Product Review: NYX Shine Killer

When NYX came to Canada last February (I think) this is one of the first products I picked up.

Unfortunately, this is one of those judge a book by its cover situations as the name “Shine Killer” got me. Surely with a name such as Shine Killer, this product would guarantee a satisfying matte look–I told myself.

Lo and behold disappointment ensued.

Image result for NYX Shine Killer

The NYX Shine Killer retails for $13.99 CAD at Shopper’s Drug Mart. It comes in a black squeeze tube of 0.67 fl.oz. The product is a clear silicone based gel that absorbs into the skin and is formulated to be oil free.

There is no oil control in this product and that becomes evident after 3-4 hours of wear. I found when this is worn as a primer, foundation will melt and pool in large pores.

If you’re oily like me, you will shine on. This product is best intended for those with dry-normal skin who are looking for a smoothing primer.

Final Thoughts?

This product performs well as a smoothing primer, not as a mattifying primer with oil control agents. Despite the name, if you are oily avoid this product and look for a mattifying primer.

If you are considering this based on it silicone contents I would suggest looking at other smoothing primers with a higher silicone content–like Baby Skin. It’s a little bit cheaper and will out perform this.

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