Mask of the Month: Egg Cream Mask

For the January edition of Mask of the Month I will showcasing Too Cool for School Egg Creme Mask.

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The brand Too Cool for School is best known for the Dinoplatz Blotting Paper and the Egg Mouse Facial Wash. At the end of 2016 they released new facial products that included the Egg Cream Mask.

You can purchase this mask as a single for $16 CAD or in a set of 6 for $36 CAD from Sephora.

Jaclyn Hill did speak about this is a recent video and it seems like it has been sold out since.

The Application

I’ll have to admit I thought I would just rip the package open and and place the sheet on my face. Lo and behold the mask is sitting on a thick mesh sheet.

Separating the mask from the mesh was awkward. The mask is slippery and just kind of “flopped” out of the mesh like a jellyfish. You then place the sheet on your face and smooth it out the wrinkles.

After baking with the sheet on, remove and rub the oils in.

Final Thoughts?

This mask claims to be hydrating and to be honest its hard to say if this sheet mask had any added benefit to my skin.

The biggest pet peeve experienced with this product is the transition of smell from beautiful botanicals to a discomforting garage smell.

Overall, I believe this is an over hyped product with limited to no added benefit to the skin. I would save my money on this.



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