Battle of the Too Faced Eye Shadow Palettes

In the Battle of the Too Faced Eye Shadow Palettes, I will be reviewing the Chocolate Bon Bons vs. The Sweet Peach Palette. Both of these palettes retail for $59 CAD from Sephora (a little bit more from the Too Faced website) and are part of the permanent collection.


Image result for Chocolate Bon Bons

This palette is great for doing subtle work looks and smoky eyes. There are great transition shades in here that will assist in building up any look.

These can be used for more than one purpose from highlighter (Satin Sheets) to filling in your brows (Dark Truffle).

However not all the shades are consistent.

For instance, Malted and Black Currant came out muddy and can be difficult to blend. Cafe Au Lait looks wonderful in the pan but looses its iridescence when applied.

The matte shades are the winners in this palette and the shimmer shades are lack lustre in comparison.

Unfortunately, if you get these shades a little bit wet the pan will be stained.


Image result for sweet peach palette

The Sweet Peach Palette joined Too Faced’s permanent line at the end of 2016. It was originally released in spring 2016 as a limited edition and due to high demand, it was brought back.

It’s clear that Too Faced as reformulated this palette as it has incredible pigmentation compared to the Chocolate Bon Bons Palette. White Peach (Sweet Peach) is close to Divinity (Chocolate Bon Bons) in colour but White Peach is considerably more pigmented.

The shimmer shades give me the chills when I wear them. These shimmers look almost wet on the lids like I applied gloss on my lids.

When playing around with the matte shade I was blown away at how pigment they were in comparison to the Chocolate Bon Bons Palette. It takes little effort to blend these puppies out.

Who is the Winner in the Battle of the Too Faced Palettes? The Sweet Peach Palette.

The new Too Faced shadow formula left me breathless. I have been using Too Faced products for many years and was expecting a just above average palette, but I found myself buying wowed by the quality of this instead.

The Sweet Peach Palette won because of the new formula it’s hard to judge these products otherwise since it has the same packaging and price point.

I feel this will be a collector’s favourite and great introduction piece for those who have never owned a Too Faced Palette before.

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