Pure, impeccable luxury at a price that doesn’t directly touch your wallet. An aura emanates from the watches offered by Invicta.

From the company’s more affordable and peppered stainless steel options to high-end women’s apparel, Invicta strives to achieve two things that are directly related: Style and content.

This is also the basic idea behind the Invicta Gold Tone Stainless Steel Pro Diver 48mm Scuba Diver for men.

The gold version is surprisingly elegant, without a hint of privilege or pride, and features exceptional quarter technology.

According to Invicta, its mission is to help watch owners define themselves, not by how much they spend on a watch, but by how wisely they can use their watch budget.

In this review we present to you the complete list of features of this Invicta watch, we tell you how it is used according to its purpose, what we like and dislike, the pros and cons, what’s in the product packaging, all the features it has and our final decision.

So if you’re interested, read on! Invicta offers you an incredible choice of different watches. This manual provides a comprehensive analysis of the many possibilities of the Invicta Gold diver’s watch for diving.

In the next section we will look at exactly who the watch is for and what it needs to fill.

Who is it for?

As mentioned earlier, the Swiss brand Invicta makes watches not expensive for those who like smart and economical shopping. For example, a 48mm gold diver’s watch may have all the features of a much more expensive high-end product, but this watch is beautifully presented to the average consumer.

In this respect Invicta watches are for men and women who want a nice quality watch, but do not want to pay the price of a Rolex or other.

There is yet another part of the Invicta watch series, and the name of this product reveals one of its main objectives: Sealing and pressure protection. This product is water resistant to a depth of 200 meters, which ensures that your watch is protected against both ingress of water and installation under pressure.

Timing is an incredibly important element in diving. You need to know exactly how much time you have left in the depths of the ocean, otherwise the timing could quickly become the least of your problems.

The main target audience for this golden diving watch therefore consists of men and women who like to dive but don’t like to spend their money on keeping time underwater.

Invicta’s intention with this timepiece seems to be to produce a watch that will help you through difficult times, droughts and floods and that you can buy in times of low prosperity and high prosperity. It is a watch for all ages, all times and all occasions.

If you are looking for a mid-range watch that still looks like a top-of-the-range watch, the Invicta 0074 may be a good choice.

The purpose of this watch is to refresh the entry-level class and to encourage new divers or watch owners who have a little more money to invest in the purchase of an object of exceptional manufacturing quality.

What we like about the Invicta men’s line Japanese golden stainless steel

There are many things to love about this watch, and the most obvious is its appearance.

In gold, cheeky and certainly anything but quiet, wearing this heavy wristwatch is definitely an affirmation.

The watch is a large gold movement that rests on your wrist with a lot of weight. The gold and black stripes are eye-catching and the watch is the perfect complement to a business outfit or just jeans and a t-shirt. The watch you choose is a choice, a statement of your appearance and behavior – the Invicta 0074 model doesn’t sneak up on you.

Another particularly attractive feature of the product is that it has a face. In addition to the quartz-timing functions, this watch has several other ways to keep track of the time on the dial. A weekday counter allows you to keep track of the date, a standard feature in a high-end watch.

In addition to this function, a complete set of timers is integrated into the watch face. Not only can a timer be used, but three different timer mechanisms can also be used.

There is a way to find out how many minutes have passed when you have to poach an egg shortly after a 200 meter dive. You can follow the seconds until the minute that passes when Usain Bolt runs a race in the neighborhood.

And finally you can follow your watch if you really need to get up in time for the unusual Usain Bolt/egg poaching/diving I just described.

Another thing to note: while the Invicta is a cheaper model than some of the top-of-the-range watches of this type, it is absolutely inferior in terms of the quality of the materials.

The heart of the Invicta 0074 series is equipped with a Japanese quartz movement. This system uses a Japanese quartz crystal that is lightly charged by a battery.

This electrical charge causes the quartz to oscillate at a rate of 32768 times per second – an incredibly precise frequency that is converted every second by the clock circuit into a concentrated pulse.

Complex crystal-based technology provides the precise formula that drives this device – a phenomenal piece of Japanese engineering that still surprises today.

This attention to the quality of the material is especially expressed when looking at the material of the window of the turntable. This screen is installed to protect all movements while you are sitting on the turntable.

These include different minute, second and hour hands, different timers and quartz mechanisms that make the watch work.

These elements must be kept in a very special balance in the device itself. In addition, the thing that balances these parts must be able to withstand a pressure of 20 bar, so that they function properly even at a depth of 200 metres below sea level.

In order to maintain this special type of internal pressure and movement of the various parts, Invicta has equipped its 0074 Pro-Scuba series watch with a special type of dial protection window.

0074, instead of using a cheap form of acrylic like most discount watches, one chooses a type of synthetic sapphire which mimics the pure natural strength of ordinary glass at a fraction of the cost of real sapphire.

The combination of this synthetic flame sapphire with a unidirectional bevel makes the watch extremely resistant to scratches and maintains this balance of pressure even at incredible depths and in shallow water sports.

What we don’t like about the Invicta 48 mm gold coloured stainless steel men’s watch (model 0074)

Unfortunately, the news regarding the Invicta watch model 0074 is not entirely positive.

Earlier, during a thorough investigation of this Invicta watch, we said that it is a heavy and striking watch that really stands out from the rest. This fantastic quality will really determine your look or disrupt your outfit with a high quality wrist joint.

The weight is like a double-edged sword. The 48mm diameter is nothing less than solid, and on some the piece looks like a striking and eye-catching accessory that completes the look, on others it can absolutely crush the hand.

The actual size of the watch has been described by some users as too heavy and unnecessarily heavy for the wrist.

These complaints are of course subjective, and users with large wrists and hands report no weight problems in most cases. On the other hand, it is a potentially serious disadvantage for water sports enthusiasts and divers.

If you’re 200 meters underwater, do you want to be weighed by a heavy metal wrist?

This watch seems to be made for tall people, or at least for people with unusually wide wrists. The wristband is associated with this and is itself very long. If you have a smaller wrist, you will probably need to remove a few notches on the bracelet itself to wear it effectively.

Unfortunately, this may mean that the watch is not ready for anyone who wants to use it straight out of the box. This is a bit disappointing from a company that claims to want to make a simple, elegant and sharp watch that requires a bit of pomp and circumstance.

In addition, there are even some limited reports of loss of synchronization of the watch with the minute and hour hands. According to some of these reports, once the watch has been placed in the water, it no longer keeps track of the correct time.

The other problem that this small number of customers experience when they have a problem is that Invicta does not have the best reputation when it comes to customer service.

Many dissatisfied users report hours of waiting, coupled with an unfortunate lack of real human contact throughout the process.

Therefore, please check all product information before purchasing an Invicta 0074 watch. If a large, bulky watch doesn’t fit you (according to Amazon, this watch weighs 481 pounds!), be careful before buying it: Returning your product may not be as easy as it should be.

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  • An incredible list of high quality materials.
  • Can be lowered to a depth of 200 metres under water.
  • A spectacular and luxurious golden hue.
  • Stainless steel housing reduces costs
  • Relatively low price compared to other watches of this type
  • Incredibly strong synthetic sapphire window frame


  • The left side can make the device too heavy for the wrist, which can have a negative effect on the water sports enthusiast for whom it is intended.
  • It has been reported that the gold plate on the stainless steel case of the watch itself is fading.
  • Some users report a degradation of the timer function after placement in the water.
    • This also applies to the function of the quartz itself, so that the minute and second hands are completely inoperative after a short exposure to water.
    • Note that this is not the case for most products, which have received predominantly positive reviews.
  • The strap is too big for most users, which means that you have to remove some links of the chain yourself or have them made in a watch shop for a fee.

What is included?

To quote Brad Pitt in the horror novel Se7en : What’s in the box?!

This was crucial for Pitt in this movie, because he really had to be sure that what was in the box was what he suspected.

While you’re at home waiting for exciting new hours, you may not have to invest so much in your box of chocolates – it should always be at the top of your priority list.

So if you order an Invicta 0074 model watch, what do you expect to receive? I know that what I like most about every new gift is the feeling you get when you unpack the box of a brand new gift, so it’s more than necessary to discuss it.

All these questions and much more will be answered in the next section, when we learn exactly what is in the Invicta 0074 series.

The Invicta 0074 watch is packed in a bright yellow box, and when you open the watch, you will find its contents.

Apparently a watch with a 26 mm bracelet, a 48 mm dial and a weight of 481 grams will be in the case. The window also includes a manual that shows you how to do everything from setting the correct time on this beautiful watch to using the various functions of the chronograph dial.

The manual also contains some instructions for setting the watch, which is certainly a large and long chain. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, any decent watch shop will do it for you (for a fee, of course) – but if you can follow the instructions, you should be able to do it yourself.

We’ve already mentioned the functionality of the stop show, and thanks to the two different display options, it can even be when you’re not wearing a wristwatch.

There is a show cushion that you can leave on the clock if you want to get to it quickly. The watch also comes with its own presentation box, making it both gift-wrapped and fantastic to store.

Finally, the box contains a guarantee that guarantees the quality of the product and allows you to return it if it is not scratched.

Overview of functions

Overall, this watch has exceptional features that really make it shine, despite the occasional lack of a tool or option.

The watch is not entirely made of gold, only covered with a precious metal substance, but judging by reports that it is already a heavy product, this is probably a positive thing. No user reports that gold plating flakes or breaks particularly quickly. It is therefore a sign of solid craftsmanship that these products generally suffer.

It is large enough to establish itself as a fashion accessory, and in combination with the extensive chronograph functions that are also present here.

The fact that, in addition to the minute and second hands – and the corresponding granular control – the watch has three other means of recording and measuring time is a true sign of dedication to a mid-range watch of this type.

As mentioned earlier, the watch can handle an impressive pressure of up to 20 bar, allowing it to be lifted to a depth of 200 metres. The weight and volume of the watch give you a bit of respite here, but the depth is always impressive, so it’s worth mentioning.

It also makes sense to use synthetic sapphire here to balance the pressure – an excellent product with even more ingredients.

Review overview

Summarized: If you’re lucky enough to have slightly larger wrists than most people and are looking for a great beginner’s watch for the middle and top end of the line, then look no further than the Invicta Pro-Scuba 0074.  It works both on land and under water, using materials of astonishing quality to ensure its proper functioning.

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