Nope Trends in Makeup

Here we go again, it’s another instalment in everyone’s favourite series: Nope Trends in Makeup. The series that has brought you such gems as Hairy Nails and Marlboro Nail Art.

Today will be yet, another, thrilling wonder from the nail art community — edible nail polish. Yes! that’s right edible nail polish for those who like a snack on the go!

Image result for edible nail polish

Kidlicks is an organic and GMO-free product that is made out of plants. It is intended for children, who like to put their fingers in their mouth (like me).

This brand is patent pending and each nail polish retails for approximately $12.99 USD.

Now, I know what you are thinking, child safe nail polish that’s not really cringing- worthy.  However, I have something better and “it’s finger lickin’ good” (wink, wink).

Image result for edible nail polish

That’s right you can now wear and eat KFC on the go!

The product launched in Hong Kong in Spring 2016. The products are preservative free and come in 2 flavours: original recipe and hot and spicy.

Inside each vial, you can see the 11 different herbs and spices reflect within the fluid when moved.

The product is best consumed in a lollipop fashion.

The product is limited edition and difficult to find.

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