Development issue/problem:

I followed the Phonegap tutorial from the official website (Getting Started with Android).

I created the project by following all the steps.

Now I don’t understand what the problem is. The screenshot shows the error shown below.

This is my HTML file

Example of a notification

Show alarm

Играть в бип


Do you have any advice to give? Thank you so much!

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

This is config.xml, not configs.xml.

According to the logs I notice that this file is missing in your res/xml application directory. It is included in the lib/android/res/xml/config.xml distribution. Copy this file to the res/xml folder and you should be ready to go.

Solution 2:

Like aharris88 in his answer to this question, I had an error [KORDOVA] in the initialization of Kordova : Error message Class not found when using Cordova 3.1.0 on my Android phone after migration from Phonegap 3.0.

All hacks in the config.xml file in the /platforms/android/res/xml directory did not help. Based on the Stackoverflow answer above, I first tried to reinstall the support for the Android platform:

cordova rm android
platform add cordova android

After this step everything worked again and I could run cordova build android && cordova android without any problems.

Solution 3:

I got this error because of a plugin I removed. I have added

in the config.xml file and the problem is solved.

Solution 4:

They don’t have the next plug-in:

You’re gonna have to sandwich it in there.

Solution No 5:

Well, I found the bug:

05-28 08:19:53.139 : E/PluginManager(1478) : =====================================================================================
05-28 08:19:53.139: E/PluginManager(1478) : ERROR: config.xml missing. Add res/xml/config.xml to your project.
05-28 08:19:53.139 : E/PluginManager(1478):;a=blob;f=frame/res/xml/plugins.xml

But I found /res/xml/config.xml in my project.

Finally, I have a bug in org.apache.cordova.api.PluginManager :

public invalid loadPlugins() {
int id = this.ctx.getActivity().getResources().getIdentifier(config, xml, this.ctx.getActivity().getClass().getPackage().getName());

has to change:

public void loadPlugins() {
int id = this.ctx.getActivity().getResources().getIdentifier(config, xml, this.ctx.getActivity().getPackageName());

you can read more about the getIdentifier (string name, defType string, defPackage string) method in the official document

Solution No 6:

I had a problem with phonegap 3.x, and it turned out that phonegap didn’t install the plugins properly, or they just got confused along the way. Basically: When you install and build plugins for the platform, the javascript files are taken from plugins/org.apache.cordova.core.specific-plugin/www and inserted into platforms/android/assets/www/plugins/org.apache.core.specific-plugin/www, then the java files (or C object for iOS) are taken and inserted into platforms/android/src///org/apache/cordova/specific plugin.

And all this is done via plugins/g.apache.cordova.core.specific-plugin/plugin.xml. If you look in the plugins.xml file, you should see something like

This suggests that there should be a in platforms/android/src//org/apache/cordova/network information. And this file can be copied from plugins/

All this should now happen automatically without you having to touch the folder of the platforms. However, if something goes wrong, you can correct it by copying the correct files to the correct folders manually.

Solution No 7:

You can solve this problem by using the phonegap command line as follows:

  1. Remove merge/androids, platforms/androids, plugins/androids.json
  2. manage local phonegap build android

Solution No 8:

I had the same problem with the class that wasn’t found. In particular, make sure that the android.json (or ios.json) file is updated during compilation. Mine was practically empty.
In addition, you can remove and reintegrate plugins as described in some other articles.
Finally, it helped me that the plugins were repaired with links in the config.xml :

Note the double name device.device and the subclasses of camera and dialog plugins. The phonegap documentation does not indicate this correctly.

Solution No 9:

So, after almost killing myself, I realized I was using Cordova version 5.3.3 and Cordova-Android version 5.0.0, for some reason I don’t know if there might be incompatibilities or a bug, so I’m going back to Cordova-Android 4.1.1.

cordova rm android platform
add cordova platform [Secure Email].

and it saved me

Solution No 10:

I came across the same mistake: Cordova’s initialization error : Class not found when using Cordova with Visual Studio 2015. But that wasn’t the only mistake, none of my plugins seem to have passed. I’ve tried just about everything. From the cordova rm/add android platform x1000 times, to manually removing and adding plugins, there seems to be nothing.

Then I adjusted my cordova clients in the taco.json file from 5.3.3 to 5.4.0 and ran them on my device. In the end, everything worked out for me. Next I downgraded Cordova to version 5.3.3 (version 5.4.0 is not yet supported by adb-bridge). Try it!

Good luck!

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