Alexis Towle is the creator of Lidsandtricks.com. After struggling with terrible acne for most of her life, she created the Lidsandtricks blog to showcase the skills she learned from “covering up”. The platform has given her the ability to interact and encourage others with a similar issue, to take that problem and turn it into a skill.

Lidsandtrick has evolved since its first published pieces. Today, it includes product reviews, swatches, health, advice, and lifestyle topics. Alexis prides herself on the positive atmosphere of lidsandtricks.com and encourages her subscribers to comment and states their opinions.


As of May 2017, Lidsandtricks can be followed on…

Pinterest …530 subscribers
Bloglovin’…385 subscribers
Twitter …690 subscribers
Instagram …1550 subscribers
Wordpress …500 subscribers


Since March 2017 there has been paid advertising rented on Lidsanstricks below the main posts. These ads do give minimal compensation for the space used.

As of May 2017, affiliate links have been implemented on posts. Affiliate links are links in which there may be compensation for directing the reader to that product. Affiliate links are only used to enrich the post to ensure subscribers are receiving the best insight and advice possible pertaining to their needs. NOT all posts have Affiliate Links associated with them.

Although there is the possibility of sponsored posts on Lidsandtricks, there has yet to be one. These posts will be marked as “sponsored” for the content being advertised to readers.


For Media or Freelance inquiries: contact amtowle2@gmail.com or by filling out the contact page below.