Traditionally, trophies symbolize success in certain areas or at certain events. They are not only prestigious, but also a source of motivation for those who receive them. However, not all trophies are created equal, and the bright and glamorous trophies you see at celebrity events are the exception, not the rule. Few people know how to create good trophies for their events.

5 tips for designing the best event trophy

A well-designed trophy makes the event even more memorable and the success even greater. That’s what makes the event and the prize so charming. Below is expert advice on how to create a great event trophy:

1. Post a photo of a Brand Ambassador

If you are an event organizer or a business, you probably want to create a brand image for your company. If you’re hosting an event, the best place to publicize your program is the tropical level.

The trophy will be cherished and appreciated by its owners for many years to come. The name, image or logo of your brand on the trophy becomes synonymous with it and will be etched in the memory.

You won’t find an event trophy that doesn’t represent the brand in some way, like. For example, the FIFA World Cup or the Golden Globe Awards. So, you need to make sure that your brand is well established on the event cup.

2. Have a unique shape

As with any trophy, the form is his signature. When decorating a trophy for an event, you need to choose a unique shape or design if you want it to be remembered for a long time.

Most organizers make a serious mistake by copying the shape of another trophy or opting for a traditional model. The result is trophies that no one remembers until the following year, except the owners.

Design a trophy to represent the achievement or event of the ceremony. It can also be designed based on the recipient of the trophy or the location of the award ceremony.

3. Add personal note

If you want the event trophies to be truly memorable, especially for the winners, then you need to give them a personal touch. There are many ways to personalize the event mug.

The good news is that almost any place that produces trophies can customize them for you. It will be very easy for you to get personalized trophies for your next event. Nonetheless, you need to give accurate instructions for the work.

Details that can make the event trophy more personal are a photo or the name of the recipient. The trophy should also include information about the event and the day or date of the award ceremony.

4. Give sufficient time

Another expert tip for making trophies for big events is to make sure you allow enough time for it. A common mistake most organizers make is ordering trophies too close to the event site.

Because of this, trophies are rarely as good as one would like. Giving you enough time before the event also gives you more time to develop a design for the trophy, and gives manufacturers more time to get it right.

A month before the event is a good rule of thumb to start preparing your projects. For more complex developments, however, you may need more time.

5. Including photo

If you want to design and create a great event mug, you need to make it as visually appealing as possible. It is preferred to have a unique shape and include an image.

Nowadays, designers can easily integrate images into ropes. Don’t just choose photos, choose photos that give the trophy holders the respect they deserve.

The more unique the image, the better it will be remembered. However, a company logo or a photo of the recipient is often sufficient.

6. Choosing the best equipment

The material you used to make this trophy makes a big difference. This is especially true for the longevity of the trophy.

The good news is that you have many choices when it comes to trophies. The most common materials are glass, acrylic and artificial leather.

5 Expert Tips for Designing Event Trophies

The materials you use for your trophies will also affect your budget. Using precious metals like gold and silver will cost you a lot of money.

The experts give a lot of advice on the design of the trophies. If you apply the above tips, you should have fantastic event trophies. Don’t hesitate to use your imagination and creativity to create these trophies.

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