3 Launches I Want for Valentine’s Day

It seems every year there is an increasing amount of  launches that come out for Valentine’s day. This year is no different. Here are 3 launches that came out this year.

Short and Sweet


Launched on February 6th, Colourpop came out with a Valentine’s specific line. The line contains Lippie Stix, Highlighters, Brushes and Pressed Powders, and Super Shock Shadows.

The best thing about this is not just the affordability but the names of these products. Names such as; Fooling Around, Baby Talk, Two to Tango, and Short and Sweet.



This year Lush will have Valentine’s theme bath bombs and bath bubbles. These eco-friendly, cult favourite products are available under the Valentines Days tab on the Lush Website.  In addition to to bath products there will be gift wrap and lip gloss also available.

Love You, Love You Lots

Personally I am eyeing the Love you, Love Lots soap bars, Unicorn Horn bubble bar and Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb.

The Valentine's Collection Bundle

Kylie Cosmetics

If you have been on Social Media the last week or so, you have seen the new Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s release.  There is a grandeur bundle that sells for $200 USD that includes: the Kylie Diary Palette, Lip kits, and the Mini Kits.  If you were hoping to get this bundle then you’re out of luck as the its already sold out–before Valentine’s.

However some of items in the collection are gorgeous and are worth a mention. Such the Kylie Lip Kit in Valentine and all of the Pressed Kyshadow  Mini Sets.


What items are looking to for Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments below.




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