Taipei, Taiwan, 28 years old. December 2020 – GIGABYTE, the world leader in high-end gaming equipment, today announced the new AORUS C700 GLASS, the first complete gaming chassis we designed for the AORUS Falcon. The AORUS C700 GLASS is designed for high-quality expansion and superior cooling and supports up to one E-ATX motherboard, 420 mm liquid cooling, up to ten 2.5 SSDs and a total of eight 120 mm fans for the most extreme thermal and performance solutions. The AORUS C700 achieves another translucent black on both sides of the tempered glass, the special treatment of the AORUS pattern on the left side can be synchronized with other RGB lighting. Players can download the RGB FUSION 2.0 software to customize the different lighting effects and RGB colors so that the case can perfectly serve all AORUS devices and create a beautiful work of art.

Aorus Releases C700 Glass full tower case |

Enhanced Expansion x Improved Cooling

Built for maximum performance and expansion, the AORUS C700 GLASS accommodates a maximum E-ATX motherboard, a 198mm high CPU cooler, a 490mm graphics card and a 200mm power supply. The fan system can be installed with three 140 mm or 120 mm fans in the top or front panel and one 140 mm or two 120 mm fans in the rear panel. In addition, the AORUS C700 GLASS has not only three pre-assembled 120 mm PWM fans at the front, but also two 120 mm ARGB fans at the rear. AORUS has superior airflow for users pre-assembled without installing an additional fan. The liquid cooling system can be installed with a maximum cooler diameter of 420 mm at the top, a maximum cooler diameter of 360 mm at the front and a maximum cooler diameter of 140 mm at the rear. It can support 6 sets of 2.5-inch SSDs and 4 sets of 3.5-inch hard drives. The 3.5-inch hard drive can also be replaced by a 2.5-inch SSD. This means that a total of ten 2.5 SSDs can be installed in the box. Perfect for users who need a lot of storage space. In addition, the modular structure of the control boxes makes installation easier for the user.

Vertical and horizontal installation

Support for vertical or horizontal GPU mounting gives gamers another option to choose the best display for the graphics card. Prediction maps and RGB light effects can make the show even more dazzling.

Easy to install. Ease of use.

The user can remove the housing plates easily and without tools, easily expand the device and clean it regularly. With regard to the installation method of the power supply, the user can pre-assemble the power supply with a mounting plate and then place it in the enclosure from behind, which facilitates installation and facilitates upgrading of the components. In addition, the integrated ARGB hub and PWM controller in the AORUS C700 GLASS feature three 3-pin 5V ARGB connectors and five PWM controllers, allowing users to connect additional RGB strips and expand fans with more heat. Let us build your own dream device!

Extended I/O interface. All your shops are closed.

Equipped with four USB3.0 ports, a 20 Gb/s USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port, an HDMI port, an audio port, an RGB port and fan speed buttons. AORUS offers an enhanced interface design to meet the needs of gamers to connect more devices.

Hidden power, short beauty

Enjoy a clean appearance by hiding the power supply and dirty power cables in the power supply cover, while separating the heat from the power supply from the rest of the internal system. Thanks to the window design on the left side of the shroud, users have a good view of the power supply. In addition, the left and right cabins provide space for cable and cord management, where cables of different thicknesses can be used to simplify and expand the player’s operation.

For more information about the AORUS C700 GLASS game case, see the product page:

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