Product Review: Shills Black Mask

You guys know I love you right?! Because I have sacrificed my face to bring you this product review.

I thought it would be time to try an Asian beauty product and boy this one was painful.

Shills Natural Science Black Mask was purchased off eBay for a whopping $3 CAD and took 3 months to arrive at my house. The mask claims to smooth the skin texture and increase vitality.

Come again? How is a peel off mask going to give me vitality?  I think we need to scratch our heads on this one when looking at the Oxford Dictionary.

Definition of vitality:


  • 1[mass noun] The state of being strong and active; energy:


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The product comes out of a squeeze tube in a thick black liquid. It is highly recommended to avoid areas with hair.

I started by applying this product in thin layers and built it up as needed. Allow it to sit for 20-30 mins. As the mask is setting you can feel it tightening, slowing the texture is becoming shinier.  The best way to tell if the mask is dry is by touch.


I can not emphasize how painful this was. If you have long nails this will assist you to peel the edges up. I found this mask did leave residue and patches on my face.

I removed any excess with a cleanser and water. I would highly recommend aftercare steps such as toner since it ripped so much of my hair out.

Final Thoughts?

Even though this mask was cheap I would not recommend it. For something that is so painful, I would like to have added value like black head removal or hydration. However, after doing some research there is a mask that is specific to blackheads but the reviews on this product say the same.

My boyfriend tried this after a shower to see if he could extract black heads with it. He was successful in getting a few large blackheads out of the side of his nose. However, nose strips will give you better and less painful results.

It did, however, leave my face feeling smooth (probably because it ripped everything out in its path).

This product does have alcohol in it so it may not be for everyone. I would not recommend this for those with sensitive skin my face was agitated and red for hours after using this product.

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