Product Revisited: Kate Somerville EradiKate

I remember when I bought this product I was so excited. This sulphur based product did wonders for my skin from a mild pimple to the angriest cystic acne.

In fact, in my original review (Product Review: Kate Somerville EradiKate), you can read about how enthusiastic I was that this was a new staple in my skincare routine.

So what changed?

Image result for kate somerville eradikate

The product does not have a long shelf life!

After about 4 months of owning this product all the liquid that harnesses the sulphur sediment evaporated. As I was taking special care of this $30+ product, all the liquid simply disappeared. Thus, making it impossible to dig out the sediment to treat acne.

I did not leave the cap off of this once.

As it is right now it is difficult to get enough sediment to stick to a Q-tip and you have to really dig for content.

Final Thoughts

I am really disappointed by this discovery. I’m on the fence whether or not I would purchase this again. On the pro side, it did a wonderful job of treating and taming my acne.

On the con side, for $30+ I expect a product to perform better, I don’t know if this is a packaging issue or ingredient issue. But I only got halfway through a bottle of this product.

Honestly, I am entertaining the idea of the Mario Badescu treatment it sells for half the cost. I just have to see what shipping restrictions there are for Canadians.

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One thought on “Product Revisited: Kate Somerville EradiKate

  1. zakeeyak says:

    I can’t say I’ve used this product, but I see that one of the ingredients is isopropyl alcohol which evaporates incredibly easily. You can consider buying a bottle from a pharmacy, diluting it down and saving the product – but it may not work as well anymore.


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