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  • As liberal as the UAE is, there are still strict restrictions on internet services.
  • If you’re planning a trip to this popular destination, make sure you include the best VPNs for the UAE.
  • Using a VPN can help you bypass censorship and easily access geographically restricted websites.
  • If you want to choose a VPN solution but don’t know where to start, read our guide below.

The United Arab Emirates is a popular destination for expatriates and makes a lot of noise because it is a liberal Islamic country.

However, the UAE has one of the strictest exemptions for internet services. As a result, the government is blocking access to dating sites, gambling sites and even VOIP applications and software such as WhatsApp and Skype calls.

The main way to get around this blockage is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPNs hide your IP address from the authorities and your Internet Service Provider (ISP), allowing you to access content that is otherwise blocked or unavailable in your area.

Meanwhile, VPNs have been a good solution for foreigners visiting the UAE for years to access geographically restricted sites like Netflix and many other services. Using a VPN is legal, but it is subject to many rules and regulations.

Which solution for my VPN does not work in the UAE?

A number of VPN tools are blocked in the Arab Emirates. If you find yourself in a situation where your VPN no longer works in the UAE, there is a solution developed by two of the country’s largest telecommunications giants.

Etisalat and Du offer their subscribers special VPN packages that allow users to use both mobile data and Wi-Fi to access geographically restricted websites. These plans also allow you to make video and voice calls over the Internet with certain special applications.

You may be wondering if a VPN still works in the UAE? The answer is yes, the Windows Report team has tested four of the best VPN clients that work perfectly. Read our reviews of each VPN service below.

If you are planning a trip to the UAE, it is better to get private internet access now than later. This world-class VPN service, owned by Kape Technologies, is unmatched when it comes to sharing content with geographical restrictions.

By skillfully circumventing ISP restrictions, regulatory violations, and just about any restriction, you’ll be happy to know that censorship is a thing of the past.

With AIP, you can enjoy a truly liberating Internet experience anytime, anywhere. Our extensive global network spans 46 countries and you can choose from more than 3,292 servers.

Now that we have established that the UAE is not a taboo area for this powerful VPN that breaks barriers, you may be wondering if such privileges have legal implications.

The PIA has also taken care of this aspect. Protecting your privacy is of utmost importance to the VPN provider.

You are assured complete anonymity when surfing the web or streaming content through IP masking, which prevents your identity and location from being revealed.

PIA also has a strict non-blocking policy, which means that no one – and we mean no one (not the government, not your ISP, not even them) – can track or monitor your traffic data, browsing history or online activities.

Let’s quickly review the key features:

  • Assigning a private IP address for anonymous surfing
  • Unblock streaming and geographically restricted content around the world and bypass censorship.
  • Ultra-fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth to avoid buffering or slow download times.
  • Secure protection on public Wi-Fi
  • Compatible with all major operating systems
  • No registration policy for absolute confidentiality
  • User-friendly user interface (login with 1 click or by typing)
  • Secure VPN protocols (Wireguard, PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec)
  • Protects up to 10 devices simultaneously
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Private Internet access

Take advantage of the United Arab Emirates and forget about broken rod locks with PIA brake locks!

IPVanish is a popular VPN service that is used worldwide and is an excellent solution for the United Arab Emirates. This software, produced by StackPath, LLC, uses strong encryption to protect your data from United Arab Emirates authorities.

In addition, IPVanish has a non-registration policy to ensure that your information is not stored on its servers.

The VPN has advanced features such as death switch and DNS leak protection. These two features ensure that your online activities are not monitored or tracked by your ISP or the government.

Additionally, IPVanish protects your traffic by tunneling your connection through a secure SOCK35 proxy.

With a 30-day money back guarantee and an affordable price, this VPN service is ideal for use in the United Arab Emirates.


Enjoy private connectivity and online freedom in UAE with IPVanish!

VyprVPN offers high-quality services at an affordable price. Developed by Golden Frog GmbH, this VPN has its own servers and redirects all your connections through them to increase connection performance.

It also uses strong military-grade 256 encryption, which encrypts all data that enters and leaves your system. This makes user information unreadable to hackers and security services.

The VPN has comprehensive and balanced security features, including a security switch and DNS leak protection, to ensure the safety of your online activities.

A unique stealth mode called Chameleon allows you to use the internet in a completely anonymous way, making Vypr one of the most reliable services on the VPN market.

The servers also offer high-speed connections. That’s why VyprVPN is ideal for use in WATER.


Powered by Chameleon technology to hide your intellectual property and make it WATER free!

Thanks to the trust and support of a large number of VPN users, ExpressVPN is one of the best options for the UAE.

This company Express VPN International Ltd. has a VPN, works with a powerful OpenVPN protocol and has a well-defined privacy policy.

ExpressVPN has servers in over 90 countries and a super fast connection is guaranteed because they also have their own pool of servers.

Your connection is secured with military-grade 256-bit encryption, so your data is safe at all times. DNS leak protection and disconnect options provide additional confidence in the security of this VPN.

Additionally, VPN Express has a stealth mode feature that prevents your Internet Service Provider from discovering your IP address, so you can avoid bandwidth bottlenecks.

ExpressVPN is very affordable and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. You can also pay in Bitcoin.


Need a VPN that works in the UAE? Look no further: Try ExpressVPN.

Have you tried any of the above VPNs in the UAE? Share your experience with us by commenting below.

FAQ: More information about VPN and UAE

VPN services have been severely violated by the UAE government in recent years, but these tools can still be used when traveling in the region.

  • What type of VPN works in the UAE?

There are several solutions you can use during your stay in the UAE, including VPN PIA (which we also recommend), IPVanish, VyprVPN and VPN Express. You can compare them all in this guide.

  • Is using VPN illegal in Dubai?

In short, there are no rules restricting access to certain websites or content. It is preferable to use a VPN without registration to prevent your online activities from being tracked.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in June 2018 and revised and updated to be current, accurate and complete in February 2021.

frequently asked questions

Which VPN works best in the United Arab Emirates?

Available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android. ExpressvPN even has custom firmware that is easy to install on your home router. In case of a problem, online support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Best VPN for United Arab Emirates : ExpressVPN is my first choice for UAE VPN.

Which free VPN works best in UAE?

ExpressVPN works reliably with most major location-based streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer and HBO GO, as well as VoIP services like Skype. Available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux (command line) and some Wi-Fi routers.

Are VPNs illegal in the United Arab Emirates?

While the use of VPNs in the UAE is not illegal, their misuse is a serious crime and punishable by a fine of up to AED 2 million and imprisonment. Furthermore, it is illegal to use a VPN by hiding your IP address to access websites, phone calls and gaming applications that have been blocked by the UAE government.

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