Riot’s League of Legends has millions of players each week preparing for Summoner’s Rift, and if you think you’re getting better at this game, chances are you’ve already tried it or at least thought about trying it in a ladder game.

LOL evaluation games can be classified as competitive games, where you can register in one of the nine divisions based on your rank. The more games you win, the better the position you take the higher up in the rankings.

If you want to climb up the ladder but don’t know how long it will take, or if you just want to have some fun and see if you want to spend your time doing a League or Legends rating, here is everything you need to know about a rating in LOL that includes all the ratings that exist and how the rating system works.

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The highest rank in the LOL is Challenger, the lowest is Iron Tier IV. When you start playing ladder games in LOL, the first 10 games you play determine the distribution you get. If you win more matches, you’ll be in first class.

Here is a list of all the rankings you can get when playing a ladder game in the Legenda League of Legends, from highest to lowest

  • challenger (single level)
  • Grand Master (single stage)
  • Master (one step)
  • Diamonds (levels I, II, III, IV)
  • Platinum (Stages I, II, III, IV)
  • Gold (I, II, III, IV)
  • Silver (I, II, III, IV)
  • Bronze (I, II, III, IV)
  • Iron (I, II, III, IV)

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As said, the Legendary League ladder system consists of nine divisions, six of which are divided into four levels.

How does League of Legends ranking system work?

To reach a higher level, you have to earn 100 pence; when you reach this threshold, you have to win two of the next three games. To progress to a top league, you must win three of the next five matches when you have reached 100 points in the top league of the championship in question.

For example, to switch from Silver II to Silver I, you have to win two out of three races when you reach 100LP in Silver II, and to switch from Silver I to Gold, you have to win three out of five races when you reach 100LP.

If you do not advertise for yourself, you will get back a portion of your LP, which varies depending on your performance in promotional games.

If you have a winning streak, it is possible that you will get a better LP in the next few games, as your MMR may also increase due to your recent performances.

What is MMR?

The MMR or Matching Assessment is a systematic assessment based on your recent and past performance. It is said that this rating is used to determine whether the teams are fair and how many LPs you get or lose in the game.

What is the Elo?

Maybe you’ve seen the word Elo flying around in chats. The term Elo is not really exclusive to the League of Legends; it comes from a Hungarian physics teacher, Arpad Elo, a skill rating system for zero-sum games such as chess.

Thus, when Elo is mentioned in LOL, it is usually referred to the grade (division/level). For example, a high Eleo usually means you’re in the top 5% of LOL players, while a low Eleo refers to the other side of the same scale.

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How does League of Legends ranking system work?

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