Nope Trends in Makeup

Just when you think the beauty glitter trend is over. There’s another awful and slightly more dangerous glitter trend that comes along to replace it. Ladies and Gentleman in this edition of Nope Trends in Makeup, I present to you the Glitter False Lashes.

Are you getting a chill up your spine yet, with the mere thought of glitter in your eyes? I am.

Image result for Glitter False Lashes


Now, glitter false lashes have been around for a while. In fact, I found a pair through Beautylish for Sugarpill false lashes.

The issue is people are taking regular lashes and dousing them in clear mascara or lash glue and rolling them in glitter.

Glitter that is not makeup grade. Thus compromising their eye health and skin for a ridiculous trend.

Take this as a lesson from Nikkitutorials who publicly did a glitter challenge and was very upfront about the product destroying her skin. Thus, needing weeks to get her scratched up skin back to health.

Where would you wear glitter eyelashes anyhow aside from a Halloween party?

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