The controversy between Android TV and Smart TV has been going on for several years. For others, Android TV’s features overshadow the versatility of a smart TV, and for yet others, Android TV is the only way to access large-format web content. So it’s the best television platform: Android TV or Smart TV? In this article we compare Android TV next to smart TV and read all the similarities and differences between the two systems. Let’s go through the article. We briefly talked about android television versus smart television.

Televisions are more complex than ever, just like all electronic devices. We all know now that smart TVs are the new standard. What’s the difference with Android TV? The only difference is that there is a huge ecosystem for Android TV from which you can download much more software than with a smart TV. We briefly talked about android television versus smart television. This article will help you determine what is best.

Many of us have difficulty understanding the fundamental differences between different types of technology, and it can be very frustrating for those who are not too technologically literate to understand the difference between a smart TV and an Android TV. We can also assume that Android television is just a form of smart television. There are small changes that make one more suitable for your home than the other. You two are very close. That’s why we decided to make it easy for you. We have also provided material that you, our valued customer, can use to find the right TV for your situation to solve this puzzle and put an end to your problems. In this article you will discover everything you need to know about Android TV vs. Smart TV.

Smart TVs

Often referred to as Internet television, any television that can provide additional programming via an Internet connection is a smart television. It’s like having a television built into your computer. Smart TVs have a number of important features that distinguish them from regular TVs, including the ability to connect to the Internet and pre-install certain built-in applications such as Netflix, YouTube or Facebook. However, most Smart TV operating systems cannot be upgraded, which means that you should recommend purchasing a new TV when new software or utilities such as Hulu or Kayo are added.

Android-based TVs

Android TV vs Smart TV: What’s The Difference

They connect to the Internet and many of them have built-in applications, but that’s where the comparisons stop. Android TVs have the same features as smart TVs. Android TVs can connect to the Google Play Store and download and update applications when they are available in store, just like Android smartphones.


Android TV vs Smart TV: What’s The Difference

First of all, we need to look at the main parallels and differences between Android television and smart television. First of all, a smart TV is a TV that can broadcast content over the Internet. Any television set that transmits digital content, regardless of the operating system used, is therefore an intelligent television set.

Android TV is in this way also a smart TV, with the only difference that it runs under the hood of the Android TV operating system. If you want to know more about Android TV in detail, you can read our description of connected devices. There are all kinds of smart TVs: Samsung TVs run on Tizen OS, LG has its own webOS, TVOS runs on Apple TV and more. These are two literally smart TVs. When it comes to Android television, it has made a name for itself in the industry thanks to its enormous success and has become almost synonymous with smart television.

Android TV is actually a kind of smart TV that runs on the Android TV platform. Although Samsung and LG have their own operating system, more and more TVs also come with Android OS. Sony, on the other hand, is fully committed to the Android TV platform and has been supplying all its TVs with the Android TV operating system since 2015. In the end, Android TV and smart TV are pretty much the same because they both deliver content over the Internet. It is the underlying operating system that does everything I have described above.

Android TV vs. Smart TV: Differences

Android TV vs Smart TV: What’s The Difference

At the level of the operating system, we discuss the discrepancies and the variant that makes the most sense for the customer. Android TV has a huge library of applications, starting with the application library, thanks to the support of the Play Store. On your mobile phone you will find all kinds of applications that you usually use. Everything is available on Android TV, from YouTube to Netflix, from Hulu to Prime Video. Best of all, both applications are designed for the TV platform and have intuitive buttons on the big screen.

Another big difference between Android TV and smart TV is the streaming on screen. Although Android TVs have a Chromecast feature that works seamlessly with deeply integrated Android smartphones, smart TVs have a screen mirror that needs to be paired and is difficult to use. The video mirror on smart TVs has high latency and low performance quality, unlike Chromecast, which works in full screen mode with audio output and excellent output quality.

In the first place the support of the vocal assistant. On Android TV, the Google Assistant has changed so much that you hardly feel the need to type your questions anymore. Smart TVs generally do not have a voice assistant and are equipped with a full-size keyboard for entering and searching for content.

However, unlike Android TVs, smart TVs have one advantage. Smart TVs are relatively easier to access and use than Android TVs. To really enjoy the Android TV network, you need to be familiar with the Android ecosystem. What’s more, smart TVs, and that’s their strength, are also faster in terms of efficiency. The firmware update has finally arrived. It is unlikely that you will receive major updates from your smart TV in a few years, and this will make your TV obsolete. Talk about Android TVs: Yeah, there’s no exceptional history yet, and there’s not much to tell at home.

Android TVs, however, get many more application updates, which means that an Android TV doesn’t have up-to-date applications. One of the most important things to remember is that you may very well use an Android TV set-top box or dongle to add a new Android TV interface to your TV in case your smart TV becomes obsolete in the future. You can do the same for your Android TV. However, you cannot get the new Tizen or WebOS operating system if you buy another device, because TV manufacturers do not sell individual devices for their own operating systems.

What should I choose?

Android TV vs Smart TV: What’s The Difference

Smart TV tends to be a more expensive alternative, and although it cannot compete with the unlimited possibilities of the competitor, it offers a much simpler experience, especially if you have not used Andoird gadgets before. Unlike smart TVs, Android TVs can be quickly upgraded with an Internet connection, giving you a modern system. Together with the Google Play Store they also offer a wide range of applications that can cover many different areas compared to a smart TV.

Ultimately, choosing a TV is about what matches your preferences and specific criteria. You need to take into account the differences and disadvantages of the two devices and concentrate on what is most important to you. We recommend that you make a list of the specifications or features you want and compare a few items before you buy to make sure you are making the right decision.


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