Product Review: Garnier BB Skin Perfector Cream

Anyone who wears a full coverage foundation knows of the hassle to put on your face when you merely want a quick trip for groceries. I was looking for something that provided coverage but wouldn’t break me out.

So along came the Garnier BB Skin Perfector Cream for Combination skin! Followed by some disappointment….

Garnier Oil Free Medium BB Cream (40ml)

This product retails for approximately $15.97 and I picked it up at Wal-Mart.

I am a light-skinned individual with pink undertones. When I opened the bottle it looked like it was for a sun-kissed goddess –not my snow white ass. The biggest disappointment was that I purchased this in the lightest shade…

When I put this on my skin, it needs to be worked in as it goes on streaky. As well as, it will extenuate pores and make them look like there are orange blackheads emerging when looking up close.

I found it did not blur imperfections and I had oil break through around the 90-minute mark.

Overall, I did not enjoy this product and don’t recommend it.



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