Finding Inspiration When You Have the Blogging Lulls

It’s normal to experience writer’s block and procrastination when it comes to blogging. Creating content is hard and if you’re a daily writer it can seem like an endless tunnel when you become unmotivated.

Today I am bringing you a list of some ways to stay motivated with blogging.

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Read, Like, Comment

There’s no easier way to get motivated than by seeing what other writers are posting about. This is a great way to connect or reconnect with people and subscribers who have supported you on your blogging journey.

Generally, when you like and comment on other posts then you will see an increase in stats which is a great morale booster!

Being social in blogging also allows you build relationships not only with other bloggers but with companies and networks too! You never know who’s watching so don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and comment. This could one day lead to sponsored posts and monetization.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is key to being a successful blogger. But a big part of this happens before you even come up with a title name.

Brainstorming is the biggest skill a blogger can have. Personally, I keep a notepad beside my laptop in case I get a random thought or visualisation I want to pursue.

But you know what?!

A lot of brainstorming comes as inspiration from other blogs which is why liking, commenting and reading other blogs is key.

I find that as a blogger I go through bouts of writer’s block. Using the notebook method I am able to avoid this and have a continuous flow of content to keep my blog fresh.

Goal Setting

When I’m not worried about the content that I’ve produced, I like to set a personal goal for my blog based off of a statistic. This also counts for other forms of social media (Pinterest analytics, Twitter analytics, and Instagram likes on a photo).

For instance, I will set a daily, weekly, or monthly goal. Goals that I have strived for in the past include beating my daily all time best for site views, most new subscribers in a day, or all time page views in a month.

It makes you feel great when you do achieve your goals and you can see the growth in your website.

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Read Income Reports

Although I have yet to earn a cent, I enjoy blog income reports are a great motivator because it shows you what your blog can be one day.

It’s like a blueprint of other bloggers success and they are sharing their advice with you. Most income reports for bloggers are found on Pinterest.

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12 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration When You Have the Blogging Lulls

  1. lvefitness says:

    These are great tips if you have lulls in any aspect of your life. Setting goals, having a plan, and finding motivation should be what drives you in every aspect of your life. Again great tips and a great read.

    Liked by 1 person

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