Emeralds and Sapphires Eye Look

Sometimes the camera doesn’t do your makeup justice. This photographed well but it was unbelievably stunning in person. I got my inspiration from a Pinterest post on one of my boards.

The palette of choice for this look was the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. You will also need some setting spray. For an alternative eye shadow palette, the Urban Decay Spectrum palette would be great.

Steps are as follows…

  1. Take the shade Peaches and Cream and coat the lid entirely to the brow bone.
  2. With an angled blending brush, blend Talk Derby to me in the outer crease. Use a small blending brush with the same shade and blend the inner corner. Drag Talk Derby to Me into the water line.
  3. Damp a flat top blending brush with setting spray. Dip in Bless Her Heart and pat onto the middle lid.
  4. Blend Talk derby to me into Bless Her Heart for a seamless transition.
  5. Talk the shade Nectar and dust the brown bone and highlight the inner corner and waterline.

There you have it the stunning Emeralds and Sapphires Eye look.

What boards do you have on Pinterest?

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