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In recent days we have been getting more and more applications for the Modern Warfare Development Program for divers. Let’s talk about it now.

Some players are experiencing problems with DEV ERROR 6065 after installing Modern Warfare Update 1.05. What the hell is going on here?

We can’t say for sure what the cause is, but it seems to only affect PC players. We have researched and found solutions to some error codes.

The bug is related to the video game and has been found in several versions of Modern Warfare. If we talk about the possible causes of this problem, they are numerous. Your system configuration is not sufficient to run the game, your RAM or graphics may not be adequate. In addition, a problem with the graphics properties can cause this device error 6065. Users also reported that the error occurs when the game is not started with administrator privileges.

  • Incorrect system configuration
  • Graphic properties
  • Game profile
  • DirectX
  • Privileges of the Director

Change the Config.cfg file to COD.

How to Fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare Dev Error 6065

Modern War with Design Error 6065 also occurs when the config.cfg file stores incorrect information about the graphics card.

FIRST STEP. Close the game completely and complete the task in Task Manager.
Step 2, now go to the Documents> (game name)> Player folder.
THIRD STEP. Find the Config.cfg file, right click on it and open it in Notepad.
Step four. Now look for the line with the name of the graphics card.
Step Five. Now check that the name of the graphics card is correct.
STEP 6. Otherwise, simply replace the name with the name of your system’s graphics card.
STEP 7. Save the changes.

January 2021 Updated:

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  • Step 1 : Download the PC repair and optimization utility (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista – Microsoft Gold Certified).
  • Step 2 : Click on the Start scan button to detect problems in the Windows registry that may cause PC problems.
  • Step 3 : Click the Fix All button to fix all issues.

How to Fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare Dev Error 6065

The game must be started with DirectX 11

  • Open the Battle.Net client on your PC.
  • Open COD Modern Warfare game
  • Go to options
  • Check the additional command line arguments and type -d3d11.
  • Exit the game and check for errors 6065 and 6066 in Call of Duty Warzone Dev. If yes, continue with the next patch.

Disable Nvidia overlay

How to Fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare Dev Error 6065

It seems that disabling the Nvidia overlay application (GeForce Experience) can correct the 6066 deviation error in most cases.

Launch the Nvidia GeForce Experience application.
Click on the Settings (Acceleration) icon > under Features on General > Disable in-game overlay.

Common solutions for equipment malfunctions

Here we discussed various methods to fix the game and effectively remove developer bugs.

  • If you are using a second monitor, turn it off and restart the application.
  • Turn off ray tracing in the game settings.
  • Try reinstalling DirectX.
  • Scan and restore the game via the application.
  • Turn off cross display in the game settings. You can find this option by going to the Settings menu and opening the Account tab.
  • Overclocking is a feature that increases the clock speed of the GPU so that it runs faster. Disabling the overclocking feature can also prevent design flaws.
  • Sometimes a poor Internet connection leads to design flaws. Check and update your internet connection. It may seem trivial, but it can be a major cause of errors.
  • Options >> General Tab >> Telemetry Section >> Server Delay.
  • ○ Enable this option.
  • If all else fails, uninstall COD Modern Warfare and reinstall it.

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How to Fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare Dev Error 6065

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