product left on a foundation brush or makeup sponge.

Pro tip: With a small detailing or small concealing brush, give a little spritz of setting spray and gently dab in onto the problem spot. Once this has been completely going in with your already used foundation brush or beauty blender and give it a little dab of product. This will create a long last cover.  You may set it by taking a little bit of powder to set the surface.

Just a little caution don’t do this to many times as you may create a cakey surface.


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