Egyptian Eye Look

If you follow me on Instagram (@lidsandtricks) then you may have already seen this look.

Today I will be giving you the how-to of the Egyptian Eye. My palette of choice to achieve this look was the Vice XX Reloaded Palette.

Steps are as follows….

  1. Take the shade Anonymous and dust the brow bone down to the crease.
  2. Take Suspend and lightly darken the crease to add a bit of shadow.
  3. Prime the entire lid with concealer to make the gold more vibrant.
  4. Dust the shade Goldmine over the entire lid, crease and brow bone area.
  5. Optional: I took the shade Satin Sheets from Chocolate Bon Bons to lighten the brow bone into the brow.
  6. Take Oil slick and line the water line entirely.
  7. Take a black liner and line the entire upper lid and make a low, thin wing. Make sure to bring the inner corner to a point.
  8. Square off the wing into a small birds tail and bring back into the upper lid.
  9. Lastly shape the bottom eye with line angling away from the nose and Egyptian swirl.

Et voila! You have the Egyptian Eye!

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