How to permanently activate Microsoft Office 2010 – Who doesn’t know MS Office? Office is a Microsoft software that is very useful for office work. And if you haven’t activated Microsoft Office, read the article on how to activate Microsoft Office 2010 on your laptop and computer.

How can I permanently activate Microsoft Office 2010?

The reason for this is that if the Microsoft Office you just installed is not activated, not all MS Office products, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others, can be fully used.

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Although Microsoft Office 2010 is an outdated version, Windows computer users feel more comfortable with this version of Office 2010.

That makes sense, because Microsoft Office 2010 already has quite extensive and useful functions for work. It would therefore be a pity if some functions of the desktop do not work because they have not yet been activated.

The most common problem when Microsoft Office 2010 is not enabled is the inability to edit or even open documents with this software. In addition, some other important functions also suffer from this problem.

Another feature of Microsoft Office that is not yet active is the appearance of a window asking for activation with the product code. Or when you open the service from Office 2010, only a warning with a product folder will be displayed.

A warning message explains that the Office 2010 is not yet active and that you need to activate it immediately in order to use it without any problems.

Final activation of the Agency 2010 2021

In fact, there are several ways to permanently activate Office 2010 on your computer or laptop. For the Windows version you can use Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7 or even Windows XP for free.

If you have an official Microsoft product code, you can enter it in the Office 2010 activation column to work without the need for additional software.

But what if we don’t have the key? Don’t worry, you can use the activation software for free. Below are some of the methods you can use.

Store activation 2010 Offline

Opening of an offline branch in 2010

The easiest way to activate Microsoft Office 2010 is to use PDC. This is because it can be activated offline without using additional applications or software.

Learn how to activate Office 2010 with CMD :

  1. Please visit this page first.
  2. Then copy the full code from this page.
  3. Then open Notepad and paste the code in front of it.
  4. Save the Notepad file as Office2010.cmd / Office2010.bat for Windows 10.
  5. Right-click the Office2010.cmd file and select Run as Administrator.
  6. Then the FDC opens. Wait till it’s done.
  7. Microsoft Office 2010 has now been successfully activated.

If you have problems running CMD, first disable Windows Defender on your laptop or PC. Also don’t forget to run CMD by right-clicking and starting it as administrator.

Activate the desktop 2010 with KmsAuto

Activate the 2010 office in KmsAuto

The second way to activate Microsoft Office 2010 is by using the KMSAuto Activator. This software is very easy to use and is able to overcome the warning that the activation of the product failed on Office 2010.

To activate Microsoft Office 2010 without product key :

  1. First download the KMSAuto file here.
  2. Then extract the RAR file.
  3. Run the program with administrator rights.
  4. Then call up the menu in the main window.
  5. Select the option Install GRP and tick the Forced box.
  6. Then click on the Office button in the box on the right.
  7. Wait until KEY INSTALLED appears.
  8. The last step is to click on the Activate Desktop button.

If the message SUCCESSFUL ACTIVATION appears in the information window, it means that Microsoft Office 2010 has been successfully activated and can be used without any problems.

Activation of Office 2010 with Toolbox

Activating the Desktop 2010 with the Toolkit

This toolkit is software that can activate Office 2010 both offline and permanently. Although this program has some very useful features, you can use it for free.

How to activate Office 2010 – free and forever :

  1. Turn off the antivirus program on your laptop or PC.
  2. Then download the software here.
  3. Then extract the RAR file.
  4. Right-click on the activation file and start it as administrator.
  5. Press the EZ-Activator button when it is open.
  6. The software launches the Office 2010 activation process.
  7. You must wait until the procedure is completed.

If the message Office 2010 has been successfully activated appears in the information box, it means that you have successfully activated the full version of Office 2010 free of charge and forever.

You can now close the activator and reactivate the antivirus to protect your laptop or PC.

More information can be found here:


So, friends, here are some of the proven ways to activate Microsoft Office 2010 to permanently activate Microsoft Office on your laptop or PC. Just use one of the methods that seems easiest to you.

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