Nope Trends in Makeup

I’m all about finding a new and useful way to improve my makeup application, but I never once thought about using cutlery. That’s right using kitchen utensils is all the rage in applying contour and highlight.

Image result for spoon contouring

Spoon contouring is, unfortunately, a trend, where the user places a tablespoon on their cheek bone and powder away. Users are left with a dark curved line that can then be diffused by a brush.

There is also fork highlighting were the user places a fork in the centre of their nose. The middle prongs are for highlighting while the outer prongs are for contouring to slim the nose shape.  Users then have to blend out the harsh lines with a small brush.

Is it just me or isn’t it easier to use a brush. You’re going to use one anyhow to blend. In addition to a lot fewer dishes to wash after, but who am I to judge.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you contour with a spoon? Let me know in the comments below and don’t be afraid to give this post a like!

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