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Housing Hacks of the Final Fantasy XIV

Housing Hacks of the Final Fantasy XIV

Maybe you noticed on the project page here at Girly Geek that I’m a bit obsessed with the vivid aspect of Final Fantasy XIV.

Or as Shane calls it, my best minecraft.

I thought I understood when I started planning which benches to put around the fireplace. But when I discovered the design of Alice’s house in Final Fantasy XIV, I realised I had only scratched the surface of what I could do.

It took me days of careful study, combing through Reddit, browsing through manuals and researching the furniture at FFXIV Housing before I had an idea how to work on our little house in Shirogan, let alone the one in the middle.

That’s what I learned in my experiments!

The sub control menu is your friend.

This little trick will be your most valuable tool for everything to do with your home.

I’m not sure how to get to PS4 because I only play on the PC. On your computer, the menu I’m talking about is accessible by default with the asterisk key on your laptop. This will not work if you use the 8/* key at the top of the keyboard!

The trick to using the sub-command menu is that you can use it to interfere with items in places where they would not normally work. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Put it in the pantry of your house.
  • Click on an item in the apartment in your storeroom
  • Just move them without putting them in the desired place beforehand.
  • Press the * key and then use the 0 key on the numeric keypad to select a location.

This method is useful because it is possible to place objects where they normally appear in purple, which means that they cannot be placed.

Note: It doesn’t let you magically float through the air. Everything has to be proportional to something else, so you have to place the object on another object and then make the other object disappear so that what you want to cut out floats.

This is the ideal transition to the next practical tool.

The change between the mating planes is magical.

When you place the chassis elements, you will notice on the toolbar at the bottom, next to the large options, that there are two small bubble buttons.

The upper part determines whether objects such as paintings and flower vases can be placed on their respective surfaces.

The lower controls click, which is handy for quick placement, but to be honest, I don’t use them too often.

Let’s take a look at the top one.

Housing Hacks of the Final Fantasy XIV

When this button is selected, you can place items on top of other items. Go with the flow like magic, that’s what you do:

  • Installation of a meter on wheels on
  • Place the desired floating object on a supported surface, e.g. B. a partition wall or shelf.
  • Move the support with the right floating unit to where you want the floating unit.
  • Deactivate the position of the button
  • Select and deselect the desired floating unit (without moving it!).
  • Slide the support

He’ll leave the floating thing where you want it!

This strategy can be used for anything from making fake walls of Eorzean maps to making fake stairs with boards on the Riviera wall and much more.

You can build your own stairs and take them down.

It was a crazy discovery. One of the characteristics of the Alice life concept is the multi-layered approach, which of course requires stairs. So it’s not as disappointing as all those places you can’t reach before you can fly.

She does many unique things with her stairs, but her typical approach is to use a floating seed to place a series of Riviera wall boards. But you can’t walk on it, so you need a Saturday cushion for each step.

Alice offers a number of step-by-step lessons on making normal and curved stairs. Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s pretty easy to make your own models!

And once you’ve set the stairs, it’s time to make my favorite mistake.

The loft error is the crowning glory of the work.

He’s the one who really reminded me of Alice’s conception. How did she make a small house so massive?

The secret is that they built cages with the help of troops.

These are super expensive household items, but it makes sense when you consider that at least five level 70 craftsmen and collectors are needed to make them. Also some folklore and tomato workshops. If you can’t do them yourself, check your code with the people on your friends list before you go to the bulletin board!

The breakdown in the attic cost me a lot of time, research and anger, so I tried to solve the problem by trial and error to make your life easier.

  • It works with the recently released 4.2 patch, but this happened before the Square Enix patch was also buggy. If you don’t want to comb through Reddit for a few days to find an updated technique, don’t touch the defective pens after the patch!
  • It requires a pre-installed window in your apartment and can also work where the workshop door will be in the FC apartment. It won’t work over your front door or on bare walls.
  • It will take a lot of patience, and you may not be able to do it perfectly. And that’s good.
  • For this, like the windows, the junk has to be in the pantry of your house before you can operate it.

If you know all this, this silent video tutorial from Alice should make it easy for you!

Don’t be afraid to be creative!

This is very important! The fact that a piece of furniture looks like it fulfils its standard function does not mean that it cannot be something completely different.

For example, the stove in my house consists of an Oasis table, a Hingan sideboard and a frame for a first-class painting. The Alice version also contains a number of Riviera side table clocks for the handles and a floating towel rack I haven’t had time for yet.

Another good example is the chimney in my middle house, that is the country house chimney with two white bulkheads and a box springboard at the back.

Ready to build your dream house?

Here are some of the documents I found absolutely necessary!

  • Maps of Eorzian
  • White partitions
  • Imitation square windows
  • Mahogany partitions
  • Wall racks on the French Riviera
  • Companies on the French Riviera
  • Oasis tables
  • Oasis banks
  • Oasis chairs
  • Zuidzeebanken
  • Hingan cabinets
  • Pedestal of the palace
  • Stages of the troop
  • Button cushion
  • Plant
  • Kite in jar

If you want to know what these two houses look like, go to the projects page to see the latest pictures. Have fun with your creations!


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