Small Changes For Weight Loss

At some point in everyone’s life, we realise we may not be at our healthiest and want to make changes.

I have been overweight for most of my life and started to lose weight 2 years ago and was left with loose skin and needed to get rid of it.

Here are some tricks I learned that helped to lose weight WITH exercise (mostly light to moderate). These were the beginning stages I took to live a healthier life.

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Cut the Sugar.

This is no joke. The first drastic change I made in my life was to cut my sugar intake. I started this with my daily coffee. I used to drink a double-double every morning (2 sugars, 2 creams). At first, I started by switching to milk instead of cream (have consumed almond milk or skimmed every day since). I followed this by cutting sugar all together.

It was crazy to see how this small change began to erode away the bloating around my stomach. I felt better as a whole and was less tired and had more energy from having no sugar in my diet.

And here’s why.

1 Medium Double Double = 150 Calories

Per week: 150×7 = 1,050 calories per week.

Per month: 150×31= 4,650 calories over a 31 day month.


1 Medium coffee with milk = 30 calories

Per week: 30×7 = 210 calories.

Per month: 30×31 = 930 calories or a 31 day month.

That’s a total of  3720 calories cut out in a month!

Drink More Water.

I’m sure you have heard this time and time again, but you know what?! Drink more water!

Higher water consumptions are great for many reasons. It can improve your digestion and increase your metabolism.

The best part….

Water has no calories and can help with food cravings. Sometimes the body tricks us into thinking we’re hungry but instead, you’re really just dehydrated and your body is notifying you that. Perhaps, try drinking some water instead of reaching for food to get rid of growling stomach or cravings.

Drinking more water = fewer food cravings.

Drink Green Tea.

Green tea is no joke. I tried this as a fluke after hearing of the “fit tea” trend. So naturally, I had to dabble in tea magic to see if it was partially true or partially false.

Fit tea, in general, is gimmicky. However, its root as a weight loss method comes from hundreds of years that green tea has been used for its health benefits.

Green tea for weight loss can speed up the metabolism and trust me this works. Drink 2-3 regular cups of this daily and watch your body metabolism speed up. Just don’t load up on sugar. I prefer to drink this black but honey and stevia are great healthy sweetening alternatives.

Additionally, green tea has been used for inflammation and can help with mild acne or other skin irritations.

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This so easy, just walk more. Walking is great because of its a form of light cardio (cardio= weight loss) and its good for you.

By walking more you are increasing your metabolism and improving your heart health. The longer or higher heart rate you achieve the more calories burned. I would go for a 20 minute-40 five days a week. Sometimes it would be slow pace sometimes speed walking.

I would go for walks after dinner, therefore, forcing my boyfriend to do the dishes. Can’t argue it was a win-win situation.

Weight loss is hard to do to achieve and just remember that you are building a better version of yourself one day at a time!

What are your weight loss secrets? Let me know in the comments believe and don’t forget to give this a like!

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11 thoughts on “Small Changes For Weight Loss

  1. SewandSew says:

    Absolutely spot on! I’ve been doing the very same things and have lost 2 stone in the last 4 months. I do have the extra motivation of getting married in 3 months time. You’ve written great advice to follow.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. adventuresofabusymomcom says:

    You got me with the coffee one…I like my coffee to be flavored creamer with a little bit of coffee (yikes). I know I need to change this!!!! Thanks for pointing out the 3720 calories! talk about an eye-opener! It’s probably even higher for me since I use so much creamer…

    Liked by 1 person

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