The Flamingo Look

For this avant-garde look, I clearly got my inspiration from an elephant. Haha, no just kidding.

I drew my inspiration from a flamingo with the thick black eyeliner to vibrant pink for this editorial look.

I used the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette for this look. A great alternative would be the Coastal Scents Think Pink Palette.

Steps are as follows….

  1. Take the shade Totally Fetch with a sturdy pencil brush. Sculpt out the curvature of the cut crease from eyebrow tho inner corner.
  2. Take a clean stiff blending brush and buff Totally Fetch upwards to the brow bone. Use the same brush and smudge Totally Fetch onto the waterline.
  3. With a small detailer brush, lightly blending onto the lid area and cut a clean line from the inner corner of the eye to the brow bone or as desired.
  4. Using a flat top blending brush, Sprinkle on top on the conceal area. Try not to tap or smear Totally Fetch.
  5. With a concealer brush, highlight the brow bone with Satin Sheets.
  6. Take a black eyeliner and outline the look, intentionally having a thick line. Try to go below the cut crease.
  7. Take the brush from Step 2. and blend below the eyeliner with the excess on the brush and into the waterline.

There you go, you have this very avant-garde editorial Flamingo Look.

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