Consider downloading the application and be sure to visit the Play Store. The reason for its popularity and acceptance is its wide range of applications, relatively better security and, most importantly, the fact that it comes pre-installed on most Android devices. However, there are many other third-party application stores that are just as good as the Play Store. In fact, many of them are cheaper and have better features.

Best stores except Game Store

The best thing about these app stores is that besides the huge collection of apps, the emphasis is on promoting and advertising the apps. Application stores charge little or no registration fee, and if the application is for a specific region or area, these stores are very lucrative.

Below is a list of the best alternatives to the Play Store :

APK removal

This is an open source service. Allows users to install downloadable Android applications. This app store has a unique feature that allows you to download region or zone specific applications not normally available in the Play store.

Amazon App Store

Amazon Fire devices like the Fire Tablet, Fire Phone, Kindle have a main app store called Amazon App Store. However, this app store also supports Android devices. The most beneficial feature of this app store is that it offers a paid application that can be downloaded for free. It provides a personalized experience based on search history, applications viewed and recent downloads.


An application not normally available in the Google Play Store is also available in this store. It is not a centralized application that can be managed by users. Almost all applications can be downloaded for free. NSFW applications and games are also available in this app store. Some updates are available in this store earlier than others.

To promote the applications, users can participate in paid recruitment campaigns and pay only for the installation.

Market EF

ACMarket’s App Store is one of the most popular non-traditional stores for Android and iOS devices. With a wide range of applications and games, it is downloaded millions of times every month. This app store is safe, reliable, has a large customer base and is free.

Samsung Galaxy Store

This app store is mainly for Gear and Galaxy devices to offer users special offers, benefits, unique advantages and premium offers. Numerous fonts and templates are available for customization. With all local languages, the app store is easily accessible to a large user base.

Applications received

GetApps is an application store especially for Xiaomi devices like Mi, Poco, Redmi etc where you can install, manage and search millions of applications. In addition to the general applications, there are exclusive applications such as Mi Credit, Mi Pay, etc. Applications on GetApps are free and can be downloaded safely.

Mirror APK

APK Mirror is a file storage for backing up different versions of an application. Users can therefore use all older versions, even if they are outdated. This repository is also exempt from the availability of geolocation applications. Applications are accessible without registration, and there are even alpha and beta applications available.

Originally the Huawei App Gallery was only meant for Honor and Huawei devices, but now Android devices can also use it. With over 1.3 million applications and over 400 million users, the application offers features like parental controls, high security, lists and charts to choose from.


This app store is free and very well organized as the applications are categorized for browsing. For Android users, APK files and Symbian OS Jar files are available. For downloading applications, users also receive virtual coins that they can use to purchase premium applications from GetJar, PlayStore or Amazon.


The SlideMe Application Store predates the Play Store and offers a variety of applications designed for safe and secure use. Features like SlideLock, billing integrated into the application, etc. are the main attractions. Paid applications can be purchased through Amazon Pay or PayPal.


It is said that the Play Store alternatives are better than the Play Store in terms of profitability, revenue and number of applications. In addition, the safety and reliability are much greater. These alternatives are worth trying to discover new applications, new games and new downloads.

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