Products Revisited: Smashbox Photo Finish More Than Primer Blemish Control

As you gain new products, you stop using old ones in the hope of finding the next Holy Grail. It’s the new shirt effect and we all do it.

While doing my spring cleaning, I came across a tube of almost empty Smashbox More Than Primer. I always try to use old products up and it was clear that my opinion on this product had changed since I had originally reviewed it.

You may find the original product review here.

Image result for smashbox acne primer

I’m going to start off by saying this product is still relatively new. It’s about 5 months old, so the product hasn’t gone bad yet.

I still stand by my original review. I love the added benefit of BHA in a primer and can justify paying $50 for that as there are few primers that have exfoliating properties in them.

However, it’s the wear of the product that has annoyed me.

Image result for smashbox acne primer

If you have a hairless or shaved face, this does not pertain to you. If you are fuzzy like me, you will notice the emphasis on hair. I noticed that the product wouldn’t completely absorb and would clump up on the hair follicles.

You would really notice this after the foundation had been buffed on as it looked like dry patches This only occurred one spot on my face: my jawline to the ears and could only be noticed extremely up close (like someone 6 inches from your face).

A word of advice when applying this product would use excess and smooth in downward motions.

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