Nope Trends in Make-up

Just when you think you have seen numerous internet personalities rule out the purpose of the Silisponge, it continues to thrive. Ladies and Gentleman! I hereby announce the spawn of the Silisponge.

Image result for silisponge

In case you missed it the Silisponge was a short lived alternative to the beauty blender that rose to popularity. It is a rather useless beauty tool that encourages humor as slapping noises are similar to a porn video.

It did deliver on its one promise that it wouldn’t waste as much product. Instead of wasting product, certain foundations would just stick to the sponge creating a patchy texture on the skin.

That being said the creator of the Silisponge didn’t stop there.

For a limited time only you can own the spawn of the Silisonge: The Stardust Silisponge.

The new Stardust Silisponge is rounder and larger a.k.a a larger circumference to make offensive noises on while applying your foundation.

What are your thoughts on the new Silisponge? Let me known in the  comments below.



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