Apple Watch Series 3 Overview

The Apple Watch Series 3 has been around for two generations, and its older, more compact display shape and display technology make it seem a bit outdated.

Apple Watch Series 6 vs. Series 3 vs. Apple Watch SE

Update : Originally published in 2017, this review has been updated to reflect the arrival of Apple’s 5 series and the price drop, as well as a comparison with more recently budgeted smartphones.

Honest Review: Apple Watch Series 3 Review
Designing the Apple 3 Series Watch

Apple Watch Series 3 Key Features
Fits iPhone only
Available in 38 and 42 mm
Thickness 11.4 mm
Optical heart rate sensor
Open GPS and GPS/cellular version
Aluminum only
Waterproof to 50 meters
Pay for Apple
Battery life up to 18 hours
Series 3 looks larger and squarer than other Apple smartphones, largely due to the black area around the edges.

Honest Review: Apple Watch Series 3 Review


Honest Review: Apple Watch Series 3 Review


Honest Review: Apple Watch Series 3 Review


There’s no two ways about it, as the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5, which offer refined designs and cases of varying sizes, lags behind its 2019 competitors in terms of design. The fact remains that it looks better and we get more value for money than the competition.

Series 3 is available in 38 mm and 42 mm, which are replaced by 40 mm and 44 mm in Series 4. This means that the Series 3 is Apple’s latest smart watch available in the smallest size, which could appeal to people with smaller wrists.

We’ve had to live with the 42mm model, and it’s always nice and comfortable to use. There are no durability issues and the smartwatch has always been incredibly comfortable.

Honest Review: Apple Watch Series 3 Review


Apple Watch Series 3 in review : Project

Otherwise, it’s the same Apple Watch equipped with a respectable 1,000-bit panel. Despite a higher pixel density, the new 4 or 5 series models do not have a significantly brighter or sharper screen.

One thing it does not have, however, is the possibility of permanent control. This means you have to raise your wrist to wake up (or touch the screen).

In addition to GPS, an optical heart rate monitor, an impressive display and a waterproof design, the Series 3 units have managed to integrate LTE for the first time, without sacrificing battery life (except when we risk running into it). The 3 Series was the first perfect example of how to combine extra connectivity with a stylishly designed device – even if you have to buy a more expensive model and pay an extra utility bill to get it. This extra connection is useful for some people, but we are not connected enough to need it.

As for the choice of finish, you can only choose between aluminum, silver and space gray, while the new device watch is also available in stainless steel, ceramic and titanium.

It is a slightly larger watch than the 5 series, without ECG, with digital haptic feedback crown and display with permanent power mode. If you don’t mind, you’ll also love the look of the third series.

Honest Review: Apple Watch Series 3 Review

Apple Watch Series 3 : Features of
We’ll talk about LTE in more detail below, but in terms of what’s new on the front, it’s not much different than the Series 2.

The basics of smartwatch are still there, like changing faces and personalizing with complications, and the digital crown works the same way, pushing you through the app menu and allowing you to scroll through menus and updates.

The button below will also take you to the dock which, like the iPhone, is now oriented vertically instead of horizontally. With these small changes, the watch seems much more intuitive.

The S3 processor, which makes the watch easier to use than older editions, also contributes to this. Switching from one application to another is easier on the Series 3 than on the Series 2, as is communicating with Siri, which becomes even more important with offline connectivity.

Reports are always at the heart of what the Guard does, and that makes it really good to be smart. First and third person applications are supported, and you can add or remove your feed in the corresponding application.

If you missed a notification, you can drag your phone to see the last one. Apple’s clear approach to notification support remains the main reason we love wearing the watch.

Honest Review: Apple Watch Series 3 Review

Apple Watch Series 3 Testing

Whether it’s answering tweets or a call when it makes contact, it’s not much different from newer devices. As long as the call quality is good, you can always do your best to imitate Dick Tracy, even if you have trouble listening in a noisy environment.

Fortunately, Bluetooth headsets can be combined, which is especially useful for LTE calls. And using AirPods makes it incredibly easy.

The built-in microphone can also be used to dictate responses to texts, show your emotional skills and draw letters to type messages.

And Apple always provides the most detailed and effective ways to respond to alerts as soon as they occur, whenever possible.

It should also be noted that the new WatchOS 6 will come with Apple Watch Series 3. A dedicated app store, women’s health monitoring features and new watch faces are all supported by the latest version of Apple’s smartwatch operating system.

It also seems the most mature of the smartwatch operating systems, compared to Wear OS, Fitbit OS and Tizen. It’s not good, but it’s probably the one we cling to the least.

Apple Watch Series 3 : Availability of LTE

The LTE edition, which has its own mobile connection, and the cheaper Apple Watch Series 3 model, equipped only with GPS. Series 3 uses eSIM, which means you don’t need to insert a SIM card and, depending on your operator, you can also share your phone number with your iPhone.

But don’t think this means the game isn’t worth it. Even if you share your phone number with your cell phone, you have to sign a contract with your provider to get LTE connectivity.

What is she doing? In addition to all the other improvements, you receive and make phone calls. You can still access Apple Music directly from your watch, so you can exercise without your iPhone and continue streaming music without having to download it first. This feature, as well as receiving calls when your iPhone is not around, is the main attraction of LTE.

The availability of Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE plans from mobile operators is now quite universal, although not everywhere in the world. It is sponsored by countries such as Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Puerto Rico, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan.

In the US, companies such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon offer support for Series 3 LTE connections. Similar aid is offered in the UK by EE, O2 and Vodafone.

Apple Watch Series 3 : Life on LTE

Honest Review: Apple Watch Series 3 Review
Apple Watch Series 3 Overview

How good is Apple Watch when you disconnect from your iPhone? Now let’s talk about LTE in general.

It’s not the only cellular smartwatch that allows you to use it remotely from your smartphone. Some watches from Wear OS and Samsung came out first.

If you choose the LTE path, your watch will only switch to the mobile channel when it disconnects from your iPhone, otherwise it will use Bluetooth.

In practice, the transfer rate varies somewhat, with the clock sometimes taking the cell almost immediately and other times taking longer to start.

Since the phone icon in the control center turns orange, you know it’s connected, and Apple has a new watch face that tells you how many signal bars you have.

You can make calls and receive messages there. Your number is displayed on the other side, as it normally is on the user’s phone, and it should be impossible to tell that you contacted them through the smartphone and not the phone.

Is LTE worth it?

Will releasing him improve the Watch experience? We did our usual daily activities without a smartphone, including a shopping trip, an evening with friends and a few workouts.

All of this has shed light on how we actually use the smartphone – and the shortcomings of Apple’s mobile smartphone.

Honest Review: Apple Watch Series 3 Review

Apple Watch Series 3 Testing

The usefulness of LTE on your Apple Watch may depend on how you use your phone. For those of you in good shape, the watch offers a distinct advantage as it encourages you to run, swim or cycle without your phone.

Cutting the cord was a real paradise when we took it out to run and swim, just as we had done before with mobile smartwatches.

The watch’s microphone is impressive when calling. They said we sounded like a smartphone to call a friend, and that the speaker on our side was good too.

When we called from the busy street, it wasn’t good for us because the speaker tried to puncture the noise, but the person on the other end said we were still on the clear street.

In this case, you need to install a Bluetooth headset. You can initiate a call from your wrist by selecting a contact from the address book or on the keypad.

Honest Review: Apple Watch Series 3 Review

Apple Watch Series 3 Testing

We think a lot of people are still convinced that the future is their wrist speaking, but many features of the Series 3 earphones are more fun, especially since Siri can now answer, so you don’t even have to look at your watch for details. As if, in anticipation of all this, the AirPods are out.

That said, even though Siri is improving, it’s still too dependent on dictation to respond to messages or AirPods or pay attention to them at all. You can also write any email or use one of Apple’s custom responses, but they’re not perfect. Because until Siri gets here, I don’t think the experience will change.

We had some aha moments throughout the day when it made sense to focus on the watch away from the phone, but there were also times when we ran into walls with the watch’s capabilities.

Maps, for example, still rely on our phones, and the limitations of Siri and Apple Maps make the watch experience interrupted and overly complicated.

Another thing is the lack of a camera; as main photographers, we relied on our smartphones, and there were times when we tried to take a picture with the Watch and it didn’t work. That’s not a criticism, as we don’t think there’s an argument for just attaching the camera to the Apple Watch, but it was an interesting observation.

These are things we need to think about at some point if Apple wants to keep us tied to its wrists. LTE in particular has the ability to improve navigation (hey, Google, can we bring back the Maps app?).

Honest Review: Apple Watch Series 3 Review

Apple Watch Series 3 Testing

Requests from third parties receiving aid are more urgent. The number of apps that work with the standalone mobile connection is still very limited, and if you’re not near your phone, an app that doesn’t have an Apple Watch app, like WhatsApp, won’t do you much good. This is a big disappointment, because it means you’re out of luck if you don’t want to rely exclusively on Apple’s services.

All this to say, we agree that the usefulness of the Series 3 will vary greatly depending on the individual and the reasons why they wear a smart watch. Siri isn’t good enough to rely on the Series 3 as much as we’d like without the screen, but there were still a few moments of revelation when you disconnected from the phone, many of which revolved around fitness or short trips away from the office at work.

The problem is how Apple is going to make LTE irresistible on the wrist if other smart watches don’t. The answer essentially comes down to the intersection of hardware and software, which Apple manages so well that LTE seems smoother and integrates better into the Apple Watch experience. Did Apple really make it mandatory? Not yet, but it’s a more plausible argument for him than we’ve seen so far.

Apple Watch Series 3 : Fitness, sports monitoring and heart rate accuracy

activity monitoring

When you need a little push to reach your goal, it’s just a matter of filling out these activity rings and giving yourself a reminder boost. The recently added activity sharing remains a fantastic tool for this, and Apple’s condition monitoring is generally very strong.

However, Apple lags behind in one key area: sleep monitoring. A few years ago, with Apple’s acquisition of Beddit, we were hoping to have a dream surface tracking feature. Even when Series 5 was launched, Apple’s supposed knowledge of sleep monitoring features was apparently revealed, but it never surfaced.

Battery life is the most obvious obstacle here, and it seems unlikely that he wants to sell us a feature that’s too compromised before Apple can drag its feet.

Honest Review: Apple Watch Series 3 Review

Apple Watch Series 3 Testing

We wore it with the Fitbit Ionic smartphone for accuracy, and while both are equipped with similar sensors, they work with their own different algorithms when it comes to measuring distance and pitch. Still, the total distance is 500-1000 steps, although the distance traveled is almost the same.

Inertia messages and pedometers appear simultaneously. We didn’t expect them to be the same, but there doesn’t seem to be any reason to raise the alarm that Watch Series 3 isn’t doing its follow-up work.

Apple is doing a very good job, but to get the kind of incentive that pays off in the long run, maybe it’s time to make better use of the data they’re recording.

Honest Review: Apple Watch Series 3 Review

We got the built-in GPS we needed for the Series 2, and on the Series 3 watch it was just as easy as its now-abandoned predecessor to get the signal. In terms of performance, thankfully little has changed, although the Guard now monitors height. We believe that, from a technical point of view, there is still work to be done.

The fitness app is still your reference tool for tracking your run, but you have the option of using many third-party apps, and you’ll definitely want to explore these options. The recently announced partnership means Strava will work with Apple Healthkit, allowing you to use the fitness app while getting the best of both worlds with segment results. There’s also the good third-party app Strava, which shows how flexible Apple Watch can be.

We compared it to the Garmin Forerunner 935 and the Polar Beat iPhone app on many routes to compare the accuracy of the GPS monitoring and measurements, and we were generally pleased with what it offered.

As you can see in the screenshots above, the Garmin and Polar applications largely agree on distance and average speed.

Is this a ready-made replacement watch for running? We say yes… As long as you don’t get too serious. Battery life and measurements are a big drawback. A dedicated race watch offers more data for digging and longer battery life. The third round is about completing a marathon, but you may need to disable certain features to make sure you do. Weekend runners who occasionally run the half marathon or 10 km have no problems.

Honest Review: Apple Watch Series 3 Review


The Apple Series 2 watch did an excellent job of counting distances, and we’re happy to announce that the Series 3 is just as impressive in its accuracy. The trick is to get the length of your pelvis just before your workout so you can calibrate the watch.

The Apple Watch enthusiastically took our multiple beat platforms in the Fitbit Ion test. We missed a round, but Fitbit was still on the meter, so we weren’t robbed. It was in a very crowded pool with lots of water between rounds, so he held on tight and made the moves from a distance.

The green optical sensors and the water don’t mix well, so we shouldn’t rely on the watch to measure our heart rate, even if it were a little spotty, we would still be able to see our readings while swimming. It’s hard to say how accurate any of this is.

Series 3 brings with it another benefit – LTE. We could still get messages in the pool, which was weird, but in a good way. You may want to disconnect at these times, and nothing will stop you from turning off your phone at any time. So you have to make sure that people who can’t stay away from their alarm clock for too long are no longer scared.

Honest Review: Apple Watch Series 3 Review

Pulse Accuracy

Apple approaches heart rate in two ways in Watch Series 3. The former is still largely focused on exercise, allowing you to better gauge the intensity of your workout, and now it can also calculate a reassuring heart rate throughout the day. This is a good knowledge to have, as it is a good predictor of your current state of health. In case you’re curious: A lower resting heart rate is definitely a positive.

The configuration of the sensors used to perform this monitoring is almost the same as the Series 2 watch, so the results should be almost identical. Good and effective, but not perfect. However, this statement may apply to more than one heart rate sensor on your wrist. Apple has introduced an improved optical sensor for the 5 series, but we didn’t see a significant improvement in performance in our tests.

We’ve found that another reliable tool is the heart rate monitor, whether it’s for checking resting heart rate or real-time results on the treadmill. Overall, the average heart rate is higher than that of the Polar H10 chest strap we used, which was tested at 5-6pm.

It provided measurements at only 1 or 2 bpm from H10 for maximal cardiac values. This makes it one of the best optical sensors we have tested overall. However, we still have doubts about its ability to provide very intensive training in a short period of time. It still looks pretty stable over a long period of time, but HIIT fans might be a little disappointed.

Apple Watch Series 3: Battery life

As we said, Apple isn’t saving any significant battery power with a 3-series, and we still have all day to test a combination of mobile and non-mobile features.

Apple offers 18 hours, and with moderate use you can get it pretty easily, but if you start using LTE, you’ll find that it’s faster.

Calls are very labor intensive and if you use the watch as a standalone phone, you can only talk for an hour, or even three hours if you use it with an iPhone.

So it’s not meant for Aunt Nora’s long phone calls or a few minutes here and there.

We would not hesitate to guarantee four hours of GPS without using the power saving modes related to monitoring consumption.

Apple Watch Series 3 v Series 4 v Series 5

For potential Apple Watch buyers, this may be the most difficult decision right now. In fact, the attractive Apple Watch Series 3 offering should be of interest to many.

Series 3 comes with watchOS 6 support, GPS and LTE if you need it.

Only those who prefer the modified design of Apple’s Series 4 watches, the constant mode of Series 5 or ECG technology should ignore the respectable offers of Series 3, unless they increase the offer at this price.

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