This is a typical DLL error message that can often be caused by a damaged DLL file. For example, repairing a corrupted bootres.dll restores many boot error messages.

We have already written a lot about DLL problems. Bookmark this page in case you need it later.

How do I fix an error in the bootres.dll file?

  1. Using the repair tool
  2. Perform a system file check
  3. Restoring Windows 10 to a specific restore point
  4. Repair Bootres.dll with DLL Suite.
  5. Check third-party Windows repair software

1. Use of the repair tool

DLLs and Registries are valuable data libraries that Windows uses to function properly.

As a result, damaged or missing DLLs or registry keys can be a major cause of crashes, lockups and error messages, and even prevent you from running Windows software and functionality in general.

Unfortunately, registries and DLLs are piles of data that are difficult for even advanced users to configure properly without advice or even help from Microsoft.

Moreover, restarting the Windows operating system is one of the few really effective solutions to correct these errors, but this solution has too many drawbacks.

To avoid all this, you can always turn to third-party automated solutions, and few are as good as Restoro. It automates almost every aspect of the PC repair process, from scanning to the actual repair.

Follow this short guide to find out how to restore your PC’s optimal performance with Restoro :

  1. Download and install Restoro
  2. Start Restoro
    • Restoro is now collecting data about your PC.
  3. Wait until it finds issues with system stability and possible malware infections.
    • Once the scan is complete, Restoro will show you an overview of the current status of your PC.
  4. Click on Start recovery.
    • Restoro will now start downloading and replacing the damaged registries, DLLs and other corrupted files found during the scan.
    • This is made possible by online libraries that are used for comparison and replace damaged data with their functional equivalent.
  5. Restart your PC for all changes to take effect.

Now your computer should be working fine and you won’t have to worry about slow response times, BSoD errors or anything like that.

Disclaimer : Some specific actions require this program to be updated from the free version.

2. Performing a system file check

  1. Right-click the Windows 10 Start button to expand the Windows + X menu.
  2. Select Command Prompt (Admin) to open the command prompt as administrator.
  3. Then in Download first type the following command and press Return : DISM.exe /Online /Image cleanup /Restore health state
  4. Restart Windows if the Deployment Image Management and Maintenance Utility changes anything.
  5. If necessary, restart the command line as administrator, as before.
  6. Run an SFC scan by typing sfc /scannow at the command prompt and pressing the Return key.
  7. SFC scans can take up to 30 minutes. Once the files are restored, restart your desktop or laptop. If this doesn’t solve your problem, go to the next solution.

System File Checker is a utility that comes with Windows and that many users use to correct many error messages. SFC checks damaged system files and restores them.

SFC is therefore a command line tool for repairing damaged DLL files, such as downloads. Note that even if SFC detects damaged files, it cannot always recover them.

The command prompt window then displays a message indicating that Windows Resource Protection has detected corrupt files, but has been unable to repair some of them.

Therefore, it is also a good idea to run the Deployment Image Management and Maintenance utility beforehand to verify that CFS scanning is working properly.

3. Restore Windows 10 to a specific restore point

  1. Press Windows+R to start the Run program.
  2. Type rstrui in the Run text box and click OK to open the System Restore Utility.
  3. The System Restore window may contain an option to select a different restore option. If yes, select this option and click Next.
  4. Select the Show more restore points check box to display a full list of data.
  5. Then select the Windows 10 restore date. Note that you must choose a restore point that restores Windows to the date when the bootress.dll error message did not appear.
  6. Click Next and select Finish.

The System Restore program is often useful for correcting DLL errors. You can use System Restore to restore Windows to a date when the bootres.dll file was not damaged.

Therefore, restoring Windows to an earlier date will undo the changes made to the system files. You can reset Windows using the system reset function as described above.

4. repair bootres.dll with DLL Suite

There are many DLL programs that can be used to scan and correct DLL errors. This way the DLL can repair a damaged bootress.dll.

frequently asked questions

How do I fix a corrupted startup DLL in Windows 10?

The safest way to repair missing or damaged DLL files ejected by the Windows operating system is to run the built-in system file checker, which replaces missing or damaged system files. The test can last up to 10 minutes and must be restarted after a successful test.

How do I repair a damaged DLL file?

All is not lost: How to fix the dreaded missing .dll file error?

How can I recover DLL files in Windows 10?

Repair missing DLL files on a Windows 10 computer

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