Holographic Warrior Look

For this work look…Haha! Just kidding, don’t actually wear this to work. I was messing around with my Vice XX Reloaded palette and really wanted to do a holographic look featuring Roadstripe. The picture above is the end result.

Sometimes you just have to play around with make-up as a kind of stress relief. Am I right?

Steps are as follows….

  1. Take Oilslick and carefully blend from the inner crease to the outer crease. Buid up as needed.
  2. Take concealer and coat the lid area entirely. Coat lightly with a white shade to set area.
  3. Take Roadstripe and feel in concealed area. Build up as desired to achieve holographic look.
  4. Using Roadstripe still, fill in brow bone.
  5. Take Oilslick and shade in water line.
  6. With patientce and a black smear proof eye liner, line from the inner crease to the outer crease. Finish with a wing.
  7. Liner the lower lash line.
  8. Blend areas as needed.

What do you think of this look sound off in the comments below.

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