5 Best applications for automatically adding subtitles to videos

Adding a caption to a video is a complicated and tedious task, that’s why nobody likes to do it. Many companies have developed applications that automatically add subtitles to videos. So what are these instruments? This blog post is about the top five applications for automatically adding subtitles to videos on Android (2021).

Disclaimer : Some applications are browser based. So you have to go to their website to install it on your Android device.


5 Best pps to Auto-Captions Videos (2021) AutoCap App

AutoCap is a free Android application that allows you to transcribe videos for up to 5 minutes in over 100 languages. If you add a video that is longer than 5 minutes, you must add the subtitles yourself for the rest of the time.

The application automatically detects the language and you can manually add or delete text in the edit screen. Words that were difficult for AI to decipher are underlined in the appendix.

Attachment attached :

  1. Fonts and fonts
  2. Text size
  3. Text colour
  4. Background colour
  5. change the colour of the selected word
  6. Entertainment options

The application leaves a watermark that can only be removed if you subscribe to a premium subscription or pay a fixed amount for the video.

The bonus plan costs $5.99 per month or $46.99 per year, while you pay $4.59 per video to remove the watermark.

for Other
✔️ Allows you to add an automatic timer andimages. ❌ 5 minutes maximum
❌ Leave a watermark
❌ Dear
❌ No one-time purchase
❌ Slightly inaccurate

AutoCap Application


5 Best pps to Auto-Captions Videos (2021) Captain’s request

As the name suggests, video self-registration applications are transcoded into more than 85 languages. You can select or save a new video, and the application also saves previous projects.

When you add a new video, you will see the language menu. The language is not automatically selected. The editor’s coming with:

  1. Police
  2. Subtitle size
  3. Subtitle
  4. labeled background colour
  5. upright position
  6. Translate with Google Translator

The application does not care about the size of the videos, but you can transcribe up to two videos per day. It also leaves a watermark on the video in the upper right corner.

for Other
✔️ No length limit for video
✔️ Can translate video.
❌ Expensive
❌ No one-time purchase
❌ A maximum of two free videos per day

Subtitled application

Hood wing

5 Best pps to Auto-Captions Videos (2021) Capwing website

Kapwing is not an Android application, it is a browser-based application. You can open the website in Google Chrome and install the website as an application in the menu on the right.

Capwing is a powerful free tool to automatically add subtitles to videos. The tool is used not only for subtitling, but for everything related to a video editor. That’s possible:

  1. support videos
  2. Add text
  3. Subtitle
  4. Add sound
  5. list
  6. Registration screen

You can upload a video or add a URL to start the operation. To add subtitles, click on the Subtitles option.

You need to register for free to have your subtitles transcribed automatically. In both cases, press the Auto Generate button to start the transcription. Depending on the video, it may take a few minutes. Once the video is processed, you will see the subtitles and the subtitle menu. The tool offers :

  1. Change of font
  2. Font size
  3. bold
  4. Italic
  5. Labelling position
  6. Subtitle alignment
  7. Signature color
  8. Background colour
  9. Translation of texts

The tool can transcribe videos for up to seven minutes free of charge and download videos without a watermark. The cost of the premium plan is $17 per month for the annual plan and $20 per month for the monthly plan.

for Other
✔️ Video editor
✔️ No watermark
✔️ Can translatevideos.
❌ Expensive
❌ No one-time purchase
❌ 7 minutes max.

Capwing website

That’s what it looks like: (Tested) Top 8 video conversion apps for Android in 2021.


5 Best pps to Auto-Captions Videos (2021) Veed.io website

Veed.io is another automated speech recognition tool. Just like Capwing, Veed.io is also a browser-based application. This is a free video editing tool for people on the move. You can download videos directly from your Android phone while the application is running:

  1. Subtitle
  2. filters
  3. Text
  4. Form elements
  5. Examples of options

To generate subtitles automatically, click on the Subtitles option. You can generate a subtitle file automatically, add it manually or upload it. Automatic generation takes a few seconds, depending on the video, and once the subtitles are generated, translation, styles and tab options are available.

In the styles you get all the characteristic features. The application offers :

  1. Police
  2. Label size
  3. Text colour
  4. bold text
  5. text in italics
  6. Text alignment
  7. Character distance
  8. Height of the line
  9. Uppercase
  10. Effects (built-in effects)

You can export videos for free for up to 10 minutes. This leaves a watermark, and the saved video quality will be 720p, even if you have downloaded a Full HD video. The premium payment plan starts at $24 for the annual plan and $30 for the monthly plan.

for Other
✔️ Video editor
✔️ Can translatevideos.
❌ Expensive
❌ No one-time purchase
❌ 10 minutes max.
❌ 720p max.

Veed.io website


5 Best pps to Auto-Captions Videos (2021) Applause of the voice

The Android Voicella application is new on the market, but offers interesting possibilities. The application is free, but you will need to view ads to add money to your account.

When you add a video, the application will ask you to specify the language of the video. It can add subtitles in English and Russian offline, while you can download or transcribe to other languages when the application is connected to the Internet. The application supports more than 40 languages.

After selecting a language, it takes a few minutes. Once the process is complete, you will see the labels below. You can record the video or just the subtitle file above. Attachment attached :

  1. enclosed text
  2. Shadows on the text
  3. Text colour
  4. Degraded colors
  5. Video aspect ratio
  6. Police
  7. Text alignment
for Other
✔️ No watermark
✔️ You can get more time without paying
✔️ Download subtitle file
❌ No one-time purchase
❌ Duration


That’s what it looks like: Screencast-O-Matic vs. Screencastify | The ultimate test of strength


Still don’t know which application to choose? Watch the video to automatically add subtitles to the video. The video shows each request in action.


This article is about the best automatic video recording applications for Android in 2021. I hope this has helped you find the perfect application. Let me know which one’s your favorite so we can discuss it further.

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