Learn easy ways to recover lost or deleted photos, contacts, text messages, call logs, WhatsApp chat history, videos, audio, etc. with the LG Pen 5/4/3 (more)!

Revision : Did you accidentally delete your data from your LG Pen 5, 4 or LG Pen 3 Plus phone? Looking for an easy solution to recover lost data from LG Pen Series phones? If so, this ticket is for you, as it offers 2 simple solutions to help you recover deleted or lost data from your LG Pen 5/4/3 (Plus) phone.

How Can I Recover Deleted Data From LG Stylo 5/4/3 (Plus)? Expert advice :  The best and easiest way to recover lost or deleted data from an LG Pen 5/4/3 (Plus) phone is to use the Android data recovery software, which is the perfect LG Pen phone data recovery tool.

With Android data recovery software it is possible:

  • Recover lost, missing, deleted and deleted files from the LG Pen 5/4/3 (Plus) phone.
  • Retrieve files such as photos, videos, contacts, call logs, SMS, WhatsApp chat history, call and voice recordings, voice memos, notes, calendars, documents and more from LG Pen Series phones.
  • File extraction from reset, water damaged screen, cracked/cracked screen, screen with PIN code/password lock pattern, flash ROM, virus/malware attack, LG Root Pen Android Phone.
  • View the desired files on the program preview screen.
  • 100% safe, reliable and user-friendly.

Download/purchase LG Pen 5/4/3 (Plus) Data Recovery Tool free trial

Every mobile phone user knows the company LG Mobile, not only because of the superior design of the smartphone, but also because of its great features.

LG has launched many smartphones, including the LG Pen series of phones called LG Pen 5, LG Pen 4 and LG Pen 3 (Plus).

These smartphones have a stylish design, great features and specifications, good performance and more.

But all phones have one thing in common: Loss or deletion of data.

Take a look at the following practical scenario!

Practical scenario: User wanting to restore data from an unattended LG of style 3

Possible recommendations for the repair of non-root androids


I changed the password on my lock screen and forgot it. It now says that you cannot use your fingerprints to enter your password. My phone is a forced cell phone lg pin 3. I called my local mobile phone store, and they told me to call mobile customer service, and mobile customer service told me to call Google to help me log in to my Google account. I tried the menu in their room and was finally rejected. Is there a good data recovery system for Android that doesn’t need root and that I can use after a reset? I ask because I don’t think I have a Google account where Android data is stored. If it is recommended and does not require root, I am willing to pay for the full version. Can somebody help us? Thank you in advance.

Source: Android Forums

Beyond the practical scenario, there may be several reasons why the loss or deletion of data can occur on the LG Pen series phones.

So let’s start by finding the causes of the data loss and then move on to the LG Pen Phone data recovery solutions.

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How do I delete or lose data from my LG Pen 5/4/3 (Plus) phone?

These are the causes of the data loss:

  • You have accidentally or unintentionally deleted files that you do not want to delete.
  • A virus or malware attack corrupts your data and eventually removes it from your LG Pen 5/4/3 phone.
  • Roots of the device.
  • Forgotten PIN, model and password for the phone lock.
  • The screen is cracked/broken.
  • If your phone’s external SD card is misused, your data will also be deleted.
  • The camera is formatted for some reason.
  • Black and white screen.
  • Water damage.
  • The phone’s been stolen.
  • And so on and so on…

These are common causes of data loss, but there may be several other causes.

However, if you think that your data has been lost forever and cannot be recovered, you are wrong. Let me tell you, it’s not a problem anymore! Below you will find the telephone data recovery solutions of LG Pen.

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Solution 1: Restore LG 5/4/3 style (more) Photos, videos and documents from Google Drive Backup

If you have backed up LG Pen 5/4/3 (Plus) photos, videos and documents to your Google Drive, you can easily restore them from there.

What’s more, this solution allows you to restore deleted photos and videos from the gallery of LG Pen phones without a computer.

Follow the steps below to restore photos, videos and documents from your LG Pen 5/4 or LG Pen 3 (Plus) from backup to Google Drive:

Step one: First open the Google Drive application on your LG Pen 4/5/3(Plus) phone or the Google Drive website in any web browser.

Pay attention: Sign in to your Google Account using the same account you used when you saved your data.

Step two: After logging into Google Drive, you can now view all the photos, videos and documents you have uploaded or saved. Select the files you want to restore and download them from there.

How Can I Recover Deleted Data From LG Stylo 5/4/3 (Plus)?

That’s it!

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With the above solution you can only retrieve photos, videos and documents uploaded to Google Drive.

But what about deleted contacts, messages, notes, voice recordings, call logs, WhatsApp chat messages and other data? What should you do if you don’t have your phone data backed up? How to restore deleted data from LG Pen 5/4/3 (Plus) without backup.

You don’t have to worry at all. Just follow the solutions below as they will help you restore all data from LG Pen Series phones without backup.

Solution 2: Restore lost or deleted data LG 5/4/3 (plus) style without backup

Android Data Recovery is one of the most powerful data recovery tools from LG Pen 5/4/3 (Plus) phone that can easily recover missing, lost or deleted data from the LG Pen 5/4/3 (Plus) phone without backup.

The LG Pen 5 Data Recovery Tool can recover files such as photos, videos, audio files, contacts, SMS, WhatsApp messages, call logs, calendars, notes, voice / call recordings, voice memos, documents and more from LG Pen Series phones.

This LG Data Recovery Pen 4 scans your Android device and restores all your data. The best part of this software is the extraction of files from the internal memory of the phone, the broken phone and the external SD card. It is available for Windows and Mac computers.

In addition, this LG Pen 3 (Plus) data recovery software also restores data from cracked / broken / broken screen, reset factory settings, forgotten screen lock password/PIN / card, flash ROM, water damaged, rooted in LG Pen series phones.

Luckily you can recover your precious LG Pen 5/4/3 (Plus) data with Android data recovery software. Millions of users worldwide are now satisfied with this tool. In other words, we can say that it is a highly recommended and safe way to recover deleted files from Android phones very quickly.

So, if you’re facing a data loss problem, don’t worry. Stay calm and try the Android data recovery tool immediately.

Pay attention: Do not use your Google Pixel 3/3 XL phone after deleting or losing data, because adding new data will overwrite your existing data and you may lose your chances of a successful file recovery.

Follow these steps to recover deleted data from LG Pen 5, 4 or 3/3 Plus using Android data recovery software.

You can also consult:

Steps to restore deleted data LG 5/4/3 (plus) style

Here are the full steps to recover deleted data from LG Pen 5/4 or 3(Plus) with Android data recovery software.

Bonus: Back up your LG Steelo 5/4/3 (plus) phone to prevent data loss in the future

To deal with scenarios of data loss, you need to back up the data on your LG phone to your computer using Android Data Backup & Restore software. This program allows you to store all kinds of data such as photos, videos, audio, contacts, text messages, call reports, documents, etc. from your LG Pen 5/4/3 (Plus) on your computer.

Here you will find detailed information about making backups and restoring data from LG Pen phones.

You can also use Google Drive to store photos, videos and documents. You can also use the Mobile Cloud feature built into your phone to back up your data on your device.


Since there are several reasons why data loss may occur on your phone, you should always be prepared for such data loss scenarios.

If you have backed up your phone, you can easily restore it from the backup. You can also immediately try the Android Data Recovery Tool to recover lost or deleted data from the LG Pen 5/4/3 (Plus) without backup.

How Can I Recover Deleted Data From LG Stylo 5/4/3 (Plus)?

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