Development issue/problem:

I have an existing application in the PlayStore. I will release a new version of the application in the form of a phased introduction. However, I can’t release the application because of the Fully Shadowed APK bug.

So far I haven’t found any documentation on how to fix this bug. Has anyone else noticed?

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

Update :-
I spoke with a Googler who is working with the Google Play console team on this topic. One of my misconceptions at the time was that we had to save the KPA if we had a phased deployment. I discussed it with him and he explained it wasn’t necessary. Even in the case of a phased implementation without registering the MOT, Google Play shows users who visit the application page the possibility to install it. I hope this dispels the doubts of someone dealing with similar problems.

I had the same problem and solved it by clicking on the Save button of the previous version and downloading the new version, then the Start Rolling button became clickable and made !!!!. ^_^

Solution 2:

There’s a bug in the game console and that’s why it doesn’t work. It’s the work:

Let’s just say you have two versions:

  1. Beta: 29
  2. Alpha: Old version 29, but empty now: It says he promised a beta version. You wish to download version 30.

Then do it:

  1. Create a new alpha version with version 30 and disable the previous MOT. If you try to use it, it fails. Fully armored MOT.
  2. Go back to the page and delete version 30. Version 29 is selected, click Save and start implementation on Alpha. That only makes 29.
  3. Make a new alpha version for 30, it should work now.

Solution 3:

Pay attention: This solution works for the time it was published. If it doesn’t work in the future, don’t think it’s wrong, because things change over time.

You need to disable the previous version while downloading the new MOT, which works for me. All you have to do is turn off the previous versions, download the new MOTK and put it into production.

Solution 4:

This is how it worked for me:

  • First send the bet with only the version you want to disable.
  • Second: Submit the beta you want to publish.

It seems that Google Play can not handle closing and publishing at the same time under certain conditions.

Solution No 5:

I had exactly the same problem and solved it with the next version code entry in the config.xml file :

The Android version of the code is essential here. It must be an integer greater than the number associated with the last downloaded MOT. For some reason, in my previous version there was an extra zero in between, creating a higher number that went unnoticed. Since I can’t change it because I published it, I added a zero to the new versionCode and changed it from 300101 to 3001001.

It worked perfectly.

I hope this helps.

Solution No 6:

Same problem here, probably caused by the new publication manager.

It seems that the previous version (the one already in the jab) is somehow alpha-blocking, preventing the release of the new version.

I contacted Google support and waited for the
solution (I’m working on an application with +25 million downloads, this problem is really serious, I hope Google will solve it soon).

At the same time, we never used the beta channel, so we solved our problem by using it.

Solution No 7:

A simple way to solve this problem is something similar to,

Looks like bugs in the memory of the game.

Solution No 8:


This MOTC is not operated by any user as it is fully covered by one or more MOTCs with higher version codes.


Remove this MOT from your version or check the target codes and MOTC versions you have included in this version.

I had the same mistake when I tried to update my application. The project was old and was in eclipse, I corrected it by reducing the target version from 27 to 26 because the imported and supported android library was android 7.1.1, I don’t know how it works, but it works for me.

Solution No 9:

In the version manager you see your last downloaded apk, and on your apk you see the word save; click on it to scroll down, then you see the option disable, then click on it, then reload your new apk and save it for draft and revision, then run it and wait.

Solution No 10:

We’re facing this problem and a broken AIC. We have assigned to each ABI a version code with the following gradation (simplified) :

ext.abiCodes = [universal: 0, arm64-v8a: 1, armabi-v7a: 2, x86: 3, x86_64 : 4, …]


applicationVariants.all [option ->

variant.outputs.each { output ->
def abiName = output.getFilter(OutputFile.ABI)
def abiVersionCode = project.ext.abiCodes.get(abiName)

output.versionCodeOverride = variant.versionCode * 100 + abiVersionCode

That gives us these AICs:

| ABI | version code |
| universal | v100 |
| arm64-v8a | v101 |
| arm64-v7a | v102 |
| … | … |

And we’ve got the MOTK Fully Shadowed bug on MOTK v101. The reason for this is that any device running on arm64-v8a will be able to install the v102 as it is backwards compatible.

The problem was solved after we made the code of the armabi-v8a version higher than the code of the arm64-v7a version.

ext.abiCodes = [universal: 0, arm64-v7a: 1, armabi-v8a: 2, x86: 3, x86_64 : 4, …]

You should pay attention to it, too.

Good luck!

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