Happy Birthday Lidsandtricks!

Happy 1st Birthday Lidandtricks!

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Thank you for an amazing year everyone! Let make the next one even more extraordinary!

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Chapter 5a: You Call That Customer Service?!

I had a recent interview and one of the questions I was asked was “What was the worst customer service experience you had?”

Honestly, I was dumbfounded at this question. I knew I had experienced poor customer service before, but couldn’t think of a specific time. So naturally, I made up a story about Wal-Mart and got the job.

It wasn’t until getting my uniform, that I would have an unforgettable customer service disaster.

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I had to order safety equipment for my job, I don’t drive and therefore must have items delivered to my home. As most people would expect when ordering online items will be delivered to your door or your community postal office.


Watching the online tracking I could see my package was out for delivery. Fast forward 10.5 hours later I had to leave (for driving school, ironically). I ended up missing the package by 13 minutes.

I package ends up at a holding depot 30 minutes away in another town.

I waited until noon the next day, and the tracking information hadn’t been updated (this companies policy is to update after 10 am local time every day). So I called the shipping depot and spoke with the manager asking them what was up, they assured me the package would be delivered tomorrow.


Tomorrow comes. It’s after 10 am and there’s no update. I call the shipping company again and ended up talking to some call centre in India–Classic!

He gives me instruction to leave a note on my front door for the delivery guy and could see in his “system” the package was indeed scheduled for delivery that day.

The package NEVER came!

I had to go to training that day and they let it slide that I didn’t have my safety equipment. I was given a warning if I didn’t have the next time I would be “let go”.

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The Next Day

At this point, I’m irate (as someone who works in hospitality I never get this point) but I’m steaming at the ears. I call them again.

I explain the situation to the call centre lady. She was VERY good at her job and for the first time, I felt like I was getting somewhere. I made it abundantly clear to her if I didn’t get my safety equipment in the next 48 hours I would lose my job!

She understood and together we filed a formal complaint, made the package priority tracking, and contacted the shipping depot manager who had no choice by days end to contact me.

I speak with the manager and it was the same one from two days prior. I tell her if she doesn’t correct this issue by days end I would call corporate. She assures me that my package is a priority.

I call corporate anyhow and gave them my complaint file number and make sure that there is a tracked phone call with them. They told me they would look into the issue and don’t understand why this had been such as service failure.

The Following Day


I feel defeated and call the shipping company again, giving no restraint to my profanities. The Manager ended up calling again. She apologised and said that this was yet another service failure on the companies behalf and that the driver would be facing disciplinary actions.

I’m told my package couldn’t be delivered until after the weekend. I tell here that’s not good enough and she needs to do better but nothing.

After the Weekend

My boyfriend rallies and helps me. We ended going to the store and buying the equipment before my shift (This made more sense than picking up the package as it was the opposite direction of where my work was).

I show up to work and they gave me a slide as it wasn’t the “right equipment” and I needed the other items. They give me a final warning.

I get home from my shift and….


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The Next Morning

I had to work early and despite being given a warning tried to see if they would give me a slide or light duty options. I was wrong and let go.

I get a call from the holding depot asking when I’m coming into getting the package 30 minutes from my home. I tell them there a bunch of idiots and I’m refusing the package now.

This was only the beginning of the customer service nightmare I had to go through to get this equipment refunded to me. Stay tuned for Chapter 5b: You Call That Customer Service?!

This was one of the many events that happened to that contributed to my depression that was mentioned in Thank-you for the Love and Chapter 4: The Downside to Word of Mouth. I just wanted to share my experiences with those who seem to have continuous bad luck such as myself.

Have you had an awful customer service experience? Let me know in the comments below and don’t be afraid to give this post a like.

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When You Have Free Shrimp

So long story short, my boyfriend and I  had a house party for May 24 Weekend. Our guests brought beverages, burgers, sausages, steaks, salads, and shrimps. When all was said and done the next day, they ended up leaving us all the food. 🙂

I don’t normally have shrimp in my home, but have been buying them ever since as they are a great lean protein add-on to meals.

So here is a quick shrimp recipe that pairs lovely with rice!

IMG_4264 (2)

Barbequed Curry Garlic Shrimp ( 10 minutes cook time)

Charcoal Barbeque at 350 degrees


Bag of Shrimp

2 Tablespoons of minced Garlic

1 Tablespoon of Curry

1/8 Teaspoon of Onion Powder

2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

1 Tablespoon of Lemon or Lime juice

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

Tupperware to marinade.


  1. Make sure to devein shrimp or double check shrimp that they have been cleaned properly. Prepared shrimp tend to have a bit of the vein left in them.
  2. Prepare all the ingredients in a Tupperware and let marinade for a preferred period of time. We made ours after 3 hours.
  3. Prepare barbeque. Place skewers on with the lid closed. Allow 5 minutes on each side.
  4. Let cool and enjoy.
  5. (Optional) prepare with a side of rice and enjoy!

What do you think of this recipe? Let me know in the comments below and don’t be afraid to give this post a big ol’ thumbs up!!

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How Acne, A Concussion, and A Blog Changed My Life

After a long, painful and scarring fight with adult cystic acne, I finally figured out what was causing it and it was an item in my everyday life. Something I consumed every day without much thought as to what it was doing to me.

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How Bad Was It Really?

I have suffered from deep cystic adult acne my whole entire life. I have had antibiotics, retinoids, and painful chemicals put on my face–with little to no results.

The picture above shows the awful scarring that was left behind. At one point, my skin was so bad, as soon as a blemish would raise it would instantly scar and flake up making it impossible to cover up with makeup.

There were even days where I was so defeated by my breakouts I would call into work sick just to avoid people.

I have missed numerous events in my life because I couldn’t face people because my acne took away all my self-pride and confidence.

Why I Started My Blog

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With the bad comes something good.

I felt defeated, but I wanted to showcase my knowledge of makeup product for acne sufferers. Lidsandtricks allowed me to network and communicate with others who were in a similar boat.

My readers helped me out too. I ended up leaving my job after sustaining a serious concussion (crossing something off my bucket list). I felt alone and useless but my blog community rallied and gave that encouragement back. This is when the focus went from just makeup to beauty and lifestyle as I learned to heal (and let my brain “reboot”).

I never thought it would lead to the success that it is today.

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The Cure

When I was learning to be healthy from my concussion I could see my skin getting better some days and going back to its normal freak out mode (not on hormonal cycle).

This was my first tip off it was something to do with my diet.

There’s that famous phrase “You are what you eat”, and for a good reason!

My boyfriend was in dead season and was VERY inspired by the Food Network. Thus, pizza making ensued (seriously, never ate so much god damn pizza in my life).

I could see my skin freaking out so I knew it was something related to the pizza. After research, I thought it was candida (acne caused by yeast).

However, as I was researching continued to research I came across a study about the rise of adult acne caused by gluten.

I took a leap of faith and went gluten free. A part of me wanted it to work and the other half wanted to fail so I could still enjoy the food.

Within 4 days, my skin had started to clear up. I was astounded.

Turns out the cause of my acne was something in my diet–gluten. There are different types of acne; some are caused by hormones and some are caused by digestion.

Since the abolishment of gluten from my diet, I have been acne free.

You are what you eat after all.

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Finding Inspiration When You Have the Blogging Lulls

It’s normal to experience writer’s block and procrastination when it comes to blogging. Creating content is hard and if you’re a daily writer it can seem like an endless tunnel when you become unmotivated.

Today I am bringing you a list of some ways to stay motivated with blogging.

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Read, Like, Comment

There’s no easier way to get motivated then by seeing what other writers are posting about. This is a great way to connect or reconnect with people and subscribers who have supported you on your blogging journey.

Generally, when you like and comment on other posts then you will see an increase in stats which is a great morale booster!

Being social in blogging also allows you build relationships not only with other bloggers but with companies and networks too! You never know who’s watching so don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and comment. This could one day lead to sponsored posts and monetization.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is key to being a successful blogger. But a big part of this happens before you even come up with a title name.

Brainstorming is the biggest skill a blogger can have. Personally, I keep a notepad beside my laptop in case I get a random thought or visualisation I want to pursue.

But you know what?!

A lot of brainstorming comes as inspiration from other blogs which is why liking, commenting and reading other blogs is key.

I find that as a blogger I go through bouts of writer’s block. Using the notebook method I am able to avoid this and have a continuous flow of content to keep my blog fresh.

Goal Setting

When I’m not worried about the content that I’ve produced, I like to set a personal goal for my blog based off of a statistic. This also counts for other forms of social media (Pinterest analytics, Twitter analytics, and Instagram likes on a photo).

For instance, I will set a daily, weekly, or monthly goal. Goals that I have strived for in the past include beating my daily all time best for site views, most new subscribers in a day, or all time pageviews in a month.

It makes you feel great when you do achieve your goals and you can see the growth in your website.

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Read Income Reports

Although I have yet to earn a cent, I enjoy blog income reports are a great motivator because it shows you what your blog can be one day.

It’s like a blueprint of other bloggers success and they are sharing their advice with you. Most income reports for bloggers are found on Pinterest.

If you enjoyed this post on How to Stay Motivated When You Have The Blogging Lulls then don’t be afraid to check out How to Improve Blog Traffic for Newbies and Blog Advice for Newbies.

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3 At-Home Exercises Using a Chair

So a little less than a year ago I got really into working out when I was recovering from my concussion. Unfortunately, I was not working at the time during my recovery and could not afford a gym membership.

Lo and behold I made and learned some creative workouts that I want to share with you guys!

Training Triceps

Image result for tricep push up with a chair

I have been really enjoying triceps push ups but as part of a superset. So to train my triceps I do triceps curls (pictured below) immediately followed by triceps push-ups (pictured above) with no rest in between.

Image result for tricep curls

Superset as follows…

Tricep Curls X30 reps on each arm.

Tricep push-up X15

Rest 20 seconds

Tricep Curls X20 reps each arm.

Tricep push-up X15

Your arms should now be jelly.

Booty Building

Image result for Squating off of a chair

This is another superset that I love. I usually include this at the end of my warm up when I’m about to engage in cardio.

For best results, you should tap the crease of your under booty on the chair and flare your knees out when in motion.

Superset as follows…

Squats X15

Static squat for 15 seconds.

Squat X15

Static squat for 15 seconds.

Squat X20

Static squat for 20 seconds.

Did you feel that burn? You’re welcome.

Lengthening Legs

Image result for ballerina bar exercise with a chair

I love this stretch after doing cardio, particularly when I want to keep moving but I need a rest. I like this ballet inspired extension because it replaces using a cable machine at the gym yet engages your core and legs.

The exercise is a leg cable extension but tap your toes and bring your legs all the way up behind you. Use the chair to balance yourself and brings your leg down and tap your toe. Repeat!

As mentioned I do this between cardio exercises, usually in 20X reps each leg.

Did you enjoy these chair exercises you can do at home? If so, let me know in the comments below and don’t be afraid to give this post a like.

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Chapter 4: The Downside to Word of Mouth

This is an event that happened to me recently, and it compromised my side job and contributed to my depression. I just wanted to share that sometimes in life there are blessings and there are lessons. This is a lesson.

My boyfriend is a painter/ handyman and I had referred him to my boss, being the good girlfriend that I am.

So he goes over to her house and gives her a ridiculously cheap quote and she was pleased.

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At this time I had been interviewing for a new full-time job — a good paying job with hours that fit perfectly into my schedule. At the end of the interview, that owner asked for my boss as a reference as they knew each other. I didn’t think anything of it and emailed her when I got home. Her response was to talk to you tomorrow via email.

Meanwhile that same day, my boyfriend had been working at her house.

When he came home I could tell he was dying to tell me something. Turns out he had a painting mishap and for the first time in his professional career spilt paint all over her carpet.

I was livid to say the very least and urged him to rectify the issue. Everyone makes mistakes and I can look past this as long as it’s dealt with.

He did, kind of.

They came to the agreement that he would bring her a mat as compensation for the ruined carpet.

The next day came, and she never emailed me about the reference. It felt like a pit in my stomach as I had nothing to do with this little mishap. In the back of my mind, I knew I was being punished for someone else’s mistake. I emailed her but nothing.

That evening she and her husband began to rudely text my boyfriend over the carpet. They were upset because he wasn’t able to bring it to them on their time (he was working 2 hours away) and wanted “us” to replace the basement in its entirety.

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They then went on vacation so they were no communication from them for about a couple weeks.

A month has gone by and she has emailed me asking for the carpet. I told her to contact my boyfriend as it doesn’t concern me. She never did.

I never got the reference and lost the job.

Who’s side are you on? Let me know in the comments below and don’t be afraid to give this post a like!

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