Product Review: Formula X Nail Polish

I finally broke down and bought a Formula X Nail Polish after being Essie loyal for the better part of two years. I had high expectations for this and I must say I’m saddened to see it underperform.

I found this product had a lot of similarities to a Revlon Nail Polish. The good news is it’ll last quite long on your nails but it will show wear and tear.

Image result for formula x nail polish

It is a thicker nail polish so as always less is more when applying layers. I found this product streaky but that could be because I was using a lighter shade (and that’s a common characteristic of the lighter colours). It also chipped on the sides as my nails as they grew out.

In fact, the only good thing I can say about the Formula X Nail polish is if you tap your nails like I do then this is the nail polish for you. The product did not budge on the top of my nails.

This Nail polishes retail for $6-$16 on Sephora.


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