You Don’t Need the Latest for the Greatest Eye Looks

This post isn’t going to be your traditional eye look post, more of a public service announcement. Instead, I bring to your attention that you don’t need to splurge on the newest makeup products in order to achieve the latest trendy look.

Unfortunately, the make-up industry is becoming more like the fashion industry in the sense of fast fashion.

Fast fashion is the creation of garment for the sake of putting an item on the shelf for profit. These items are made at the expense of quality (usually in 3 world factories) and follow that season trend. Fast fashion items are available at extremely discounted prices as the company is trying to flash sell the item to put the next trend on the shelf (H&M and Old Navy are guilty of this).

The make-up industry it becoming like this, and it was put front and centre with the  Jaclyn Hill X BECCA Cosmetics Scandal.

However today I am merely showing you the same look with two different palettes.

Can you tell the difference between these two looks?  Both eyes were done with different palettes.

The Point I’m Trying to get Across

We are living in a society where we are increasingly living beyond our means and the big companies know that. Before buying the new trendy $50 eyeshadow palette goes through your collection and fall back in love with something old. Save that $50 for your phone bill or save towards something big.

The market is flooded with many similar products at dramatically different prices and you don’t have to fall into the cosmetic industries consumer trap.

Can you guess what products I used in this post? What are your thoughts on fast fashion?

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No Brushes Smoky Eye

This is another makeup look that was inspired by the idea of “What do women do when they are caught brushless?”

For this challenge,  only used my fingers to apply my eyeshadow with the exception of eyeliner and mascara. My palette of choice was the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons. A similar palette to this would the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.

Hygiene was taken very seriously when doing this as there were multiple finger precautions taken to not spread germs.

Steps are as follows….

  1. With your middle finger, take a generous amount of Cashew Chew and lightly pat the lid area to above the crease. With any excess blend from the crease to the brow bone.
  2. Using your pinky, lightly pat and blend Mocha into your crease and water line in a “C” shape.
  3. Take some concealer and blend the first 1/2 of the eyelid, starting from the inner corner out. I used my peter pointer for this.
  4. Set the concealer with Black Currant. Use the ring finger to blend the seam into the crease.
  5. With fresh hands, take the shade Sprinkles and pat onto waterline to highlight the water line. Add Satin Sheet to the brow bone as the highlight, if needed.

What Did I learn From This?

That if you have long nails (which I did at the time of doing this) it is very difficult to blend and put on concealer close to the crease.

It is, however, easier to place concealer on the lid because of the natural curvature of the finger.

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No Brushes Blue Halo

I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could do a halo style eye look without any brushes. The inspiration came from “What do women do when they forget they’re brushes when travelling?”

I’m  going to start off by saying that I did take hygiene into consideration and I keep clean figures while doing this challenge.

My palette of choice for this is the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette. However, you can use the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette or Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette (they all have a blue, shimmery gold, and a medium brown).

Steps are as follows….

  1. With you middle finger, take a generous amount of Almond Truffle and lightly dab the lid area entirely. In light rubbing motions blend the excess above the crease. (Take extra care not to agitate the eye and wash hands).
  2. With the middle finger, take a generous amount of Divinity and blend from the top of the brow bone into Almond Truffle.
  3. With your pinky finger, take a small amount of Earl Grey and carve out a halo. (I recommend starting from the inner going outwards. Use the excess to blend into Almond Truffle and into the waterline).
  4. With your peter pointer, put a droplet of setting spray into Molasses Chip and lightly dab onto the centre of the eyelid. (This WILL feel like finger painting).
  5. Take a small amount of Earl Grey and blend areas as needed.
  6. Highlight the inner corner of the eye and brow bone with Satin Sheets with your ring finger.

What I Learned From This

When using the setting spray method to bring out Molasses Chip, by using your fingers the shimmer shows more than using a brush and the same method.

It is also harder to blend out the crease area flawlessly. I’m grateful for crease and blending brushes.

What do you think of this little experiment? What would you do if you were brushless?

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Shamrock Goddess Look

This was supposed to be an attempt at a Shamrock on the eyelids.As you can see it went array. Fortunately enough, I was able to go with the mistake and turn it into cosplay woodland elf inspired look for St. Patricks’s Day.

I did a sexy Shamrock Smoky Eye (as dubbed by one of my readers) earlier this week if you are looking for a different St. Patrick’s Day inspired makeup.

For this look I used two palettes: Urban Decay’s XX Reloaded palette and Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons.

Steps are as follows…

  1. With a Q-tip with spray with setting spray on the point, and dip into the shade Mildew. Once you get to the crease follow the curvature of the eye to make a cut crease. About half way up the brow bone, add whatever detail you would like to finish off the green.
  2. Take concealer and tidy up the lid. Set it with a light shade I used Cashew Chew and highlighted a bit with Satin Sheets.
  3. Tidy up the brow bone with a sturdy concealer brush with Divinity.
  4. Highlight with a short sturdy brush with Satin Sheets against the brown line.
  5. Place Highlight in the inner corner of the eye and drag into the water line.

There you have it the Shamrock Goddess a.k.a the shamrock that went wrong.

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Shamrock Smoky Eye

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! For this look, I used Urban Decay’s Vice XX Reloaded palette. Other palettes that you could use to achieve this look include Urban Decay’s Spectrum palette and Sleek’s i-Divine Garden of Eden palette.

Steps are as follow…

  1. Take the shade Anonymous with a fluffy blending brush and coat the eye entirely.
  2. With an angled blending brush, shade in the crease and blend into the water line with Suspend.
  3. Take a fluffy tapered blending brush and blend Suspend up the brow bone with the excess.
  4. Place the shade Mildew with setting spray in the centre lid. I recommend a stiff flat top brush for this.
  5. Take Acid Rain with a small detail brush and highlight the inner corner eye going into the water line.

Eh Voila! You have yourself a simple yet sexy St. Patrick’s Day look.

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Sunday Morning Halo Look

This is a modest halo look that can even be worn to church on Sunday morning. The palette of choice for this was the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette. Any palette that has a variation of light neutral browns and grey will be perfect for this (Naked Smokey and Naked 2 Palettes come to mind).

Steps are as follows….

  1. Take Cashew Chew and dust the lid entirely to below the brow bone.
  2. With a tapered blending brush, dust Almond Truffle in the crease and waterline to give definition.
  3. With patting motions, blend Pecan Praline into the crease and onto the outer lid. With the same brush, pat Pecan Praline into the outer corner in the first 1/3 of the lid.
  4. Spray a flat top blending brush with setting spray and place Satin Sheet in the centre lid.
  5. Blend Pecan Praline into Satin Sheet lightly in an ombre fashion.
  6. Highlight the waterline with Satin Sheet and brow bone.

There you have it the Sunday Morning Halo.

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Bordeaux Work Look

Here is a simple work look made up of 4 shades. My palette of choice was the Chocolate Bon Bons Palette by Too Faced. However, Naked 3 and Naked Ultimate Basics would be great alternatives for this look.

Steps are as follows….

  1. Take the shade Sprinkles and coat the lid entirely to above the crease line.
  2. With an angled blending brush, buff Bordeaux into the crease line.
  3. Use a tapered blending brush and diffuse the shading. Drag Bordeaux into the waterline.
  4. With the shade Cotton Candy blend between Sprinkles and Bordeaux on the lid until blending is seamless.
  5. Highlight the inner corner of the eye with Sprinkles.
  6. Clean up the brow bone with Divinity.

There you have it an appropriate work look that features a medium warm brown shade.

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