Pro Makeup Tricks: Eyebrows

Eyes brows are unfortunately a feature that everyone sees. They can be beautiful or they can be an overgrown jungle.

Today I am sharing with you a trick I learned in regards to weight loss in the face (and being a cheapskate).

Over the last year, I have lost a lot of weight (literally half the woman I used to be).

When losing weight the body reacts like a bath tub. A bathtub doesn’t drain in one spot but all over. As much as I was happy with my shrinking waist I noticed that one of the brows was beginning to sink lower than the other one. Not much (like 1-2 mm lower). My eye lid on one side of my face has also become more hooded.

My dilemma was that I was going through a crazy amount of NYX Micro Brow to keep them even. Stupid me was not paying attention to the NYX pencil and I ran out.

I was away from home without a vehicle to run to the drugstore. In fact, I was at a charity function and needed to look like perfection.

Instead of panicking I decided to dip my smudge brush in the darkest brown I have (Dark Truffle: Chocolate Bon Bons Palette) and fill in my brows this way.

The results were incredible and I have been doing my brows this way since.


The smudge brush is great for drawing a precise line or perfecting an arc. This has been a great way of saving money as well as using a shade I wouldn’t normally touch.

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