Development issue/problem:

I’m trying to click on the house icon in some of the espresso tests:

onView(withId( ;

This works well for Android > 3.0 – but not for older versions, because appcompat does not seem to use this identifier for this item. What’s a good approach to doing what I want to do?

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

To avoid depending on the application locale, you can use Matt Logan’s code by replacing Navigate up with R.string.abc_action_bar_up_description :

onView(withContentDescription(R.string.abc_action_bar_up_description)).perform(click()) ;

This helped me a lot, because I have an application in more than 5 languages and I had to act on it.

Solution 2:

Use the comparator withContentDescription() :

onView(withContentDescription(Navigate to top)).perform(click()) ;

Solution 3:

I had trouble moving from one activity to another, but then I found activities at a higher level:

Espresso.pressBack() ;

Solution 4:

I’ve found a real solution to this problem. While using the hierarchical viewer I noticed that the toolbar looks like this:

This means that we can assign a hamburger symbol (no return key) as follows:

onView(withContentDescription(open navigation)).perform(click()) ;

But the best solution for me was to understand that the hamburger icon is a simple image button and a direct children’s view of the v7 toolbar. So I’ve written the corresponding tool:

public static Matcher androidHomeMatcher() {rendement allOf(withParent(withClassName(is(Toolbar.class.getName()))), withClassName(is(ImageButton.class.getName())), is(AppCompatImageButton.class.getName())))));});}))

public invalid clickHamburgerIcon() throws an exception {

This solution is better because it has to match the appearance regardless of the location used in your test. Click home icon with Espresso

EDIT: Note that the toolbar can be or android.widget.Toolbar – depending on your manual!

EDIT: The Lib version 24.2.0 support uses AppCompatImageButton instead of ImageButton, so I added that as well.

EDIT: In order for this to work, you need to import the correct methods. Here’s the used import:

static import matcher.ViewMatchers.metClassName;
static import matcher.ViewMatchers.metParent;
static import org.hamcrest.matchers.allOf;
static import

Solution No 5:

I had trouble navigating the emulator, it worked for me:

onView(isRoot()).perform(ViewActions.pressMenuKey()) ;

Solution No 6:

Espresso.pressBack() ;


onView(withContentDescription(Navigate to top)).perform(click()) ;

Solution No 7:

public static Matcher navigationIconMatcher() {
return allOf(

public invalid clickHamburgerIcon() throws Exception {
// .

It always works!

Solution No 8:

If you want to open/close a drawer, I recommend that you use the Espresso Library:

onView(withId( ;

Solution No 9:

To click on the Preview button:

onView(isRoot()).perform(pressBack()) ;

Solution No 10:

// Click the top navigation button to return to the
onView(withContentDescription(getToolbarNavigationContentDescription()).perform(click()) list;

The methods:

private String getToolbarNavigationContentDescription() {
return TestUtils.getToolbarNavigationContentDescription(

public static String getToolbarNavigationContentDescription(
@NonNull Activity, @IdRes int toolbarId) {
Toolbar toolbar = activity.findViewById(toolbarId);
if (toolbar!= null) {
return (String) toolbar.getNavigationContentDescription();
} else {
throw new RuntimeException(Toolbar not found.);

Good luck!

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